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Top 16 Modern Kitchen Appliances

A true coffee lover keeps an espresso machine in the kitchen but are there any other kitchen appliances that are considered fashionable? We have compiled a pretty exhaustive list of all the modern kitchen appliances you should have, from an electric mixer to an ice-cream maker.

Modern Kitchen Appliances

Modern Kitchen Appliances: A kegerator

Yes, a kegerator has to do something with a beer keg. If you’re a beer lover or like to throw parties where beer is served, then a kegerator is a must. Essentially, this appliance is an in-home dispenser of beer that doubles a fridge, keeping the beer fresh and cool.

Bars have similar kegerators but those are intended for commercial use. The home version comes equipped with a single tap, a power converter, a dual pressure regulator, a fan, and a digital temperature display that tells you how cool your beer is.

A water purifier

The overall quality of drinking water is poor across the globe. Many households battle this issue by installing a water purifier in the kitchen and possibly the bathroom. A typical purifier is able to clean drinking water in under a minute.

Water purifiers come in all shapes and sizes, as they operate using different technologies. When shopping for a water purifier, don’t choose a high-end model by default but buy a unit that suits your needs the best. For instance, the purifier shouldn’t take too much space on the kitchen countertop.

A countertop dishwasher

Speaking of the countertop, it can be more than a place to set the cutting board on. Namely, countertop dishwashers are growing in popularity recently, as they are ideal for smaller apartments.

A lot of folks use them as primary dishwashers, although they can be an addition to the main, self-standing dishwasher. When choosing the right model, take into account the unit’s size and its capacity.

Countertop dishwashers are ideal for a busy person that lives alone. Features that are important to select the right model for you include the pump, the water heater, the number of washing cycles available, energy consumption, etc.

An instant pot

When you are speaking of modern kitchen appliances, how can we ignore the revolutionary Instant Pot. If you cook often, then an instant pot is just what you need for your modern kitchen. An instant pot is essentially a multi-use cooker that significantly reduces the time required to prepare a meal. Because they are multipurpose appliances, instant pots can be used for preparing everything from an egg salad to cheesecake.

An electric kettle

For those of us who like to drink black coffee, an electric kettle is an essential device. The kettle is among the most used items in the kitchen because it’s practical.

Back in the day, you had to wait for the water to boil but with a modern kettle, the wait is measured in seconds. Not only does a kettle come with a lid so boiling water won’t splash all over the kitchen but this neat appliance uses way less energy to heat up water than a stove does.

A smoke detector

With the advent of technology, kitchen safety became a priority, as house fires usually start in this room. A minuscule gas leak or a stove you forgot to turn off could easily spell disaster. That’s why it’s important to fit the kitchen with a smoke detector.

There are special models of smoke detectors that are designed for the kitchen environment, so they won’t go off while you are cooking lunch. A smart smoke detector and alarm reach only to thick black smoke that is always the result of an uncontrolled fire and not roasted coffee.

An electric mixer

If you use the kitchen for cooking like you are supposed to, then an electric mixer is going to become your best friend. This neat little device that can use electricity to run or battery power (shaped like a stick and easy to handle) saves you a lot of manual labor.

An electric mixer is particularly useful if you bake a lot. The stick speeds up the preparation of dough, so the bread can be ready within minutes! With a handheld electric mixer, you don’t have to worry about storage space, as it can be stored pretty much anywhere.

A “smart” oven For Your Modern Kitchen

You cannot bake anything unless your oven is perfectly functional. Despite the subheading, the oven is one piece of technology inside the kitchen that doesn’t have to be smart; it just has to work properly. Namely, all of the broilers have to be at full capacity, so the food inside would be heated evenly.

You would be surprised by the number of malfunctioning ovens out there. Once you notice that the food is unevenly cooked, professional oven repairs are the only way to go. Remember, only a functional oven is a modern oven.

An air fryer

If you’re a fan of French fries but never seem to be able to fries them like the good folks at the local hamburger joint, then you need an air fryer. This appliance is basically a countertop oven on steroids, as it fries all types of food.

Apart from being fast, a power air fryer is a healthy way to prepare food, as it uses less oil, fat, and grease. Food (yes, we men French fries) is cooked thanks to sophisticated hot air technology. Although the environment food is prepared in is cleaner than in conventional fryers, the taste remains the same.

A steam oven

Having mentioned the power of hot air, we shouldn’t disregard the power of steam either. Steam ovens are trendy nowadays because they offer a versatile form of heat that saves power and it’s more sanitary than conventional ovens.

When it comes to the quality of food prepared in a steam oven, it is considered excellent, as most of the nutrients remain intact. Since steam is used to cook food, there is no need for extra oil. Finally, there is no cross-flavoring in a steam oven, so salmon and bananas, for example, can be cooked side by side.

