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Understanding Different Internet Service Connections

As the world listens to news about the fastest internet connection in Kansas City, everyone wonders when Google Fiber will reach their homes.  Google Fiber offers average download speed of 1GBPS and upload speed of 700 Mbps.  In contrast, download speeds in the US does not even average at 10 Mbps.  For now, Google Fiber is only available in Kansas City at a cost of $70 per month for the internet service alone.  Is that speed really worth the price?


Most of us have an idea about our internet speeds but rarely understand the various types available.  The speed of internet access actually depends upon the material used for the cable that transmits data from your ISP to your computer.

 1)  Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

A DSL internet access uses the copper wires of the local telephone network to transmit the data.  It is substantially faster than a dial-up connection but varies on the distance to the main line.  The further the connection is to the main line, the slower the speed.  DSL internet access is relatively cheaper than cable and the speed is acceptable for normal internet use.  If streaming is not a common practice and downloading of large files is not an urgent matter, a DSL connection is acceptable.

 2)  Cable

Cable internet connections use the coaxial cable in your television.  Download speeds typically reaches 10 Mbps and there is no degradation in quality regardless of the distance from the main source.  But it is considered less secure because the line is shared amongst neighbors.  With the faster speed of cable come the higher subscription rates compared to DSL.

 3)  Fiber

The use of fiber optic lines for internet connection is the fastest and most reliable.  This technology is what Google Fiber utilized for its internet service in Kansas City.  Other providers of fiber optic internet connection are AT&T, Verizon, and Qwest.  The conductor for the line is glass and known to be the best quality because it is not affected by any form of interference like electricity.  Data transfer is substantially faster than cable.  However, this type of infrastructure is not yet widespread.  It is only available in a few areas.

Gamers may find fiber particularly useful. The owner of the first café to offer Google Fiber in Kansas City discusses the excellent gaming environment provided by the new service here. It might be worth investing in new and advanced gaming accessories like Gaming Keyboards and mice in order to maximise the super-fast internet speeds offered by Google Fiber.

These three types of internet connections are priced according to speed if all other factors are equal.  Then again, it is best to check those available in your area before deciding.   Location may play a critical role in subscription rates.  It is also important to note that the quality of the cable is the major factor that determines the quality of the transfer.  But the speed of the connection may be compromised if your computer cables or adapters are substandard.  Remember that power and data passes through computer cables.  Regardless of your internet speed, browsing experience can be compromised if the computer’s performance is hampered by unreliable computer cables.

Web browsing experience does not necessarily mean faster connection.  We all want speedy internet surfing, but it may be negligible depending on use.  Efficiency and prudence are essentially more important than speed.  Find the balance between your speed requirements and your budget – you will definitely get the best bang for your buck.

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  • 1GB / 8 = Roughly 128 MB download Speed. That’s huge. We have about 100Mbts – ~12MB and is more than enough. I don’t see the use of this at home, for military andspace connections maybe.

  • I never understood the differences, not until now 😉

    Thank you for the information, Praveen. I am not an avid gamer (well, I don’t play games at all). Too busy with blogging and studies, I guess 😉 We don’t need fiber optic for blogging, do we? 😉

    I have heard about BSNL plans with 100 Mbps speeds in India (100 Mbps is close to 1 GB, right?). I hope that connections get faster (With lower rates) in India (because it is an essential part of infrastructure).

  • Hi Praveen, This is a great overview of high-speed Internet connections. I am very glad that I have high-speed Internet. I went from high-speed to low-speed when I moved to England and, well, it felt painful.

    That being said, $70/month is a lot of money so I wonder how popular this service will be. Perhaps the cost will come down as the service is more widely deployed.

    Thanks for sharing this excellent article!
    Carolyn recently posted…Getting Schooled in Tech!My Profile

  • Praveen,

    Absolutely!. Fiber optic is the future and well promising technology. Last year Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology team has succeeded the research on unbelievable ultra fast fiber optic speed. Yes! 109 terabits per second!.

    The researchers had developed a fibre with seven light guiding core instead of only one core. Each core had carried unbelievable 15.6 terabits per second on the study. It’s a new mile stone on fibre optics research.

    Google, Amazon and FaceBook are already on ground to follow this technology for their data centers. Way to go!
    Manickam Vijayabanu recently posted…Could Online Watching Succeed Television?My Profile

    • Mani – Welcome back to the blogging world and thanks for leaving your comment here.

      That is a good piece of information you have shared with all my readers, thanks for that. Yes, it is a developing technology and I am sure most of the companies you have mentioned will put them to the best use possible.

      Hope to see you around.
      Praveen Rajarao recently posted…Optimizing Your Blog – Quick and EasyMy Profile

  • It was eye-opening to read that fiber optic cable is made from glass and will typically have the fastest and most reliable internet connection. My brother just moved into a new place last Wednesday and mentioned that he’s hoping to find a good internet provider since he’ll be needing to work from home a lot. Because he does a lot of work with customers, he’ll need a fast and reliable internet connection to stay in contact.

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