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What is White Coffee

What is white Coffee? In Europe and the United States, specialty coffee aficionados have taken to what we call “white coffee,” a relatively recent phenomenon. A lighter cup of coffee with an upfront acidity and distinct nutty tastes, the “Western” concept of what white coffee varies from those that exist in locations like Malaysia or Yemen.

This sort of coffee is a delightful and fascinating variation to check out if you are searching for a new vista of taste to appreciate in your daily cup. The nicest thing about white coffee is that you can even prepare it yourself!

What is White Coffee

What is White Coffee Again?

White coffee is no different from Arabica or Robusta in terms of flavor and aroma. What does important is how the coffee bean is roasted. To make white coffee, the beans are roasted midway between a light roast and green coffee.

Besides that, the way it’s cooked varies. Most coffee beans are roasted at temperatures beginning from 190C (375F) (375F). White coffee, however, is roasted at a lower temperature peaking about 160C (325F) (325F). As a result, most of the beans’ sugars and acids are retained even after they’ve been dried.

Roasting white coffee beans is a distinct experience compared to regular run of the mill coffee. Firstly, It roasts more quicker so you’ll have to toe the line between unroasted green beans and roasted coffee that has touched the first crack. This prevents the Maillard Reaction from taking place, which would otherwise degrade the minerals and sugars in the coffee.

If you’re a coffee connoisseur looking for a fresh experience, you can consider trying white coffee beans, which are unroasted coffee beans.

Brewing a Cup Of White Coffee

After roasting and grinding the beans, the largest question remains of what precisely to do with these particular beans. It all comes down to how finely ground your coffee beans are. If you grind them quite finely, preparing an espresso is one alternative. On the other hand, if your grind is a touch coarser, the second alternative is to construct a coffee blend with another coffee bean that would enhance white coffee’s nutty taste.

White Coffee Recipe

A better cup of coffee may be made by combing the white coffee grounds with another suitable bean, in part because of the lower temperatures of domestic coffee machines. Compared to the “normal body” of a conventional cup of coffee, the white coffee grounds will look more transparent when brewed by themselves.

Difference Between White Coffee & Black Coffee

White CoffeeBlack Coffee
Roasting Process
- Roasted at 325 deg F
- Half the typical roasting time
Roasting Process
- Roasted between 450 - 480 deg F
- Between 10 to 16 minutes to roast
Nutty, floral or hay-likeBold, hints of chocolate, lightly bitter
Honey blonde in color. Will be darker than White Coffee
Consumed as is or with spicesCan be converted into many drink types
Country of Origin: YemenCountry of Origin: Ethiopia

How To Brew White Coffee At Home?

White Coffee

How to Brew White Coffee

Are you ready to step up your coffee game? To make white coffee with your espresso machine, just follow these five easy steps.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Course coffee, Drinks
Cuisine American, Indian, Korean, Yemen
Servings 1


  • 1 Espresso Machine


  • 20 gms Ground White Coffee beans
  • Enough Water for your Espresso Machine


  • Authentic white coffee beans must first be purchased and ground in order to brew white coffee. Beware that they're incredibly thick and may damage any home grinders, so purchase pre-ground or you'll need an industrial-strength grinder!
  • White coffee is best made under pressure, so you'd need an espresso machine. Next, add the ground white coffee to your portafilter. 20 grams for a double shot is the sweet spot but you can always use a bit more or less.
  • Because white coffee grounds are coarse, hard, and unable to absorb water like normal grounds, it is important to properly tamp the portafilter. You'd end up with watery coffee if you didn't compress them tightly enough.
  • Put the portafilter back, run your machine and stop it after 4 seconds. Let it settle for 20 seconds and then resume your shot and pull it as usual.
  • It is time to savor your white coffee. Enjoy as is for a sample of its delicate tastes!
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How Much Caffeine Does White Coffee Have?

Many stores serving this light coffee tout it as having a considerably more caffeine than darker roasts. While caffeine concentration does drop somewhat with roasting time, there is no scientific basis for the decline to be substantial.

MYTH? often times, coffee shops claim that white coffee beans are 50-70% percent higher in caffeine content…the true figure is likely closer to 5%.

Where To Buy High Quality White Coffee Beans?

Alaska Artisan Coffee – An Easy Option

Alaska White Coffee

Alaska Artisan Coffee, which has been roasting artisan beans for more than two decades and is situated in The Last Frontier approximately forty miles north of Anchorage, produces this “Polar Blend” of white coffee.

The beans may be purchased in a variety of quantities ranging from a little 5oz taster to a massive 8lb bag for a very reasonable price. However, be cautioned that in this situation they only come with a pre-ground option.

Wired Willey’s

Coming from Lowery’s Premium Roast Gourmet Coffees, Wired Willey’s White Coffee comes in 16oz, 32oz, and 4lb varieties, is pre-ground, and arrives fresh from the roaster. They also make a point of informing customers that the grains grow throughout the brewing process..

The coffee has earned a ton of wonderful ratings on Amazon, and surely is worth trying if you want to step into the realm of white coffee!

Wrapping Up

A white coffee phenomenon in the West is a relatively recent one surrounded by both reality and myth, whether it’s the Yemeni version, which has a distinctive spice mix and sweetened condensed milk, or the Malaysian Ipoh version, which also has sweetened condensed milk.

This unique way of roasting presents new opportunities for experienced coffee drinkers, coffee shops, and coffee newbies alike to further experiment and find new realms of flavor within the coffee world with a coffee bean that isn’t limited to just a specific country or geographical region, but rather a challenging roasting style the presents new ways of experience coffee. Let us know how it turns out if you try roasting your own and what you think of this novel approach to roasting.

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