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Track Your Dental Hygiene in between Dentist Trips

Dental Hygiene
Dental Hygiene

The American Dental Association recommends that people visit their dentists every six months. Two visits a year might not sound like much, but the truth is, most people can’t even commit to that. Yes, a trip to the dentist’s office can be expensive, especially if there’s work to be done, but having good dental hygiene is important to your overall health and well-being. So, first and foremost, make sure you are getting in at least the minimum number of dentist visits, no matter what it takes!

Your dentist will tell you that you need to brush—and brush well—at least twice per day. Is this really enough to keep you in great dental health? The experts say no—you need to do more than this to avoid the need for expensive dental work and the development of serious health conditions in the future.

One thing to consider is how you brush. Most people just think running a toothbrush through their mouth a couple of times a day is all that matters. The truth is, however, that there’s a wrong and a right way to brush your teeth. The right way begins with the right toothbrush! You want a brush that fits comfortably inside your mouth and that has been approved by the American Dental Association. Your toothbrush doesn’t have to be expensive, but it’s probably not a good idea to pick the cheapest one you can find either. Be sure to choose a soft-bristled brush, to be gentle to your teeth, and to make sure that your brushing sessions last at least two minutes!

Even the very best brusher can’t get away with having no other dental hygiene routines. Flossing is absolutely vital for a mouth that is healthy and that will stay that way for years to come. Floss can fit into the tight spaces between teeth where toothbrush bristles simply can’t go. It will remove tiny particles of food that can cause bad breath, decay, and gum disease, providing you do it the right way! You should floss at least once per day, using about 18 inches of floss for each session. Hold the floss between your thumbs and index fingers. Then use your index fingers to guide the floss between your teeth. Use a zig-zag motion as you floss, and avoid snapping the floss, as this can damage the teeth. Make sure to touch on all parts of the tooth surface and underneath the gum-line.

In addition to practicing these important dental techniques, you should also check out your own mouth on a regular basis. When you’re brushing or flossing, you can look out for common signs that something is awry in your mouth. Potential signs of trouble can include tooth pain or sensitivity, bleeding gums (if you notice pink in your spit while brushing, your gums are likely bleeding!), white patches on the tongue, bad breath, discoloration of the teeth, and pressure above the teeth. Surprisingly, headaches and stiffness in the neck can also indicate dental problems and are a common sign of bruxism or teeth-grinding.

If you notice any of these issues, make sure to report them to a dentist as soon as possible. Most of them can easily be fixed if you catch them early enough. Yes, practicing proper dental care can be a pain, but it is well worth it in the end. Not only can it keep you healthier for longer, but it can also save money by allowing you to avoid expensive dental procedures later on down the road. Plus, it’ll give you a bright, white smile that you can be proud to show off!


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  • It must be follow to avoid any mouth disease in the future. I appreciate your blog and for giving tips for everyone.

  • I agree, taking care of your teeth can be a real pain, but we see patients all the time that try to take shortcuts. A little time here and there can save you a lot of time in the future.

  • Yes! I agree. I can’t believe there was all this hype about patients not needing to floss. It’s clearly obvious once you do it, the benefits of flossing and removing interproximal plaque.

  • Dear Pravin, Being a dentist I agree with your suggestions. Importance of regular check-ups (recall) every six months with your dentist is one of the mandates we all should have. Tooth brush with soft bristles, flossing, mouth-wash twice a day is good habit. Dr. Payal (

  • dental volunteer abroad
    Updated for 2017

    Calling all dentists, dental hygienists, or students aspiring to work in the dental health field– there are dental volunteer projects that need your skills and passion for helping others! As dental health is often one of the most critically underserved healthcare fields in many countries, there are people all over the world who are in desperate need of your abilities.

    In some countries, there are few opportunities for adults and children to have access to dental care and oral hygiene education. However, there are many great projects that are mobilizing skilled volunteers like yourself to maintain smiles across the globe.

  • Dental hygiene is easiest and cheaper among all other treatments but surely effective for complete oral care so, everytime I recommend Dental hygiene to my all patients who comes to my clinic and suffered from gum desease, bad breathe, dental cavities.

  • dental problem is the common thing in our daily life.bleeding,pain and mush more problems face to us.Here the white teeth can bring our self confidence.Dental hygiene is easiest and cheaper among all other treatments but surely effective for complete oral care so, every time recommend Dental hygiene to my all patients who comes to my clinic and suffered from gum desease, bad breathe, dental cavities.

