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Top 10 Kid Bloggers Under 20 years

How many kid bloggers under 20 years do you know and follow? I had recently written an article about my 9 year old daughter wanting to write for my blog here – My 9 year old daughter Wants to Blog and I had some serious questions whether or not it is good practice to expose your kids at such an early age to blogging and the internet. Since then I started exploring to see how many kids are out there who have taken up blogging seriously and how influential they have been with their content. Here is my sincere attempt to round up the top 10 kid bloggers under 20 years who have made a mark with their writing skills in many diverse topics.

Top 10 Kid Bloggers Under 20 years

Top 10 Kid Bloggers under 20 years


ChildasticBooks – by Sam & Holly

Top 10 Kid Bloggers Under 20 yearsThis was started off by Sam & Holly( mom-daughter pair )and Sam has kept it going even after Holly got busy with her studies and other interests.

If you see their website, it is mainly a pure honest opinion of every book the mom and daughter reads. You can see books suitable for children which they have read and have given a brief summary about the same. My daughter would love this website and I am sure I am marking this as a favorite on her iPAD today evening.

This is an awesome blogging idea and a concept hardly I have seen from many other bloggers. It is unique and so refreshing from many other blogs where we mainly see tech articles or life and family and relationships based articles.

I felt this is a pleasant change from others and that is the reason why I listed this in my Top 10 even though it is mom’s handiwork now !!!

TheyCallMeT – by Tapanga (19)

Top 10 Kid Bloggers Under 20 years

Tapanga Perrin started her blog back when she was in the 6th grade, now she is in her late teens and has evolved as a photographer, teen blogger and most importantly a member of the United States Military.

But she still has her passion for writing and has continued doing so for all the years. You can see her blog being updated every so often. One can see various topics in her blog from life in the military to some Halloween DIY tricks. In her latest post you can see how she expresses her joy in coming back home after her military training.

There are all sorts of Do It Yourself posts she has written and reading through them made me feel that she is one dedicated soul for all the various things she puts herself into.

Her photography blog has some seriously interesting work samples and to keep all this running with her life in the military is an awesome accomplishment by its own.

I would recommend everyone to follow her on her social profiles listed below and watch out for her most recent updates.

Follow TheyCallMeT on FaceBook & Twitter.

Rookie Mag byTavi Gevinson (21)

Top 10 Kid Bloggers Under 20 years


Tavi is an American writer, editor-in-chief and an actress. She started her fashion blog when she was only 12 (back in 2008) and soon came into the limelight when she became the editor of her online fashion blog – Style Rookie.

She is the founder and editor-in-chief of the online Rookie Magazine, aimed primarily at teenage girls. In both 2011 and 2012, she appeared on the Forbes 30 Under 30 in Media list. In 2014, she was named one of “The 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014” by Time magazine.

Her online magazine is rumored to get around 3.5 million hits a month!!! Now achieving that at an early age of 20 is quite commendable.

Follow Tavi on FaceBook & Twitter.

The Creme De La Crop by Evita (18)

Top 10 Kid Bloggers Under 20 years

Evita Nuh started her “fashion” blog when she was just 9 years old back in 2008 and her punch line is ‘I love to spend money’. Well I can live like that when I am as famous as these teens whom I am reviewing as the Top 10 kid bloggers under 20 years!!!!

It is interesting to see her bio on the sidebar where she has mentioned she is a blogger at night (and on weekends and on holidays and any free day). She hails from Indonesia and one can see her passion for gadgets and mobile phones by reading her in-depth review of such products on her blog.

Her latest one is a review of Vivo V5 and she has done a perfect job in her write up. The mobile boasts of the awesome camera features and she has rightfully taken several pics of herself and posted along with the article to make it interesting and interactive.

Definitely a follow on Facebook & Bloglovin!!!

Long Journey Ahead by Moo (10)

Top 10 Kid Bloggers Under 20 years

Moo Johnston was awarded the Kid Blog Star on the KidsBlogClub back in 2016 for her awesome blog at such an young age of 10.

She is a huge Harry Potter fan and you can see that in some of her posts about reviews and movies. She has a gallery section as well for her pics (not free-to-use she says) and her mom does a wonderful job at monitoring the site and keep it in tab for her daughter. I highly recommend that if you get your kid into blogging, you need to be double-sure of the content and comments they get and always filter them out for being appropriate.

There is really no need for any kid bloggers to have their own facebook page at an young age, there are many other forums where they can make their presence like the kids club or bloglovin which serves the need.

In her Gallery page, one can see her interest in photography as well and I am sure she will grow up to be a famous blogger and photographer and at the same time continue her interest in harry potter. One can also see recipes posted on her blog, am not sure how this kid gets time to do everything and excel at it. Definitely worth visiting her blog and getting to know what kids are doing these days at an early age.

