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Why Is Life Insurance More Expensive for Men?

If you are a male and have been looking into signing up for life insurance, you may have noticed the price range difference of how much you’d have to pay and notice that life insurance policies are a bit higher than the females’ payment plans. There are a number of reasons as to why men have to pay about $20 more than what a woman would have to pay for life insurance. It might not sound fair, but of course the insurance companies tend to look out for their best interest, and when money is involved that is the main thing they care about. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons as to why men have to pay a higher price for life insurance than what women do.


Men have a shorter life Span

Men are risk takers, and they tend to do things that most women would not dare to do. This can be true especially when it comes to driving a vehicle. Men are often aggressive drivers on the road and try to take over and don’t care who is in their way. If they are trying to make is somewhere they have no problem cutting someone off on the road; they are careless and at the moment become senseless to the fact that they could easily get into a car accident and kill themselves as well as kill other people. The statistics show that men are usually the ones that cause drunk driver car accidents because they become careless when drinking and still think they can take control over the roads when driving.

Not only do they have a tendency of getting into vehicle accidents and getting killed, but they also have a higher rate of death for other reasons. More men get sick and die compared to the amount of women that get sick and pass away.

Risky Jobs

Men are the main people that have jobs that women would not dare to take on. They often work at places like mines, constructing tall buildings, and working in power plants with toxic chemicals. Because it is in their nature, lots of men are dare devils, but at the same time they were meant to take on more risky tasks. Sometimes in dangerous work environments men die from severe injuries, falls, etc.

Failure to Get Check Ups

Statistics show that women are more likely to visit their doctors to get an annual; much more than men do. Men worry less about their health unless they are not feeling well and often wait until the last minute to visit a doctor if they need to be seen. Since women are a bit more paranoid and health conscious, worry about their appearance more and pay more attention to their feelings, they are more likely to visit the doctor a lot sooner than what a man would.

That is basically it, so in a nutshell, men tend to take more risks, and they don’t visit the doctor as often.

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