    Thanks for the info 🙂

  • Dental hygiene is the most cost effective method of dental care. It is great practice to reccomend dental hygiene to all of my patients who enter our clinic and suffered from gum disease, bad breath and, dental cavities.

  • wow great blog post! This speaks to me as I am also one of those people that find it difficult to commit to a dentist visit every 6 months.

    With that being said flossing and brushing with a good toothbrush is vital.

    Check out my review of the philips sonicare DiamondClean Toothbrush.

    This is an electric toothbrush removes 10x more plaque than manual toothbrushes due its 31000 brush strokes per minute, It will get into tight spaces and gently clean your teeth and strengthen your gums!

  • Excellent article with great tips for sound oral hygiene. Brushing twice a day is not adequete enough to keep good dental health. Also, in my user name link there is an article speaking about quality dental health.

  • What I like about this blog is the fresh content. Most of us in the dental world understand the importance of oral health, but over complicate the communication with patients. This is a great article that keeps the attention of any reader!

  • I think flossing is an overlooked part of dental hygiene. We strive to educate patients as much as possible in our office buy it can be difficult to have them adhere to the yearly schedule. Great information. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Praveen,

    You’ve provided some great tips here for taking care of one’s teeth. I’ve had bleeding gums years ago, and found out later by the Dentist that it was Periodontal disease. In the earlier stages of this disease the infection only effects the gums, then it starts to effect the bone. One should always brush and floss on a regular basis so this doesn’t happen. I started to take better care of my teeth after that appointment with the Dentist.

    Thank you again for the reminders, Praveen. 🙂
    Artice Upchurch recently posted…15 Perfect Foods For Healthier Teeth And GumsMy Profile

  • One of the most important thing people miss is the way to brush. I think dentists must put a little more emphasis on this. A correct way to brush is even more beneficial than to using oral rinse products, which by the way some of them can stain your teeth.

    I used to pay many visits to the dentist, specially for cleaning. After visiting a good one, she recommended me some brushing techniques and to be careful with products. Since then, my teeth have remained clean and white for longer periods. And the visits have diminished substantially.

  • Dental health is also important, that’s why me and my family always make it a point to visit our dentist for check ups and cleaning. I live in Honolulu Hawaii and Hawaii Family Dental Center are the one’s taking care of my dental health.

  • Dear Pravin, as a dental consultant I agree with your suggestions. Dental health is the first priority for everyone. I always suggest taking consultation from dentist for better smile

  • we’re used to hearing about how brushing your teeth is so important. But is it REALLY essential to brush twice a day and floss all the time? When it comes to dental hygiene, there are many steps we should always take to ensure that we enjoy great oral health.

  • Agree but my way of maintaining dental hygiene even before visiting dentist is brushing teeth after every meal if not every meal atleast twice in a day, in the morning and before going to bed which is ideal for healthy dental gums and free from tooth decay.

  • Dental Health is very important i totally agree with you. I wish more people would post valuable content like this. This is the first time I’ve been on your website, but after this, I doubt it will be the last time.

  • Truly agree, visiting dentist twice a year could possible reduce tooth cavities which are going to develop, I recently had to visit dentist for have spaces between which developed due to rough and hard brush. Had I visited dentist ones in every six months, I could have cut down the cost of filling the spaces. BTW, nice information.

  • thanks Praveen for this useful information. People are everyday more and more aware about Dental care. I use specially dentals floss everyday because if not I would suffer more often from caries.

  • Precise but Informative blog. People usually don’t pay much attention when it comes to plan a visit to dentist or orthodontist . you really need to use good electronic tooth brushes, mouth washes etc if you are visiting after 6 months . because its such a big time duration to go to clinic.
    Orthodontist in Chicago recently posted…Orthodontic Guide to Easter CandyMy Profile

  • Good Post, i strongly agreed with you .Dental health is so important for your health, think of how you feel if you lose all your teeth But keep in mind poor dental hygiene can lead to heart problems.

  • This is some really good information about dental health. I liked that you explained it would be smart to make sure that you are brushing correctly. That does seem like it would help you take better care of your teeth. It might be a good idea to ask if you are brushing properly.