Follow Moo on BlogLovin.

Fun Life Blog by Talha (teenager?)

Top 10 Kid Bloggers Under 20 years

Talha Muntasir hails from Bangladesh and has also been awarded the Kid Blog Star over at the KidsBlogClub. It is surprising to see he has not added any social profiles to follow and yet he has got some presence in the blogging world.

He writes stuff about gaming (his favorite hobby) and also photography(after purchasing his Adobe license). One can see his passion for writing and reaching out to other bloggers and getting to mix with the crowd.

I personally think he deserves a spot on my Top 10 kid bloggers list for the innocence and hard-work he puts in to his blog. I hope he gets noticed and taken more seriously. Some of his posts call out for need of friends who would appreciate his work and also just be a good friend.

Hagan’s World Of Awesome by Hagan ( 7 )

Top 10 Kid Bloggers Under 20 years

At an age of 7, what would your kid be doing? My daughter was busy playing with her princess dolls and going on play-dates.

But Hagan here loves to write!!! His latest article about his trip to Alaska was mind-blowing and it is cool to see him presenting his blog to his friends in the class room.

Now this is something quite different and unique, his style is original and he has a lot to say about his experiences on a vacation.

His posts are simple, has a lot of pictures associated with his experiences and what better way to communicate than with some good pictures taken on your vacation. He has captured quite some audience now and he has proudly displayed his visitor count on his homepage which is around 55k and growing!!!

He is quite a writer and am sure will go far with his blog in the coming years. Here is wishing him a very successful career in blogging and hope he keeps them interesting the way he does now.

Follow Hagan on Twitter.

Siddipolis – by Sid (7)

Top 10 Kid Bloggers Under 20 years

Another 7 year old makes it to my list of top 10 kid bloggers under 20 years. It is just cool to see such young talent who have opened up their world to show what they like to the entire world.

Sid has also been featured on the Kids Blog Club for his cool writing skills and for the awesome blog that he maintains.

Sid has a story telling ability and makes up fictional characters and revolves a story around them. It is a wonderful skill and I do hope he keeps his stories coming more often.

Writing about your experience is another thing, but making up stories and fictitious characters is quite another, one should appreciate the skill this young 7 year old has and encourage such skill to be grown and nurtured.

Well done with your blog Sid and hope to see more stories from you. Make sure your blogging does not affect your studies and schooling.

What Lexie Loves – by Lexie (12)

Top 10 Kid Bloggers Under 20 years

Hola Lexicans!!!! Well, that is how her articles start and I thought it is kinda cool for a 12 year old writer to catch on to a starting phrase.

There is a lot of girlish features all around her blog, she has a detailed “About Me” section where you can learn more about her liking, her favorite shows, her favorite bands, her pass-time, whom she adores and how much she loves pizza and cake.

Her latest movie review of the Beauty and the beast is quite intriguing, she talks about the songs and scenes and she has latched on to the concept of embracing the differences in you rather than letting them down. Well I think the movie makers got their message well portrayed for young girls like Lexie to understand and realize the importance of themselves and how they are.

I would recommend you to follow Lexie on FaceBook and Twitter to know more about her. You can connect with her other social profiles from her contact page.

Sciencetastic Blog – by Callum (?)

Top 10 Kid Bloggers Under 20 yearsCallum (not his real name he points out!!) started this awesome science blog and has all sorts of scientific articles and experiments that he writes about. By being anonymous he has not revealed his name nor his age, but one can guess he is no more than being a teenager at the most. 

Several of his articles have a call-to-action like How do you define science or What will happen to you if you are in space without a spacesuit. I like how he involves his readers in reading and leaving an answer to his questions. 

Callum has recently asked his readers to help him out in his project to build a Laser tag system using Raspberry Pi. Now at an young age he is quite intrigued with this and I was actually impressed by his vast knowledge in every aspect of science and technology. 

This blog is about science but he has also started another blog where his family members will also contribute articles. It is called This Family Blogs, which clearly tells you that the whole family is into writing and no wonder it has passed on to the little ones as well. 

Over To You

Now that was my list of Top 10 Kid Bloggers under 20 years who have become influential and are putting it a lot of effort along with their studies to keep their blog active. I do wish my daughter takes it more seriously and enjoys writing and does it with passion. When you do something which you love, I am sure you will give it 100% and achieve maximum results. 

Hope you enjoyed this article and liked the kid bloggers whom I have featured here. Do you have anyone whom you would recommend or suggest to be added to the list? Are your kids into blogging as well? Do share your comments below. But much more than that, hop over to these kids blogs and read their articles and give them some motivation to continue contributing to their blogs. A small word of appreciation goes a long way with kids. 

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