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What Difference a Pool Aerator Can Make

Whenever summer is approaching, pool owners know that it is time to prepare their backyard pool for the swimming season. That means cleaning the pool, then filling it up, and checking all the working parts like filters and the pool aerator.

What a Pool Aerator Actually Does

The Aeration Process
The aeration process works not just for pools but you see it at work in aquariums and hot tubs as well. To put it simply, aeration is a way of infusing air into water. You might have seen a type of aerator attached to your kitchen faucet or the bathroom sink faucet. Sometimes even on your shower. With these kinds of faucets having an aerator attached can literally save you nearly half of your overall water usage. They can turn one single flow of running water into many additional little flows by introducing air into your water. Your water flow may be reduced but your water pressure will not.

What Does A Pool Aerator Do For Your Pool?
One feature a pool aerator has is helping to cool the water off in your pool. This is very useful for helping to keep an enjoyable temperature for when it is really hot outside. The aeration helps cool things down by spraying the pool and exposing it to the air, which works to cool it down.

A pool aerator also serves to keep your pool water from going stagnant. Stagnation can bring on things like algae forming in your water. Having personally seen algae growth within inground pools Oklahoma City owners are aware of just how easy stagnant water becomes dirty. Preventing the growth of algae is an all summer process in regard to your pool maintenance.

Various Types Of Pool Aerators
You can find several types of effective pool aerators. Many of them are great for looks and others for fun. The water fountain type makes quite an attractive design feature for your swimming pool. They come in a wide variety of sizes and different levels. They also have varying features for you to choose from.

Pool aerators are for a lot more than just looks. They are sometimes designed for fun. A lot of pool aerators have been designed as water cannons. This makes things fun for kids and helps keep the water cool too.

Steps To Installing An Aerator

(1). The first thing you need to do is turn off every piece of pool equipment. Next you unscrew the jet head along with anything else that covers your pool’s return line.

(2). Now you need to screw in your aerator and attach it to your return line. You want to ensure that you don’t over tighten it. Just firmly snug it into place.

(3). The last step for installing your pool aerator is turning on the pool equipment for a test run. You can adjust your aerator to the level you want. It is recommended to keep the aerator running most all the time for obtaining the best results. You can consult with a professional pool installer if you have any questions.

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Greg works for Blue Haven Pools in Oklahoma City. Blue Haven has long been the OKC pool contractor and landscape design company that people all across Oklahoma have come to trust with building the backyard of their dreams.

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  • I wish i had a pool! Anyway keeping pools clear is crucial. When i see a pool that is not clean i always think “Why do they even have it”? Aerator is necessary because static waters start to smell bad if they don’t have enough air.

  • Great post! Having a pool aerator really makes a lot of difference. I love how it keeps the water clean and cool especially during summer.

  • Cleaning the pool is not always easy as we think. I consider with getting automated cleaners vacs to save more time. Aerator is also considered to get a joy from the pool.

  • Great article about aerators. One it does is to increase the oxygen levels of the pool. Love to use it though. but it also adds to the expenses.. Really does lowers the temperature in the Australian summers.

  • i have a swimming pool, an inground one, cleaning it is a big hassle for me. I guess we spend more on cleaning products than we do on clothes. Nice information though, it takes more than these products to keep the pool free of bacterial.

  • Another fantastic post here! My aunt has a pool in her backyard and I know that she’ll now be interested in having aerators installed. Especially since it really keeps the pool water pleasantly cool and clean during the summer season. Personally, I had no idea that adding oxygen to water would change the temperature like that or even save overall water usage! My thanks again Praveen.
    Michael Davis recently posted…Air King DRLC702 Round Bath Fan ReviewMy Profile

  • Every pool-cleaning system has downsides, whether it’s handling or measuring chemicals with a chlorine system, preventing salt’s corrosive nature on pool decks, plants and furniture, or the lack of effective testing for ozone, UV systems and oxidation reduction potential systems.

  • A regular pool cleaning is necessary as per the current situation. Just ensure the safety and hygiene of the swimming pool. I think Pool Aerator is one of the great options to make it easy and hassle-free.
    If services offered by the local pool maintenance company at a reasonable price, consider the same.

  • I wish I had a pool! At any rate keeping pools clear is pivotal. When I see a pool that isn’t perfect I generally think “For what reason do they try and have it”? Aerator is essential since static waters begin to smell horrible on the off chance that they need more air.

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