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Mobile phones, laptops, desktops and tablets are the tech products of the moment, but in labs, engineers and scientists are continuously working on new technologies. Some of the technologies are only prototypes and will never make it to the commercial market. These are futuristic ideas that would catch our attention in a single glimpse. Here are a couple of strange inventions.




It is a 1975 GMC pickup truck that has been modified in such a way that it uses coffee as its primary source of fuel. This opens new doors towards alternatives to fossils fuels. It is powered by pyrolysis gas that is created by heating the steel pipes full of coffee grounds in a wood gas generator. The creator of this truck says that it is carbon negative, which means it eliminates carbon dioxide (harmful to Earths atmosphere) during the process.




Scientists over at the University of Bath came up with an open source robot that can create real mechanical parts. For example, it can use plastic to make objects, and is a three dimensional printer. How does it do this? The plastic heats up and is then squeezed into a line, which then solidifies. This technology can create door handles, hooks and even sandals. It has also been noted that this could reduce the world’s manufacturing dependence on China.




You might have heard about the solar gadget charger, but now we have the Hymini gadget charger that generates electricity wind. It can charge electronics like MP3 players and cell phones, and is portable. The Good Human stated that both the solar charger and the wind charger charged his wife’s cellphone in the same amount of time as the plug charger.




Are you fed up with your alarm clock? The LightSleeper imitates the glow of dawn within your room until you finally wake up. The electroluminescent wall hangings and LEDs in your pillow glow with a soft light to bring you back to the world.



 The first thing we want to do to our alarm clocks in the morning is to hammer them! Engineers behind Smash encourage this behavior by adding a deformable head above the alarm clock. So the next time you smash it, it would not break.


New and improved technologies are always eye catching but some never make it to the consumers. Although some of these technologies may look weird to us at first, with time we are sure to get accustomed and even dependent on them by which time the technology would not feel weird at all!

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