  • Hi. Great Blog ever. Health is so much important for us. If we are healthy then we can do as much work as we can. To keep your teeth clean is so important to remain fit and healthy. Please continue to share more useful posts about health. I love to read health blogs like is also a good blog which describe best electric toothbrush for cleaning teeth.
    emily recently posted…Best Ice Fishing Rods 2018 – Reviews and ComparisonMy Profile

  • Hello, nice article. Even, I would prefer the same what you have shared here in the article. Upper Bucks Dental Arts also suggest that keep caring your teeth and check mouth if it is awry is being found then instant treatment can possible.

  • Wow. Definitely an eye-opener. My cousin’s a dentist, so I get my treatments for free, and I still don’t visit as often as twice a year. But whenever I do visit for a quick cleaning, I can see her reaction towards my built up plaque and recommended flossing. I just saw a plaque removal video and I could understand how she had reacted the way she did. After the cleaning, I saw how my teeth really looked like without the plaque! After this, I started making flossing a habit and I try to to visit my cousin every 3 months and I feel a sense of satisfaction every time I get a compliment from her with my new dental habit. Let’s start flossing!

  • A correct way to brush is even more beneficial than to using oral rinse products, which by the way some of them can stain your teeth.
    After visiting a Keller Dentist, He recommended me some brushing techniques and to be careful with products. Since then, my teeth have remained clean and white for longer periods. And the visits have diminished substantially.

  • This is some really good information about keeping your teeth healthy. I liked what you said about using a zig-zag motion when you are flossing. That does seem like a good thing to know when you want to prevent getting cavities.

  • Great tips to share, Praveen. It continuously pays to be caring of our teeth not solely to avoid wasting on our finances, however to naturally have a brighter and healthier smile. Thanks for the scan.

  • Great article, it is all about the human body especially on the dental issue.
    But if we want to take care of our body we should eat protein like fish, catla fish, big fish, ruhu fish, and we need to know a fish cutting technique, also we have to entertainment and education etc.

  • Dental hygiene affects your health more than you think. If you don’t keep up on your dental hygiene by brushing and flossing every day the plaque will turn to tartar.

  • That’s an important point around “how” you brush, rather than whether you are brushing or not. Most people don’t brush their teeth in the most effective way, or for the right time. This is when our dental hygienists come into their own – education is vital!

  • I liked that you pointed out that you need to make sure that you check that the dentist you go to is approved by the American Dental Association. It does seem like a good thing to get some recommendations when it comes to what dentist to go to.

  • A dentist can spot a developing cavity or other condition before it becomes a big, expensive problem. Bad things may be happening in your mouth, or your child’s mouth, that you may not be aware of, but the dentist can discern and possibly take steps to correct. The dentist’s office will also commonly offer a cleaning that will be far better than what you can typically do at home yourself.

  • Dental hygiene affects your health more than you think. If you do not brush your teeth regularly, plaque can form. The plate is a type of bacteria that forms right above your gum line. If you don’t keep up on your dental hygiene by brushing and flossing every day, the plaque will turn to tartar.

  • Nice article! Dental health is very important which some people don’t realize. It can affect your overall health if you’re not maintaining your oral health.

  • What are the outgrowths of irregular dental hygiene? If your dentist performs the support that you begin considering for your gums a little better, take heed, because gum disease can be crushing, confusing, and painful problem to deal. And now because you have clean, straight teeth, doesn’t suggest that you’re immune.

  • Dental health is a very important concern that affects overall health as well as personality. The most significant way to keep your teeth clean, strong and healthy is to uphold good dental hygiene.

  • There is but no doubt that an appointment with your dentist is one important thing that you need to do in order to maintain good oral hygiene, but there is more than just that – taking good care of teeth on a regular basis.

    My appointment with the Hillsborough dentist was a really good one and it was in that visit that I really understood how dental health should be maintained on a routine basis. Whether it is brushing the teeth correctly or using the right toothbrush / toothpaste, or regular flossing, there are the things that need to be incorporated in your routine for an improved dental health.

    Set up a routine for yourself and improve your dental health.
    Mikey Hart recently posted…Choosing the Best Replacement Option for Your Single Missing ToothMy Profile

  • I want to take good care of my teeth this year. It is good to know that it would be smart to use a soft-bristled brush. I didn’t realize that could make a difference to the health of my teeth.

