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What is Caffe Breve

Are you curious to know what is a breve latte? Do you want to find out what the key differences are between a breve and a latte? You’re going to learn everything there is to know about this stunning espresso drink after reading this article.

caffe breve latte

A caffè breve is a beverage that is produced with espresso and is similar to a cappuccino in preparation, however it is made with steamed half-and-half rather than milk. This results in a foam that has a highly creamy consistency. You should give it a shot if you’re looking for an espresso drink that’s decadently rich but doesn’t include any sugar.

There are a few more names for it, including the breve latte, cafè breve, and breve coffee. In Italian, breve literally translates to “short.”

What’s a Caffè Breve

This beverage is an Americanized and more decadent take on the traditional Italian cappuccino. Because there are just two components involved, it may be made with the same amount of ease as a latte. It is a beverage that is produced with espresso, but instead of milk, it is prepared with half-and-half. In order to produce a caffè breve, the half-and-half is frothed, and then it is combined with the espresso.

In comparison to lattes, caffe breves have more foam, more cream, and a deeper flavor. They are more comparable to cappuccinos, and they are topped with a large amount of thick froth.

What is the Difference Between a Latte & A Breve?

Of the two beverages, a latte is the more well-known sibling. The sheer number of available flavors can make one feel overwhelmed.
The use of whole milk or light cream differentiates a latte from a breve. Steamed milk, typically whole milk, is combined with espresso to make a latte. Instead of using milk, a breve is made using steamed half-and-half and espresso.

So, what is the definition of half-and-half? Moreover, how does this change your beverage’s flavor?

It consists of skim milk and light cream, mixed together. Its typical fat level is between 10% and 12%, making it an excellent choice for those who like a creamy flavor in their morning coffee.
Although it can’t be whipped, half-and-half still adds a lot of flavor to your espresso without making it too thick.

Pro-Tip : “If you go to a coffee shop and ask for a caffe breve, you will get something quite similar to a latte, just with espresso instead of milk. You’ll get about a third of an espresso shot, two-thirds of steamed half-and-half, and a thin coating of milk froth on top. If you’d want your beverage to taste more like a cappuccino, aerate the half-and-half so that you may mix equal parts espresso, steaming half-and-half, and foam.”

How To Make A Breve Coffee

You’re only three simple steps away from a rich and delicious caffè breve at home. Let’s do this!!

@ryanbiddulph of “Blogging From Paradise” – I am sure you will love this creamy Breve Caffe on your next #islandadventure!!! Do try and let me know!!!

What is a Breve Latte

Step 1: Prepare A Double Espresso

The best way to create a double shot of espresso is to use an espresso maker or a latte machine. Of the two, a latte machine is the superior choice as it will also allow you to froth milk.

That said, if you don’t have access to an espresso machine, this coffee drink is quite forgiving in that any 2-ounce brew of very strong coffee will be a worthy alternative. The robust taste of espresso is essential, but the typical characteristics of a true espresso, such as a creamy texture and hefty body, are less important. In this situation, the richness provided by the half-and-half is just right.

Step 2: Steam The Half-And-Half

Using a steam wand is the most reliable method for producing perfectly steamed milk or half-and-half. These are superior to milk frothers because they use dry steam to infuse cold milk, creating the velvety consistency ideal for lattes. Jessica Kelly, a barista at Breville, claims that the breve will have a deeper flavor.

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A milk frother is an acceptable replacement for an espresso maker’s wand in such cases. Want to froth milk but don’t know how? Learn how to properly employ a frother by reading our detailed tutorial. There are three primary kinds of milk frothers, and this guide will show you how to use them all.

Step 3: Assemble Your Caffe Breve Latte

Making a breve latte is quite similar to making any other kind of latte. Keeping the foamed milk in the frothing pitcher at bay with a spoon, pour the steamed cream over the espresso in the latte glass until you have nearly twice as much cream as espresso. Then, plop a layer of milk foam on top with the spoon. Really, that’s all there is to it. Have fun sipping that smooth mixture!

Pro-Tip :“Because steamed half-and-half has a richer flavor than steamed milk, breve lattes are typically served without sugar. So, even if you always use syrup in your latte, give a latte breve a try.”

The DMC Verdict

Now that we learned what is a breve latte, lets see some whether its the right drink for you!! Because it is typically prepared with half whole milk and half light, or, let’s be honest, occasionally heavy cream, a breve can have astronomical amounts of calories and cholesterol. Also, unlike whole milk, frothed half-and-half doesn’t expand to twice its original volume.

Avoid the breves except on special occasions and stick to the normal or skinny lattes if you’re trying to cut back on your caffeine intake.

That said, you should try this indulgent drink at least once if you’ve never had one before because, in my opinion, it’s one of the best coffee beverages available (on or off the menu).


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