Top 10 Tech Gifts for this Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching and this is the time people start looking for ideas for gifts they can offer to their friends and family. There is a wide variety of options you could choose from but the most common choice these days is gifts that are based in the tech landscape, so you might want to consider some awesome gadgets that are suitable for a gift. I thought what better time than this to showcase the top 10 tech gifts for this holiday season. I hope you find them interesting and convenient to buy for your loved ones.

Top 10 Tech Gifts for the Holidays Ali Davis

Here are some awesome tech gifts that you could buy for your loved ones.

Top 10 Tech Gifts for this Holiday Season

  1. Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a virtual assistant device that also looks beautiful that you could buy for your loved ones as a gift this holiday season. It helps one to get information by just speaking to the gadget and with its new sleek design, the person to be gifted will definitely love it. It includes Dolby-tuned audio drivers that offer a more robust bass.


  1. Nintendo Switch

Top 10 Tech Gifts for the Holidays Ali Davis

With the Nintendo Switch, you are able to effortlessly transition from mobile gaming to home entertainment. The gadget offers you an option where you can dock it into your station to enjoy some games. It comes with controllers and an interesting selection of games including Zelda installment. It offers awesome accessories that you will enjoy while using it. This could be an ideal gift for your kids or someone you know who loves computer games.

Tech blogger Summit Shah sees this being a very popular item for not only families with kids, but those who have grown up with Nintendo games.

  1. Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch is more than just an ordinary watch as it offers you an awesome selection of features that help you to manage different tasks. The device comes with several key features including an accurate heart-rate sensor, a clear display, GPS and can be used to receive notifications and calls. It lifts the need to keep reaching your pocket for your iPhone when you want to access vital information. This is an absolute must to be featured in my top 10 tech gifts for this holiday season and I have already bought one during the pre-order from Apple!!!


  1. Emporio Armani Hybrid Smartwatch

This is a classic masterpiece that blends with modern looks to offer you awesome functionality of a smartwatch. It is water resistant and can connect to your smartphone through an app. It helps you access important notifications sent to your phone and the best part is its battery can last up to six months. Once you connect the watch to your phone, it automatically sets the time.


  1. Incase NoviConnected Travel Roller

For your friend who is a frequent traveler, this is the perfect gift as it offers smart features. It comes with a TSA-approved battery and USB-C as well as a USB port that is useful when charging your laptop. The suitcase can be connected to your smartphone through an app to help you constantly monitor its location.


  1. Google Home Mini

This is a rival to the Amazon Echo dot and a stylish virtual assistant device. The device responds to your voice prompts and can play music, set timers, answer questions, and help you control devices that are connected. It is powered by Google’s AI to make these functionalities possible and with the different controls you can make your life easy. It is one of the best gifts you can get the person you love.


  1. Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

If you would like to enjoy a big screen experience without spending a lot, the Amazon Fire 10 tablet is your most ideal device. It is a perfect choice when you have friends or family members who would own a tablet for the first time. It is connected to Alexa and its display offers full HD resolution. Enjoy Amazon’s wide library of content that includes video, apps, music, and books.


  1. Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand

This is an awesome gift that will suit your friends who are lovers of mobile photography. It effectively positions your phone as you do live sessions, take photos of yourself as well as when you want to use it as a tripod for still photography. The results are amazing.


  1. Eero Home WiFi System

This is a high-quality wireless connection system that can supply the entire home with high speed internet. It also includes a mobile app from where you can manage connections, and its installation only takes less than 10 minutes.


  1. VicTsing Speaker

The VicTsing Speaker can even be used as you shower because it is waterproof. It is also ideal for outdoor use and can offer quality sound. The battery of the speaker can last six hours in constant use.

Over To You

So what do you think about this list of my top 10 tech gifts for this holiday season? Would you be interested in buying one of these? Do leave your comments below on your thoughts of the same and if you feel any other drones are out there that may be featured on this list. Thanks for reading.






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Allisa Davis has a passion for writing and strives to breathe new life into pertinent professional topics as well as current events. She also engages in philanthropic activities in her community and enjoys traveling when time permits.


  1. Thank you Alissa for the giving us gift really saves time finding which one should we gift to our dear ones.

  2. As a gift for this holiday my recommended option are the android smartwatch which can bring ultimate smile at the face of your relative. For the Best Smartwatch 2018 I recommend the Apple Series smartwatch or the Samsung Galaxy Gear Series to be the best options to choose from. In terms of cost and effectiveness the Gear goes the best.