  • Dental health is an important concern that affects overall health as well as personality. The most significant way to keep your teeth clean, strong and healthy is to uphold good dental hygiene. Practicing good hygiene on a regular basis has many benefits. It helps to prevent cavities that cause toothache, crowns, fillings, root canals and the gum disease.

  • Have you never thought about that? Tracking your dental health between the dental appointments is just as important as a complete dental exam and treatment.Therefore, if you have been ignoring one until now I do not understand why.

    Thank you for writing this an throwing light on this aspect of dental health because honestly I don not know if there is actually someone who focuses on this aspect of it.

    Additionally, an appointment with a cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia, practicing dentistry at The Dental Spa can be a wonderful thing for you. Try this and understand why and how to track dental health between regular checkups.

  • Dental implants are metal posts or edges that are carefully fixed into the jawbone underneath your gums. Once set up, they enable your dental practitioner to mount substitution teeth onto them.

  • Thank you for letting us be informed about updating our progress on our dental hygiene. It is new to me that the toothbrush should be approved by the American Dental Association. If ever, I will ask our local dental services if I need a new toothbrush replaced regarding that.

  • Some great tips there Pravin, thanks for sharing! I remember my dentist at Dr. Teeth Dental Care in Katy, TX asking me questions about how I maintain my dental health – so I have to demonstrate like right from the way I brush my teeth to the way I floss, how many times I brush & floss, what diet I eat and everything.

  • Try to only have three main meals a day, with minimum snacking. Snacking increases more plaque acid in the mouth, which in turn leaves the tooth surfaces more sensitive to decay. Sometimes it is not the diet we eat but the frequency of what we eat.

  • Dental caries and pyorrhea are two main dental disease. Both are bacterial disease by cause and root cause of both disease is improper oral hygiene care means improper teeth brushing. If one can practice proper teeth brushing very early in life, one can remain away from dental disease.
    Very nicely explained importance of teeth brushing.

  • oral cavity is a gateway to a digestive system ,if it is a disease free, infection free then definitely helps to improve health…nice blog and good info

  • It is amazing how you are focusing on getting a dental routine. This is integral especially flossing. Since my daughter loves sweets and she has no dental routine whatsoever we will need an expert in cosmetic dentistry to fix her teeth and advise her on a routine that she can fit into.

  • I have been having some bad tooth pain this winter. It is good to know that bleeding gums with that can be a bad sign. I should probably get my teeth checked out soon just to make sure that nothing is seriously wrong.

  • The crown protects the tooth or filling while a permanent crown is made from another material. For children, a stainless steel crown is commonly used to fit over a primary tooth that’s been prepared to fit it. The crown covers the entire tooth and protects it from further decay.

  • Nice Blog! Dental health is very important which some people don’t realize. According to a report published, about 5 people in India die every hour per day from oral cancer and other similar types of cancer. The dentists at the best dental hospital in Jaipur emphasizes the identification of some common symptoms such as soreness in the lip or mouth, loosening of teeth, difficulty in swallowing and growth of lump, pain in ear and mouth, or most dangerous tumor inside the mouth.

  • Maybe, you have gone through the Types of Dental crowns and its treatment. In normal terms, a dental crown is best known as a cap (various types) that is superposed on tooth to give strength/enhance appearance and more. In this article, let us look at the various dental crown types and their uses.
    A dentist may place a dental crown to give strength to a tooth affected by decay. There are also other reasons for a dentist to place a dental crown. But since this article is about the dental crowns types, let us kindly focus on the subject. Regarding the reasons, we will focus in a separate article. To ensure you read the article, please subscribe to our website.

  • I’ve been experiencing headaches since last week and I can’t seem to find the reason why. Thank you for telling me that along with neck stiffness, they might be signs of teeth-grinding. I was once reminded of a roommate telling me that I grind my teeth while I’m asleep, so I’m worried that I might be doing that again this time. I’ll consult an expert in dental services to have my situation verified.

  • Some nice tips. I got a recommendation from a dentist to wash teeth in a vertical motion ↑ ↓ (from gums to end of the teeth). I’ve also heard that it is recommended to skip on toothpaste once in a while and brush teeth only with water.

  • Orthodontics is one of the best therapeutic tools that have been manufactured to solve many dental problems and defects, as it works to coordinate the external appearance of the teeth and get rid of uneven and crowded teeth, defects that may cause a psychological crisis for their families.

