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which brand of coffee has the most caffeine

Which Brand of Coffee has the most caffeine

We @DailyMorningCoffee love the perfect kick to our coffee – why else do you think we would drink it? Of course for the taste, but most important is the flavor, the warm and fuzzy feeling from those taste buds to your toe. With enough caffeine, you get an energetic buzz that opens up your eyes, gets your heart pumping a little faster and your brain lights up! The more the caffeine, the higher Bring It On attitude, right? So lets figure out which brand of coffee has the most caffeine to help you determine what will keep you focused through the day.

How effective is your daily morning cup of coffee to start your day at your best? Do you heavily rely on your daily cup of caffeine to get energized and ready to kick start? I bet you are not alone. It’s scientifically proven that caffeine helps parents keep their right mindset, employees do their jobs, students can stay away to study more and other late night workers also can function during their morning.

At the same time, you may be wondering whether to have an espresso or a brewed cup of coffee or just plain black? What is the best kind of roast – dark or light? My preference is the Dark Magic by Green Mountain, that marks my start of every day!! You may be wondering: how much caffeine is in coffee? What are the different types of coffee and which brand of coffee has the most caffeine?

How Much Caffeine In Coffee?

While we are aware every coffee contains caffeine in varying amounts, some of the more recent brands have loaded amounts of caffeine in an average cup. The amount of caffeine in any coffee depends on a number of factors like:

1. Brewing Method

2. Type of Roast

3. Type of Coffee Bean

After you determine how you like your brew (light, medium, or strong) this coffee calculator  will help you measure how to get the cup you want – something that perks you up without making you jittery.

Below table gives you a visual representation of the Coffee Caffeine strength based on the 3 factors that contributes, namely the Brewing Method, the Type of Roast and the Type of Coffee Beans!!

What Determines the Caffeine Strength of Coffee

Brewing TechniqueHow much Caffeine in a 7oz cup
Drip Coffee115-175mg
Espresso1 server (1.5 – 2oz) has 100mg
Brewed Coffee80 – 135mg
Instant Coffee65 – 100mg
Decaf, brewed3 – 4mg
Decaf, Instant2 – 3mg
Source: Bunker & McWilliams
Darkness of the Coffee RoastHow much Caffeine (in %)
Columbia Supremo Dark1.37
Espresso Roast1.32
French Roast1.22
Vienna Roast1.27
Source: Mountanos Bros. Coffee Co. Newsletter
Type of Coffee BeanHow much Caffeine Percentage (in %)
Brazil Bourbons1.20
Celebes Kalossi1.22
Columbia Excelso1.37
Columbia Supremo1.37
Ethiopian Harrar-Moka1.13
Guatemala Antigua1.32
Indian Mysore1.37
Jamaican Blue Mtn / Wallensford Estate1.24
Java Estate Kuyumas1.20
Kenya AA1.36
Kona Extra Prime1.32
Mexico Pluma Altura1.17
Mocha Mattari (Yemen)1.01
New Guinea1.30
Panama Organic1.34
Sumatra Mandheling-Lintong1.30
Tanzania Peaberry1.42

Top 3 Most Caffeinated Coffee Brands

So all the above information is alright, but you cant go about looking for what beans, how is it roasted or brewed every time you wish to pick your favorite brand of coffee, be it at your local Starbucks or Dunkin Donut shop or while shopping for your best Keurig coffee cups or even picking up those coffee beans for home brewing. To make it easy, here is a quick product compare listing out the Most Caffeinated Coffee Brands you can find, pick and choose.

Devil Mountain Black Label1,555 mg caffeine per 12-ounce cup
Non-GMO, Organic, and Fair Trade
Smooth, non-bitter flavor
Check Price

Very Strong Coffee1,350 mg of caffeine per 12-oz cup
100% high-caffeine Robusta beans
Rich, intense flavor
Check Price
Organic High Voltage1,150 mg caffeine per 12-ounce cup
Shockingly strong
Sustainably grown and dark-roasted
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DMC Verdict :

So which brand of coffee has the most caffeine? The above mentioned coffee brands have been carefully engineered to contain the most amount of caffeine in them. You should also carefully consider which one suits your lifestyle and needs based on the health benefits of drinking coffee.

If your morning cup of coffee isn’t cutting it for you and you end up drinking 4 or 5 cups of coffee a day, then maybe its time to switch your brand. Maybe if you are drinking drip-coffee, try out a double-shot espresso for a change.

Which Brand of Coffee Has the Most Caffeine?

The coffee brand that has the most caffeine is Devil Mountain Black Label which has 1,555 mg caffeine per 12-ounce cup.

Brands of Coffee with their Caffeine Strength

Now that we have seen the Top 3 brands of coffee with the highest caffeine content, let’s play fair and see what other brands are out there which might be better suited for a lighter doze for some of us. The prices shown are as of today on Amazon.

Starbucks Venti Coffee

Caffeine Strength: 415 mg / 20 oz
Note that the amount of caffeine in a single cup can vary depending on time taken to brew and other factors.

Dunkin’ Donuts Original

Caffeine Strength: 395mg / 20 oz
If you are a regular at DD, you might go for that additional Turbo Shot which adds a spike to the brew.

Biggbys Best Smooth

Caffeine Strength: 274mg / 16 oz
Biggbys is more of an espresso combined with drip coffee.

Death Wish Coffee

Caffeine Strength: 651mg / 12 oz
Dark Roast, bold flavor, intense beverage to revolutionize your morning.

Over To You

Too much caffeine could lead to side effects and one should be cautious before consumption. The above brands of coffee has the most caffeine, but use your judgement and see which one suits your daily needs. Some of these may be good for occasional drinking.

If you are not sure of which brand of coffee has the most caffeine, take a look at the packaging, it maybe the easiest way for you to figure it out. And if all these brands aren’t for you, maybe check the benefits of decaf coffee!! Usually the Decaf Coffee has around 97 percent of its caffeine removed.

So, if you were brave enough and tried one of these most caffeinated brands, I would love to hear from you and see what you think suits you well.

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