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Being a mother is a wonderful thing to be – it’s a life-long adventure. But sometimes being a mother is not an easy job since it requires lots of dedication, strength and renunciation. Apart from that, it can be quite challenging trying to balance being a mom and having a job and career. Most mothers who work are challenged every morning with its hectic time – preparing your kids for school and getting ready for your job. But, mornings don’t have to be necessarily chaotic and problematic. The way how a working mom morning routines starts often has a result on how you feel and behave during the whole day, and that’s why it’s important to start with a good morning that won’t wreak havoc on the rest of your and your family’s day.

There are a few tricks on how to avoid having a morning ‘mommy meltdown’ and instead create a morning what’s stress-free. Here are some of the suggestions on how to better start your morning and your day as a working mom.

Morning Routine

So, why exactly is a morning routine important? One of the main reasons is because by starting your day right you give yourself a chance to maximize the effective time of it. The best strategy to set the tone of your day is by forming good habits, creating a morning routine and sticking to it. If you’re not used to having a morning routine, working on developing it may take some time but it will pay off since it will set you on the right path of having enough time for yourself, your kids and enough energy for the following day and obligations that are waiting on you.

The morning is a perfect time for some ‘me’ time that you usually can’t get during the day if you’re a working mom. Take advantage of the morning and use it to give yourself much needed attention and self-care before you start with the day. Parents, especially working moms can get up a bit earlier before they children wake up and dedicate a few minutes to themselves and their needs. This will provide them with a sense of fulfillment and self-efficacy. And as a result, it will improve their attitude and even more relationships with their kids and other people they get in contact throughout the day. So let’s look into some tips you can use to build your working mom morning routines and also check out the Perfect Way to Start the Day article to learn about 7 Morning Habits that you can include in your routine.

Breakfast and Coffee

For most moms, a typical morning starts with making breakfast for them and their family and having the first cup of coffee of their day. For all the caffeine intake lovers, having a morning cup of coffee is one of the best parts of the morning routine. What’s better than a coffee smell early in the morning while everyone’s still asleep? Coffee is a tasty tool that can easily provide you with enough energy to start dealing with all the obligations that are waiting for you. You can even use the time while you’re waiting for your coffee to be done – after you’ve put those delicious coffee pods in the coffee machine, and start preparing breakfast for you and your family. If you’re concerned about your and your kids’ health you can make a healthy breakfast that will have a positive impact on your day. While you’re preparing breakfast you can use that time and make healthy snacks for your kids and yourself, pack it and use it at the time of the emergency during the day.



Starting your day with meditation and practicing it in the morning as a part of your working mom morning routines, can help you feel more relaxed and ready to make the best out of the day. Practicing meditation in the morning will allow you to be fully awake, alive and aware before you start doing anything. Meditation in the morning can provide you with a peaceful mind and a happier approach to the following day. Simply put, meditation is like a morning stretch but for your brain. 

Practicing morning meditation isn’t about having a 2-hour morning routine. Instead, it should be about ritual, quality and being motivated to start your day happier and more successfully. Your goal in meditation should be focusing on your breath, clearing your mind, and paying attention to your body sensations. As a result, this will make your mind calmer and it will provide you with more power over your mindset and your thoughts. The stress of a working mom is unavoidable but a morning meditation can help you with managing your life and all the stress on a healthier and more skillful level. Meditation is a helpful tool that can help you stay calm and patient when your kids make a mess. Instead of yelling and swearing, you’d have a more peaceful approach.

Being Active


If you can wake up earlier or you have enough free time in the morning, use that time for some physical activity that will make you feel better and that will make you feel more energized. Working moms usually don’t have time to go to the gym after working hours, as most people do. And even if they do manage to do that, it’s quite unlikely that they have a privilege to go to the gym more than two times a week, mostly because it’s difficult to balance family obligations and career. That’s why mornings are the perfect time to dedicate some time for yourself and your body. Morning exercises can be anything that you feel comfortable with it can be going for a walk, jogging, riding a bike, doing yoga or any other exercise that will keep your body busy.

Disconnect Yourself

Living in today’s society, most people start with their day by grabbing their phones either to check out what are the latest updates on social media or to reply to all those e-mails. For a calmer and stress-free morning, try disconnecting yourself from technology for a brief moment. Try going tech-free in the morning and instead of spending half an hour on social media, use that time to read a book you’ve recently started reading, or listen to the music of some of your favorite musicians. The morning should be kept for yourself and your needs, and that’s why it’s best if you don’t look at the phone until you’ve left the house to go to work. If you use your morning to reply to the e-mails, instead of dedicating that time for yourself, it’s quite likely you’ll be more stressed and that’s how the rest of your day will probably look like. Technology can keep people occupied for hours, and it’s better to use that time and go for a short walk in nature and be mindful of your surroundings. Collect your thoughts before you allow any stress to enter your brain and your state of mind. 

Avoid Conflicts (in the morning)

Chaotic mornings can often cause tension and conflicts amongst the family. Conflicts take your energy and time and they disturb an overall relationship and connection among you and your family. Some people are and some are not morning persons. Those who aren’t morning persons usually need more time to adjust and prepare themselves for the following day. Usually, they’re also easily irritated and annoyed by a minor inconvenience in the morning. Family members should have an understanding of that and let them take their time while they get themselves mentally prepared for the following day.

Arguments and conflicts can also arise between kids during breakfast eg. they’re fighter over their favourite breakfast bowl. Conflicts can also arise during breakfast time when your kids decide that they don’t want to eat breakfast. Depending on your parenting philosophy, you’ll either allow that and make them something different, or you’ll try to persuade them to eat it. These minor arguments can cause tension among the whole family so it’s important to stay calm and try to find a reasonable solution to these kinds of problems.

Routine for Your Children

It’s not just working moms who can create and have their morning routines, their kids can have them as well. You can help your kids develop their morning routines which will help them build good habits. Preschool kids and toddlers enjoy having morning routines. You can help your kid by creating a visual chart which you can make colourful with different stickers. These charts can include routines such as: making their bed, brushing their teeth, folding their clothes etc. Children are quick learners and usually, it doesn’t take them much time to learn their morning routine. It’s more likely they’ll enjoy it more and stick to it if they see you having your routine too.  Developing routine for children has two main goals: to make sure your kids don’t forget to do essential tasks such as wearing underwear or brushing their teeth; and to give them some kind of a direction and purpose. 

Take Time for Yourself

Use your morning wisely and take some time for yourself and things that make you happier. This can include watching an episode of some of your favourite TV shows while choosing what you’re going to wear, or it can be taking a few minutes off and reading a quality book. Being a mom, especially a working mom means that you often don’t have enough time to read anything else than bedtime stories to your kids, recipe instructions or school newsletters. Dedicating time for yourself and reading something you enjoy can make you happier, it can expand your mind or it can even inspire you. It doesn’t matter if you read for 10 minutes or an hour, as long as you take that time for yourself and what you enjoy doing.


Working Mom Morning routines are important because they set the tone for the rest of your day. If you’re a working mom your mornings can be sometimes challenging or stressful. To avoid that, and to create a more relaxing and stress-free environment for yourself and your family it’s a good idea to create your morning routine. Morning routines can shape your day and even your life. Waking up a bit earlier than your children and dedicating that time for yourself will transform you and your habits. Moreover, it will help you become the mom you’ve been striving to become. Simply put, developing morning routines can help you with having a healthier and happier lifestyle. Hopefully, this article will give you some ideas on how to build your morning routines and find some time for yourself. 

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