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Why is french roast coffee so good

What Is French Roast Coffee?

French-roasted coffee is simply coffee that has been roasted far beyond the point where it is no longer possible to enjoy any of the subtleties of the beans. This is a coffee with a unique flavor that does not retain any of the original bean flavors, which is why many of them are faithful to their French roast. The smoky, sweet notes of dark chocolate and burnt sugar that coat every cup of Peets Coffee Organic French Roast are delicious enough to captivate coffee drinkers in just a few sips, and the sheer boldness and complexity of the Latin American Arabica beans from which these facts are sure to make them come back again.

French Roast Coffee Cup

Simply described, “French roast” defines the color of the coffee beans after they have been roasted. These beans are on the darker end of the spectrum, and are generally the color of dark chocolate. It does not indicate the coffee was produced or roasted in France (although sure, it is where the roasting method started in the 1800s).

A French roast like this one from San Francisco Bay Coffee has a fine texture with much less acidity and a persistent flavor that is loved by many. French Roast has a stronger and bolder flavor due to the length of the roasted coffee beans. Flavor varies depending on how long the beans are removed from the heat after the second separation, but typically French roasted coffee beans have a smoky, intense aroma with only a hint of sweetness.

How Much Caffeine in French Roast Coffee?

Each dark-roasted coffee bean contains less caffeine than light-roasted coffee beans, but because they are also lighter in weight (and therefore require more coffee beans to brew, depending on the weight), the amount of caffeine in a cup of French roasted coffee is roughly equal to caffeine in lightly roasted coffee. If you know that you like deep roasting, but want to experience more of the natural fruit flavor of coffee beans, we recommend medium roasting. For coffee lovers, the thick chocolate aroma seems to be “stronger” than the lightly roasted flower and fruit flavor.

With a cup of moderately roasted coffee, you can get the right amount of caffeine, an effective dose of the beneficial antioxidant chlorogenic acid (CGA), and a long-lasting taste with perfect texture and aroma.

Roasting, roasting, & roasting is what keeps the coffee intense & strong

While the beans themselves are important, coffee acquires most of its aroma and flavor during the roasting process. The length of the roasting process can affect many factors, including the consistency, acidity, and flavor of your delicious beans.

Due to the longer roasting time, dark roasted beans lose most of the green coffee aroma and inevitably gain more aroma during the roasting process. Medium roasted beans are a great sweet spot that results in more consistent caffeine levels, no matter how you measure the beans. Light roast and dark roasted coffees can be very different in taste, aroma, consistency, and complexity, because different roasts give different sets of amazing characteristics. Light roasts better preserve the original flavor and unique elements that reflect the natural qualities of the coffee.

Roasting Coffee beans

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The degree of roast of coffee can be immediately assessed by the color of the beans – from light brown to very dark brown. Most medium-sized mixes are fried just before the second crackle, shortly before the body of the beans begins to thin and are overpowered by the frying odors. Many French-roasted coffees are made from blends that often use lower quality beans because many roasters use dark roasts to mask the taste of inferior coffee. Some roasters will use low quality blended beans (or even completely different, much bitter and stronger coffees) in their dark roast blends, hoping you don’t feel the difference.

As coffee makers strive for a higher level of quality, we can now produce delicious fresh coffee with classic dark roast flavors (dark chocolate, nutty, thick). With coffee becoming such a big industry and the average adult drinking three cups a day, it’s no surprise that the number of different roasting styles has increased as well.

Different roasting levels and methods reveal different characteristics of coffee beans depending on their origin, variety and seasonality, so each roaster must use his creativity and common sense to bring out the best qualities in each individual batch. Each coffee roasting process is complex and requires a certain amount of heat, from green beans to light, medium or dark roasts. During the roasting process, the coffee beans are roasted and darkened, giving them a caramel and chocolate flavor. During the roasting process, some of the fiber in the coffee beans is carbonized, resulting in a charcoal flavor that increases bitterness for many people.

Even if a coffee roaster buys a relatively aromatic coffee, when he roasts it French, it will taste like ash, charcoal and charcoal. But often, the darker the coffee (and therefore the longer the roast), the bitter and strong it will be. On rare occasions, French-roasted coffee can also retain a light vanilla or berry flavor despite being very hot.

How Does French Roast Coffee Taste?

While there is a lot of difference in French roast coffees, there are some commonalities in the flavor as well. The temperature is high enough with a normal French roast that it lifts the oils to the surface of the bean, imparting a toasted, smokey taste to the coffee itself.

French roasts may also have lighter ingredients, too, such berry or citrus scents, in spite of the dark roasting procedure. And French roasts from Indonesia, particularly from Sumatra, frequently have an earthy, mushroom-like umami taste that sets off the dark brown roasting level well.

Where to Buy French Roast Coffee?

There are several distinctions between the French Roasts commercially accessible in North America, and the product that inhabitants of Western Europe enjoy the privilege of drinking. In order to appeal to the region’s taste, which tends to be on the softer side, the coffee sold in the former might occasionally be less black than coffee sold elsewhere. If feasible, get beans you know have been imported from France or the nearby nations.

While shopping, you could also come across several packets branded ‘light French coffee’, or ‘dark French coffee’. The former is often sometimes dubbed the Full City or Full City Plus roast, although true to their name, they’re milder than the classic French roast.

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Camerons French Roast Coffee

Why is French Roast Coffee So Good?

French Roast coffee is reaching the point of no return. It is picking the dark side, but if you gain an appreciation for the flavor and consistency, there is nothing wrong with going dark on this one! Along with Italian and Spanish roasts, French roast coffee falls under the fourth group of roasts. It is a distinct tasting coffee that preserves none of the beans natural tastes, and that’s exactly why so many are faithful to their French roasts.

In order to lessen the bitterness of your coffee, grind the beans finer the next time you make it. This will help extract the sugars more effectively. Rarely, French Roast coffee could also maintain a subtle vanilla or berry taste, despite the high levels of heat the beans have been exposed to.

It is crucial to note that although the flavor of French Roast coffee is harsher and more bitter than other roasts, the caffeine amount is neither less nor greater than other roasting degrees. However, the same weight of coffee, collected from dark roasted and light roasted heaps, will contain a different amount of beans. The former will contain more beans because in the process of roasting, although while caffeine is not lost, other factors like moisture are, which diminish the weight of coffee.

Wrapping Up!

There’s no need to be terrified of the dark if you want a rich, smoky dark roast. If you buy excellent beans and brew them correctly, French roast may offer you with a genuinely delightful cup of coffee.


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