  3. You can have an amazing holiday with such gifts.Enjoying holidays with the surprise gift is very nice and graceful filling to everyone include me. I recommended that the smartwatch is most useful and precious gift for them all.
    Thank you.

  4. Thanks for the list. I have to say all the products you mentioned are quite unique and hand-picked. I will surely gift a “Apple Watch Series 3” to my brother this summer.

  5. Hey Alissa,

    This list is a very nice list. These are some great ideas. I wanted to gift a gadget to my brother. I will surely select one from your list. Thanks for sharing this article.

    Have a nice day ahead.

  6. I gifted the Amazon Echo to about 11 people. It was on sale and seemed like the perfect gift. Haha! I hope they liked it and plan to use it often.

  7. Hi,

    Its nice article for presenting gadgets we can choose it from here. Gadgets are awesome. You can also choose Amazfit best Smartwatch under 5000.

    Thank you for sharing the best gadgets.

  8. Some pretty cool gift ideas, too bad Christmas has only just passed. I especially like the VicTsing Speaker which you mentioned. It’s a great speaker for the bathroom.

  9. Pretty useful tips of gifts. thank you for sharing such a tips. As a gift for this holiday couple mobile covers are also my recommended option.

  10. Great list! I love Amazon Echo it’s absolutely amazing virtual assistant device and perfect to gift to people with whom you are bound. Amazon from selling variety of gifts, Amazon Echo is a revolutionary discovery from the company. Thanks for developing it. Keep Sharing.
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  11. Although the holiday season is gone, there’s no end to yearning for a new gadget in your life. So holiday gift ideas are still on. If not as real holiday gifts, but definitely as gift ideas you can use in your everyday life. These gift ideas will take your everyday holiday experience at home even more entertaining. They range from everyday gift items to things that are more unique and out of the box. If you are one of those who loves celebrating throughout the year, these gadgets will surely be of great help to you. Go for one of them now.

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  13. Awesome gadgets and they are all suitable for a gift! Creative piece of writing, nice list of tech gifts, great ideas. I want to gift a gadget to my sister. I will surely select one from your list. Also, you don’t need a lot of money for these products. Thanks for sharing this list. Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet for my sister, what do you think?

  14. I loved this article. This helped me a lot to choose a gift for my niece whose birthday is coming up next week. This article really came in handy. At first, I thought of buying her a windows 10 computer But this article changed my mind with better gifts.
    Kind regards,

  15. actually i am seeing this post almost 6 month later. but still post has heavy idea which is good for gift to Tech Freaks. Sometimes those types of different gifts make a Good smile. Good Share.

  16. It is really shocking to see how technology is replacing human. We need virtual assistance these days to cope with loneliness.

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  18. All these gadgets are perfect for the holidays. You can also a flash light and a water purifier bottle which is necessary while traveling.

  19. Thanks for sharing these wonderful gifts one can send to their loved ones. I have most of my tech freak friends to surprise them with these tech gifts.

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  22. I would like to see a drone here, maybe a few of them.

    Drones are fantastic gadgets that are perfect for the holiday season. Also, and while people tend to think these are very expensive, in reality you can get drones for less than 300, 200, or even 100 USD.

    I have to be honest, if you are in the look for a drone that is not that expensive, I would prefer the under 200 category. These drones tend to have some of the most advanced features available, but a very reasonable price. It is like if you had the best of both worlds.

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  23. I liked this post, however, I’d like to see some drones in your list.

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  25. wow, that’s very interesting, but it looks like this year I will give a holiday gift and marriage proposal with my lover, thank you for the advice, maybe from these 10, I will slip 1 present for my lover

  26. Great post , Thanks for shearing this post . I am very interesting in this topic . I would like to share my opinion on this topic . If you have someone on your holiday shopping list who owns the latest gaming systems (and still plays the old ones!) and accessories, it might be hard to figure out what you can get them that they don’t already have.

  27. Amazing post! I agree with the commenters that this list would be even more amazing, if it included drones! Many people automatically assume that drones are very expensive, but for example in our shop we have drones for under 100 EUR.

  28. Yeah , i think the nintendo is the most powerful gift for now because is portable and in this moment the little boy around the world like moving ever. thanks for sharing

  29. Yeah , i think the nintendo is the most powerful gift for now because is portable and in this moment the little boy around the world like moving ever. thanks for sharing

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