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Top 10 Essential Gadgets for Road Trips

Going on a road trip is fun and proves the chance to have experiences that won’t happen at any other time or traveling any other way. But in preparing to go on a road trip, a few things have to be thought through like what are you going to bring for clothes, what do you need to function, and where you’re staying during the course of your trip. This article goes over  the top 10 essential gadgets for road trips that make the planning and traveling much easier.

Top 10 Essential Gadgets for Road Trips

Top 10 Essential Gadgets for Road Trips

1. The Portable Washing Machine

If you’re someone who wants to or likes traveling light, pack a portable washing machine. It’s a handy low-tech gadget that washes clothes on the go. Simply fill it with water, drop in the garments with some detergent, seal, and start washing. It takes just about 3 minutes to wash something and the garment can be hung to dry. Washing clothes on the go mean packing less to start with and making it easier to travel for longer periods of time. Plus it can be used as a gadget bag when the laundry is done.

2. VSSL Flask Flashlight

The VSSL Flask Flashlight combines fun with practicality. It has a working flashlight. But the flashlight body stores 10oz of liquid and 2 foldable shot glasses plus a bottle opener and a compass. So for those who decide to go camping or just want some emergency tools, the Flask Flashlight is it.

3. Hi-Tech Foot Warmers

Stopping off during road trips is a must. Depending on where the trip is, things might get chilly. Cold feet is something no one has to worry about with hi-tech foot warmers. They are inserted into the shoe and controlled via a remote control letting the user decide how warm their feet need to be.

4. A Tablet

There are many types of tablets on the market and they are a must-pack if you want to watch movies or read while away without a laptop. They’re much lighter too so they fit in a bag easily.

5. Snapchat Spectacles

Made by Snapchat, Spectacles are video recording sunglasses that content wirelessly to any iPhone or Android Device. They wirelessly post memories to Snapchat making them a fun addition to a road trip while being stylish at the same time.

6. Waterproof Phone Case

Bring a phone case to guard against water getting on a smartphone. No matter if it’s for rain or an offroad adventure, your phone will fare much better with one, than without it.

7. GoTenna

Originally designed after Hurricane Sandy, the Gotenna provides Android and iOS devices up and running in places where there is no service. This is vital in places where signals usually go out for long stretches of road at a time. It uses two-way radio and Bluetooth.

8. Portable Hard Drive/Wireless Router

These types of devices provide backup storage for those who need it. But even better, it provides wifi access for those who need it. This is essential for any hotel that charges by the device and you have more than one to connect to the internet or more than one person in need of the internet. Simply connect the device to the internet via a laptop or other device through the hotel Wifi and then it creates a whole other network to connect to.

9. Smart Suitcases

Still in its early days, most smart suitcases allow tracking of them via the app. Others also include things like built-in USB chargers and practical items like laundry bags or an extra cord bag. It’s a must-have for frequent travelers in need of multi-function equipment.

10. USB Flash Drives

A traditional flash drive or one that can also be used with smartphones is handy for saving information and pictures on the go. If you’re traveling internationally, it can keep a picture of your passport in case of theft as well as other information, plus it can hold pictures too.

Bringing gadgets on your road trip makes traveling a lot easier. This list shows that being strategic about the items brought on a trip pays off. Many of them serve more than one purpose too. So get your travel on with these 10 ingenious devices.


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  • It takes just about 3 minutes to wash something and the garment can be hung to dry. Washing clothes on the go mean packing less to start with and making it easier to travel for longer periods of time. Plus it can be used as a gadget bag when the laundry is done. thanks for sharing this articale

  • Hey Alissa, I really liked this post!

    I am getting ready to go on the mountain with my friends, and I will need to drive. I usually drive in the city and this will be my first long trip. That’s why I am searching for days for the necessary things that I need in my car.

    I have a lot of these, except Snapchat sunglasses. I like them, but I think that they aren’t worth my money, yet. However, I think that they are very cool and in some aspects useful. I used them once when my friend bought them.

    In my opinion, two things are a must on every trip that I take, it doesn’t matter if I go with my friends or my family. That is waterproof phone case and USB flash drive. I can’t go anywhere without them. USB flash drive is attached to my keys.

    I think these are important because you can do so much with them. I once dropped my phone in the sea, and the only thing that I was trying to do is making some great photos with my family. I didn’t even know about this small gadget. Now I have a couple of them, and I bring them everywhere.

    USB flash drive is important because it happened a couple of times to me that I don’t have enough memory on my phone or camera because I took so much photos/videos. With some adapters, I can transfer media in seconds from mobile phone to USB flash drive.

    Overall, I need to thank you for this amazing post because you helped me a lot. I will definitely spend some time reading other stuff on your blog. Another thing that I want to mention is that I also run a blog. I talk mostly about newest technology and gadgets on the market. If you have time, you can check it out and give me some useful feedback.

    The name of my blog is Safety Gaming.

    Thanks again for amazing post,

  • Very helpful and informative article. I learned a lot from the post. I have bookmarked your blog and I become a regular reader of your blog. Please keep up the wonderful work. Special thanks to the blog owner as well as the writer for creating a valuable and informative article. I appreciate your advice and I am going to apply these tips in my real life soon.

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