    When the calendar began to be used, it consisted of a group of metal wires, which caused harm in terms of appearance, especially for children. With time and medical progress, a transparent calendar was made to be transparent in appearance and the owner of the calendar did not feel uncomfortable

  • hey Praveen
    Great Blog! Dental hygiene the practice of keeping the mouth, teeth, and gums clean and healthy, as by regular brushing and flossing and preventive dental care. Thanks for sharing this post its really helpful.

  • Most people think that brushing their teeth is important, but brushing your gums is more important. Gently angle your brush down or up to gently massage your gums while brushing. Gum health is so vital for oral hygiene!

  • I liked that you pointed out that it might be smart to consider how to you brush your teeth. My father needs to get a dental implant this June. It might be smart for him to ask the dentist if he should change how he brushes his teeth once he gets the implant installed.

  • Thank you for pointing out that your dentist and oral hygienist are that people who help you with oral care also, and that is why you should never miss a dentist appointment. My sister has been complaining about her teeth hurting recently. I think she should reach out to a dentist in her area.

  • Dental care is essential for us ,Good oral and dental hygiene can help prevent bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease.It also helps to improve your smile and confidence

  • You are absolutely right visiting a dentist at regular intervals is a must. As they say, prevention is better than cure. Thanks for such a good article.

  • While we have a sudden issue with teeth that become very difficult to heal. To avoid such an issue one has to go for regular check-ups with dentist. Here your blog have good information for the same and will surely guide the same to my family and friend by sharing this. Thank you for your guidance.

  • You make a great point about how finding the right fitting toothbrush that has been approved by the ADA is important for overall oral health. My sister and her family will be relocating to a new town in a few months and will need to find a good dentist. This way they can have regular dental cleanings and checkups.

  • Dental hygiene is very important because you will not suspect any problem in oral health untill it reaches the peak. To know our growing problems there is difficult and it often gets too late if we do not visit dentists time-to-time. It is so important to go visit them once in every six months, to prevent any severe damage.

  • My wife has been complaining about how her teeth are a lot more sensitive lately and she doesn’t want to eat anything cold. It is a really new sensation for her so getting a professional to take a look at it could help her get rid of it. I’ll be sure to tell her about how she should make sure that she isn’t bleeding, and doesn’t have white patches on her tongue or other colors on her teeth.

  • really worst pain is a toothache. Either physically or psychologically … so we need teeth whitening … for our psychological state and Dental hygiene is very important thing to do.. with teeth whitening

  • Having constant dental care checkups is a great way to ensure that you have good oral hygiene and good oral health. During your check up with your dentist, your dentist will be able to check for any cavities that you may have in your teeth.

  • Regular visit to Dentist is must . it includes checkup and cleaning. Dentist checks for cavities and plaque, keeps eye on your bad oral habits and check for surrounding soft tissue…and keep you update if u need any treatment

  • Most people assume the only time the assistance of an emergency dentist is necessary is when there is the threat of tooth loss. There are numerous other situations in which contacting the dentist for emergency assistance is justified.

  • You should be visiting a dentist at least once every six months for dental cleanings in South Edmonton. This blog offers great advice on how to track and ensure that your dental hygiene remains in excellent shape between visits to your dentist. At your dental cleanings near you, your dentist can also offer you advice for how to manage your oral hygiene at home.

  • A dental visit doesn’t always mean tooth extraction, it means taking care of your teeth. Keeping it healthy and preventing it from early sign of cavities and decays.

  • Yey! I do love visiting my dentist to make sure I have a wonderful and working fine mouth because aside from that it is my guilty pleasure to eat sweets, cakes, and ice creams. It is a horror for me If I suffered from toothaches.

  • Nice post! If you’re looking for full-service cosmetic dentistry in Plano, then Chase Oaks Dentistry is the right choice for you! They are a team of experienced dental practitioners who’re committed to delivering premium quality dental care services. Highly recommended!

  • Thanks For sharing wonderful information on dental hygiene. Oral hygiene is the practice of keeping your mouth clean and disease-free. It involves brushing and flossing your teeth. It gives helpful tips. Keep Sharing.

  • It is important to track your dental hygiene in between dentist trips in order to maintain a healthy mouth. There are a few different ways to do this, including using a chart or keeping a diary. This will help you to identify any areas that need improvement and will also give you a record to show your dentist near you.

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