Coffee makers

Yes, we know your coffee and that a modern kitchen is unimaginable without some sort of a coffee machine. However, you should go for those universal models that promise to prepare everything from an Affogato to Turkish coffee.

No, choose a coffee maker that matches your drinking preferences. If you and your family drink only espresso, then an Italian-styled espresso machine is the right way to go. Whichever model you decide on, make sure it’s programmable and that it features a thermal carafe, so your coffee stays hot for hours.

A juicer

The morning cup of coffee gives you an energy kick but it’s not the healthiest beverage on the planet. To counter the dehydration effect of coffee, you can prepare yourself a glass of juice. The quickest way to do is using a juicer, a machine that extracts juice from fruit to leafy greens.

A countertop ice maker

If you’re a fan of ice coffee, then an ice maker would come in handy. Luxury fridges come with an integrated ice maker but if you own a plain fridge, then you should get a countertop ice maker.

Since there aren’t many of these, homeowners just buy the first model they see. However, you should look for traits such as production speed (how many cubes the machine can “cough up” per minute) and its capacity.

The latter is relevant if you like to throw big parties, so you need a lot of ice. Also, check out the ice scoop, ice size selection, an automatic timer, and if there’s a self-cleaning option.

A smoothie blender

One use of ice cubes is to make espresso freddo and of course, smoothies. The latter can be made in a blender but if you want to be hip then get a smoothie blender.

These modern kitchen appliances have a pitcher larger than usual and a stirring stick specially designed for fruit. Moreover, a powerful motor but small motor guarantees that you will be able to slice nuts as well.

A refrigerator

The modern history of refrigeration spans several centuries. Today, our lives would be unimaginable without a refrigerator. Just think of it, if you buy peppers at the greenmarket and decide to use them for the weekend, they will still be fresh, even if you live in the Outback (where there is power, of course).

Large and tall refrigerators with a freezer on top are popular today but in reality, fridges come in all sizes. When buying a fridge, think about the right size for your household’s needs. From other amenities, it’s useful to have adjustable shelves, so foods of various heights can be stored comfortably inside.

A food processor

The reason why a lot of people avoid getting a food processor is the fact they have two hands they can use for chopping fruit and vegetables. This is definitely true but the issue is not dexterity but the speed of food processing.

A food processor with a decent motor and a sizeable pitcher can help you prepare a dinner for four in a matter of minutes! Essentially, when you have a good-quality food processor by your side, you become a kitchen speed demon.

We have listed the top 16 modern kitchen appliances that make up a modern kitchen. Besides your beloved coffee maker, you should look to introduce other trendy appliances one by one.

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  • Reading this article, I realized I still lacked quite a few tools in a kitchen space. I love cooking though.
    However, is a smart oven really necessary? Because the price of this product is not small, and is it difficult to use as many people say or not?

  • A lot of things are needed to create this kind of kitchen. I like the interior design of the kitchen picture you used. So if I build a kitchen, I’ll build a kitchen like this. Thanks for sharing your post.

  • I wanted to transform my old kitchen into a new interior design, but I was not aware of some modern kitchen appliances, but I loved seeing your post and got a great idea too… Thanks for this post 🙂

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    Your site always goes beyond fashion and style…and the depth and understanding of this idea and your intense kindness and empathy. very good.

  • When you are speaking of modern kitchen appliances, how can we ignore the revolutionary Instant Pot? If you cook often, then an instant pot is just what you need for your modern kitchen.
    Very Good Article thanks sir Ji I wish u

  • Wonderful list of top kitchen appliances. I really love this article. Always enjoy to read your content. Thank you for sharing this article.

  • Great list of modern kitchen appliances. There are a few I’m hoping to add to my kitchen, top of the list being an air fryer.

  • When you are speaking of modern kitchen appliances, how can we ignore the revolutionary Instant Pot? If you cook often, then an instant pot is just what you need for your modern kitchen.
    Very Good Article thanks sir Ji I wish u

  • When you are speaking of modern kitchen appliances, how can we ignore the revolutionary Instant Pot? If you cook often, then an instant pot is just what you need for your modern kitchen.
    Very Good Article thanks sir Ji I wish u

  • Before you shop, look around your house and try to use items you already have. So many times we re-work items from around our house into new places in our home and instantly have a newfound love for these old pieces. Try to use what you have before buying new.

  • I really love this article. All the modern kitchen appliances you mentioned here are really makes life easier for cooking lover. I have some of this appliances. Now I’m hoping to add some of this modern kitchen appliances to my kitchen, top of the list being an electric mixer and a food processor. Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing article with us.

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