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Types of Coffee Makers: How to Choose the Best for your Coffee?

Types of Coffee Makers: How to Choose the Best for your Coffee?

Cannot survive without coffee? I suggest that you invest in a coffee maker for an economical way of preparing your favorite drink. But, with the different options for the types of coffee makers, which one is the best? Read the rest of this post and we’ll help you find out. Have you checked out one of my previous articles about the Growing Trend in Coffee Machines?

What are the Types of Coffee Makers?

 In this section, we will have a brief look at some of the most common types of coffee machines and their features. This way, you can easily decide what is best for your needs.  

 French Press

What are the Types of Coffee Makers?

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This is one of the traditional ways of preparing your coffee. One of the reasons why many people prefer this is because it is affordable, although it requires a bit of an effort on your end since you have to do things manually. It is also simple and only has three basic parts – cylinder, plunger, and filter.

In this type, the coarse grinds should sit on the top of a boiling water for about four minutes. After which, you need to apply force in pushing the plunger down. The coffee grounds will then be forced to the filter all the way to the bottom of the cylinder.


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 This is one of the newest ways to make coffee. It is a device that was introduced only in 2005 but quickly became popular because of its portability and simplicity.

To make coffee using AeroPress, the first thing that you need to do is to steep the coffee for about ten to 15 seconds. It will then be forced through a filter by applying force to the tube or plunger. As the manufacturer notes, the coffee that is made using this process is similar to the strength and concentration of espresso.


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 In as early as the 19th century, the percolator is already used as one of the traditional ways of preparing coffee. In its simplest sense, it is a coffee pot wherein boiling water is cycled continually until coffee is forced. It is also one of the simplest ways of making coffee, but some people dislike it because of the effort that it requires.

To make coffee with the use of a percolator, it needs to have boiling water, which will move all the way to the top of the perforated basket. After which, the water will then pour down on the coffee grounds. This will repeat until the strength that is preferred is reached. Percolator coffee makers will be especially great for people who like dark roasts.

Moka Pot

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 A lot of people may assume that percolators and Moka pots are the same. However, the two are actually different, although they are both great for people who have a preference for dark coffee.

To brew with Moka pot, you need to prepare your coffee grounds. Fill the bottom of the pot with boiling water. Place the coffee grounds in the filter basket and position it at the bottom of the compartment. Screw the top chamber. Place the pot on a stove over medium heat. When you hear a hissing sound, this is an indication that your coffee is now ready.

Vacuum Coffee Maker

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At first look, you might assume that this is one of the machines used in laboratory experiments, but it is actually another option from the types of coffee maker. It has been invented as early as 1840 and is a popular choice in Japan.

Obviously, vacuum coffee makers work the same way as a vacuum. Also called a siphon coffee maker, you need to put it on the top of a stove. The pressure will force the water from the lower to the upper chamber. Steam will travel through the funnel and this is where the magic happens. This is not as popular as other types because it is quite complicated to use.

Drip Coffee Maker

De’Longhi Drip Coffee Maker

 When you are talking about coffee makers, this is perhaps the type that you have in mind. This is the standard brewer that you will find in many households. It offers automatic brewing and comes with a timer, which is going to simplify the process of preparing your caffeine fix.

The manner in which it brews will depend on the specific brand and model that you are using. Typically, you need to fill the reservoir with water, and from here, it is heated. It is then pushed through the filter with coffee grinds. After this, it will be dispensed in your cup and it is now ready to be enjoyed.

Single-Cup Coffee Maker

 If you live on your own or in a small apartment, this coffee maker will be a perfect choice. As the name implies, it is going to make a single cup every time. One of its benefits is consistency. You can achieve the same great result over time and there is no need for guesswork. The machine takes care of everything.

With a single-cup coffee maker, all that you need to do is to insert the coffee pod in the designated slot. Fill the reservoir with water. Press the brew button and water will be poured directly into your mug. More than being simple, you can also enjoy a variety of flavors.

What Coffee Maker Should I Buy?

 At this point, we hope that you already know what is the difference between the various types of coffee makers based on the things that have been discussed above. To make it easier for you to decide which one will be worth your money, here are some of the most important factors that you have to keep in mind:

  • Ease of Use: A lot of you will most probably prefer a coffee maker that is user-friendly. See to it that preparing coffee will be almost effortless on your end. For this reason, the drip coffee maker and single-cup coffee makers are two of the most popular choices because of the convenience associated with their use.
  • Customization: Do you want to have the freedom to prepare coffee the way you want it to be, such as in terms of its strength? With this, look for one that will make it easy to adjust the flavor and strength of the coffee.
  • Durability: Regardless of the type of coffee maker that you will choose, make sure that it is made of high-quality materials. It should withstand wear, especially if you are a frequent coffee drinker.
  • Capacity: If you live on your own, smaller coffee makers can already be great, such as a single-cup brewer, French Press, or even AeroPress. On the other hand, if you live in a large household or office, drip coffee maker is the better choice because they can make several cups of coffee in one brewing cycle.

Final Words

From the discussions above, I hope that it is now easier for you to choose from the types of coffee makers that are available on the market. Each has its own pros and cons. The decision lies on your preference and budget. Also feel free to check out the details on

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  • Drip coffee maker is not a better option as the coffee it makes is not of good quality. It prepares taste less coffee and does not give 100% rich, pure taste of coffee. Other option is slower but it is better.

  • I am looking for a coffee maker brand that is durable and long lasting. Too many modern goods of this type, last for about 2 years, in my experience and then blow a fuse/ or trip out the house electric.

    Last Saturday that happened to me as I was making coffee for my dinner party guests as they were arriving and wanted a hot drink. The coffee machine was dead and would not work.

    I completely lost-it, because the circuits were down in the house – due to my faulty coffee maker! The cooker was not working and it was at least 15 minutes later before a guest suggested, rightly that I maybe should look into our home fuse-box.

    We did, and all that was needed was to reset the contactor. But, meanwhile the meal was, all but ruined! next time I want a QUALITY product…

    Is the only way to find a quality LONG LASTING product to laboriously read the reviews on Amazon or there there a better way?

  • Nice article very interesting to read ,The great and excellent information you gave us today. even i am searching for a good coffee maker . and the post also explain about the what type of coffee maker should use yes the explained is write capacity wee need to look and Ease of Use and durability this are main this we need to look from this article we can easy identify which one is best.Thanks a lot for sharing and take your valuable time to write and share your thoughts.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Hi,

    My day starts with a coffee and this Resource Full Comparision gave me a lot of content.
    So now I can Choose a good Coffee Maker For my self.
    Great Content, Just Loved It.
    Keep Writing.


  • Hey Praveen,
    This is a very interesting article! I am a coffee addict but I don’t know all of this. How’s that? haha. I have French Press and I love it. But when it comes to preparing coffee for the entire family, I need something that will make good coffee as quickly as possible, that’s why we’re considering a new one. Thank you for sharing!

  • Never did I thought it is this easy to install this dispenser machine and brew-up whenever we want. We already have one at our office but the one you have shown in your blog is something very different. Its just amazing!

  • Thank you!!! I ordered my first french-press yesterday from Online! How does a high quality french-press compare to a Moccamaster drip-coffee maker? I own one of the latter, and that coffee turns out great every time.

  • Hello,
    I am a coffee lover. So, it’s a really useful article for the coffee lover like me. I think I am going for chocolatey coffee. Thanks for the sharing this helpful auricle.

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  • My day starts with a coffee and this Resource Full Comparision gave me a lot of content.
    So now I can Choose a good Coffee Maker For my self.
    Great Content, Just Loved It.

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