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Top 5 Apps For Coffee Lovers

Top 5 Apps for Coffee Lovers

We are always “on.” Online, on time, on drunken trivia teams, on the move, on top of things…Sure, you could relax. You could take a day off. And you could not drink coffee. I know, the horror. But this list is for you: the ones who say that life is a banquet, that sleep is for the weak, and nothing but the absence of caffeine in your bloodstream is going to stop you from your goals. I understand. I am one of you. I ingest more brewed beans than water on a daily basis. But good things happen because of it! Like this article for instance…

Whether you’re using an Android or an iPhone, either one of them have terrific app options for not only finding the best cafes near you, but even how to make your favorite complex latte that the barista can never seem to get right. We feel your pain. So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of the top five best apps for you coffee enthusiasts!


1.      Beanhunter

Top 5 Apps for Coffee Lovers

First up is Beanhunter, which can be found in the App Store and the Google Play store. This app helps users discover local coffee shops in their respective cities, and the subtle mantra of breaking away from the Starbucks line. Imagine Yelp, but for caffeine addicts. There are user reviews, hours of operation, and picture uploads, as well as maps and a search option which makes the entire experience simple and seamless. The search function allows you to look up cafes by ranking, location, or shop name.

The app is designed to work in over 180 cities worldwide, including the USA, United Kingdom, Japan, and others. No matter where you’re at in that hectic life of yours, you should be able to continue the hunt for that double-skinny-grande-iced-sugar-free-no-foam… well, you get the picture. When you find your favorite spot, just tap the add button and you’ll never go without quality beans.


2.      KoHi

Top 5 Apps for Coffee Lovers

KoHi Labs is the pinnacle of coffee zealotry, designed for the person who is frustrated with baristas. You are the master. But if you don’t know how to brew it properly, then you might be in trouble. Three friends decided one day that they were tired of the same old swill, and designed specialized brewing equipment that you can use yourself. Yet the app is the real star. If you have an iPhone (sorry Android users), use it in tandem with your personal coffee maker to get the best out of your beans.

Fully equipped with timers, recipes (with the ability to save your own), temperature recommendations, and some serious scientific terminology, it is the ultimate app for the ultimate coffee lover. The $2.99 price tag doesn’t hurt, either.

3.      Spro

No coffee nerd’s smartphone would be complete without this little gem of an app. Spro is only available to iPhone users, but it shines nonetheless. For about two dollars, you get step-by-step instructions on how to create 14 of the most popular espresso recipes, along with the history of each one, and their pronunciation. Overkill? Maybe. Do we care? Definitely not.

The entire interface is just nice to look at. It’s warm, inviting, and full of shades of brown. Just like the inside of your favorite shop. The Café feature is another bonus, which acts as a social forum for other users. Exchange recipes, learn what frothing means, or simply geek out together about macchiatos. For the espresso novice or the pro, either one will enjoy Spro.

4.      Baristame

Top 5 Apps for Coffee Lovers

Never fear, Android users. We didn’t forget about you. And you won’t forget this app. First of all, it’s free (although there is a Pro version for 99 cents.) Second of all, there are so many different espresso recipes to read through that you’re going to have to drink some just to get through them all. Complete with step-by-step instructions and drink history, it meets the industry standard for relevant coffee apps.

The Pro version, however, stacks up to the best of its competition. An entire section is dedicated to popular manual brewing methods like French Press, Chemex, and V60 Drip. For non-experts, there is another whole section dedicated to the meaning of each and the definitions of many other topics, such as beans, beans, and more beans, and the countries they all hail from. Finally, there is a ratio calculator, brewing timer, and temperature gauge. You can’t ask for much more than that.

5.      Intelligentsia

Last but not least, prominent Chicago roaster Intelligentsia knows coffee, and they’ve been kind enough to impart some of that knowledge to you. They also know tea, if you’re feeling rebellious. Their app is another iPhone exclusive, with an intuitive design that allows for quick perusing of all of their different coffees. What sets it apart from the others is the “Store” feature, where you can purchase various coffees, teas, t-shirts, mugs, and even keychains.

Equipped with the usual timer, brew guides, and informational tabs that not only describe the flavor and experience of each roast, but also how each flavor is created, as well as the country of origin of each type of bean, it easily makes our list. Users have access to special company promotions and updates on new roasts, so you’ll be at the forefront of Cofeedom. Finally, if you feel compelled to find an Intelligentsia café, the app provides you with locations, hours of operation, contact information, and directions.

No matter which of these different apps you decide to use, whether it’s one of them or all five, your coffee experiences will be guaranteed to improve. If you’re intent on making the next great espresso, or just want to find a local café to have someone whip one up for you, these will get you there. Or if you only want to impress your barista with your newfound extensive knowledge of arabica beans and the latest in French press brewing methods, get to downloading, and bask in the smooth, eclectic glory that is coffee.


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Liana Camen stumbled upon the answers to life’s most vexing questions while bellying up to a bamboo bar in the jungles of Thailand, where a saffron-robed mixologist presented her with a concoction so divine that she saw stars. Ditching her job stateside as a medical transcriptionist, she took up with a South Seas pirate before returning to the U.S. to her dream job as Mayor of Drinxville, where she can often be found in her back-room lab, tweaking her distillery methods, researching high-tech espresso machines, or sniffing out the top notes of a new Glengettie blend.

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