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Top 5 Entry-Level Drones For Capturing Aerial Footage

If you are a beginner who is looking to capture aerial footage, you might have wondered if there are cheap and practical drones that can suit your needs. When the drone technology became mainstream, there were few drones made for beginners, but the drone filming technology has since become broad and you can get good drones that are ideal for beginners. Below is my list of top 5 entry-level drones for capturing aerial footage that I have found to be easy to use and affordable at the same time.

Drones allow you to take aerial photography Ian Andrews

Tech reviewer D. Scott Carruthers says, “Buying a drone for beginners does not mean getting less on features and quality. The drones that are coming into the market now have various features including GPS.”

5 Entry-Level Drones For Capturing Aerial Footage

Here are 5 drones that are perfect for beginners while providing the ability to capture the aerial footage you desire.

  1. Creazy JXD 509W

This is a combination of advanced features and cheap prices that you cannot afford to miss. If you are looking for high end aerial filming, this is the perfect drone you should go for that will not cost you a lot. In fact, you need only $90 to get it and the biggest surprise is it comes with 509W capacity.

Although its capabilities deserve three times the price tag you will get it at, it’s a bargain when you consider how well it can help you practice aerial filming. It can land automatically and part of its features is a good camera that will do good aerial shots. It has virtually all the most sought after features you can think about in a drone.

  1. Parrot Mambo

The second cheap option you could get is the Parrot Mambo, a drone that is good for doing cool aerial tricks out of the box. This will cost you a bit higher than the first one at $120, but its performance is deserving of the price tag.

This is one of the premier names in drones. You can attach your camera to the drone as it is not built to naturally come with one, but as long as you have a light camera that can be attached to the drone, you can try some aerial photography. Its simplicity is perfectly ideal for a beginner, and this could be what you have been looking for.

  1. Aerix Vidius HD

If you have been looking for a simple drone that can allow you to effectively do aerial videos in HD quality, this is the most ideal choice you have for your project, which again is good for a beginner and priced not so high. It is an ultra tiny drone that packs big boy features that are designed to allow smooth aerial photography. It will cost you a paltry $95 and it is powerful enough to average a 100-foot range.

Most importantly, it features a VR headset and controller, which means you can enjoy the flight through VR. Its one-touch takeoff is something many beginners will appreciate for adding simplicity in its operation. It is even able to fly across pre-programmed paths, which is a feature only few drones offer at the price.

  1. Hubsan X4

This is among the cheapest drones you can find in the market. The Hubstan X4 gives you extended flight time and still accommodates a camera for aerial video shooting. For only $30, you will get the drone and this will come as a surprise that it features a weight of over a pound and is 3.8 inches in size across. Its flight time can hover around 10 minutes without losing functionality and the controls of the drone are linear and proportional, though they are prone to overcompensation and sensitive.

You will also love that the drone can do flips and barrel rolls based on commands, something that allows you to channel inner Peppy Hare to the direction you would like.

  1. UDI U818A Discovery

Another perfect bet for beginners is the UDI U818A Discovery, and this comes as an all round drone for capturing aerial footage. It costs a mere $58 and the reason you would pick it over others is that it’s a jack of all trades and a perfect aerial filming solution for those who are still in the learning process. It comes with sensitive controls that help the drone to change direction immediately as you instruct it.

Over To You

So what do you think about this list of my top 5 entry-level drones for capturing aerial footage for beginners and also for experienced video photographers wishing to capture some cool drone footage? Would you be interested in buying one of these? Do leave your comments below on your thoughts of the same and if you feel any other drones are out there that may be featured on this list. Thanks for reading.



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