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Why Buy A Coffee Machine: 5 Great Reasons To Get One

Why Buy A Coffee Machine: 5 Great Reasons To Get One

If you’re a coffee lover you may have been tempted to buy a coffee machine for use at home. There are so many choices out there but some can be quite expensive whilst you still have your local coffee shop. So why buy a coffee machine? In this article we’re going to take a look at 5 reasons why buying a coffee machine may be worth your while. But first check-out this article to understand everything you need to know before buying a Coffee Machine.

Why Buy A Coffee Machine

Why Buy A Coffee Machine

So, let’s take a closer look at why buying a coffee machine may be a good idea.

#1 – Great Tasting Coffee At Home

If you’re used to making instant coffee at home using your kettle then a coffee machine might be just the kind of upgrade you need. With your own coffee machine you get a way to make better tasting coffee especially if you opt for a bean to cup coffee maker. These machines will grind your coffee beans right at the point you actually need to use them resulting in coffee that is as fresh as you can possibly get it at home.

The longer that coffee beans sit unused after they are ground the less flavour and strength in aroma they have. Whereas ground coffee stored in your instant coffee tin may have sat in that state for many months, when you make coffee using a bean to cup coffee machine you’ll get fresh coffee right at the point of use.

If the freshness and taste in coffee is something that you value highly, then you may have reason enough to buy a coffee machine.

#2 – May Be Cheaper Than Buying Coffee At Your Cafe

One of the top ways many people suggest saving money is by giving up your $5 coffee habit from your favourite coffee shop. The fact is a daily coffee habit can add up if you’re buying a cup or two from your local coffee shop. Even if you only do one cup of coffee a day across the working week that can add up to a lot of money across the year and beyond.

This is one of the reasons why buying your own coffee machine at home is so appealing to many. Despite the upfront cost of a coffee machine which can range from anywhere between $50 – $500 and beyond and the ongoing costs of coffee beans or pods and maintenance, overall it may still work out cheaper in the long-run than buying from a coffee store.

#3 – No Need To Leave The House

Another great benefit of buying a coffee machine is the fact it will save you the time and effort involved with heading to your local coffee shop for your favourite brew every day. Rather than having to queue up to get your fix, you can simply head into your kitchen and make what you need at the touch of a button or two depending on the machine you opt for.

This of course offers you a ton of convenience but could also save you a lot of time in the long-run especially if you like to have multiple cups of coffee in a given day.

#4 It Will Encourage You To Try New Varieties

When you have to pay for your coffee it can be tempting to stick to what you know and miss out on the opportunity to try out new flavors and varieties. When you have your own coffee machine at home though, you can try new flavors with little effort and cost.

This is especially true if you opt for a pod/capsule machine as you can swap out the varieties of coffee you make with ease by simply selecting a different type of capsule. Unlike a ground coffee machine or even bean to cup, with capsule machines there’s little mess or change out required.

#5 – You Can Customize Your Drinks

If you’re particular about the way you like your coffee then a coffee maker at home may be just the thing you need. With many coffee makers like automatic bean to cup coffee makers for example you can customise your drinks to cater exactly to your own tastes. So rather than having to rely on the local barista to tailor your drinks which can be limiting when you are at the front of a long queue, you can get a machine that can allow you to customise the fineness of your grounded beans, the strength of the aroma, the amount of milk, the temperature of your coffee amongst other factors.

You could end up finding that you are able to produce far more appealing coffee on your own terms at home then you could get at your local coffee spot.

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