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Tips on How to start your digital marketing career

In recent years, digital marketing is booming as a major industry in India. Consumption of information is transformed from sheet to the screen. It has become a routine for most of us to interact with a social circle, read daily news and conduct businesses online. Moreover, businesses are continuously updating their apps, creating attractive content for digital platforms and provide discounts to mobile users.

Digital marketing consists of several segments and areas like website designing, data analysis, SEO/SEM, email marketing, content writing, social media marketing, and much more. If you want to enter into the digital marketing stream, you have to determine your strengths and interests to make a decision to expertise in the particular field of digital marketing. Moreover, you should be well aware, why SEO is important since SEO occupies an important part in digital marketing.

Tips on How To Start Your Digital Marketing Career

In the present scenario, there are several ways to boost your business. The only thing is you have to be confident about what you are doing and bring necessary changes to the digital marketing plan so as to kick start your business.


No matter whether you wish to enhance your current skills or wanting to start a new career, the following SEO tips for beginners will help in a great way to become a professional digital marketer. So lets dive right into the tips on how to start your digital marketing career:

  • Learn Email Marketing- MailChimp 101

MailChimp is one of the excellent email marketing tools which helps businesses engage with audiences and build their brand online. By learning the email marketing course, you will know how to optimize email contents, A/B split test email and develop your email lists- all these are important talents on your resume.

  • Learn Google AdWords Course

Google is a well-known search engine. Most of the internet users depend on Google to find their product or service. To become a digital marketing expert, it is necessary to know how to promote a business or product through Google AdWords campaign. It is an excellent marketing tool that can be used for all kinds of business and for all budgets.

By learning the Google AdWords course, you will know how to set up Google Ads account from the start, choose and utilize keywords as per your requirement, and structure campaigns so as to drive quality traffic to your business website.

  • Learn remarketing and retargeting strategies

One of the effective marketing strategies is retargeting. It lets you focus on people who are aware of your business and has also demonstrated interest recently. By learning this course, you will know how to bring traffic and utilize the maximum from the traffic. Moreover, you will be exploring and learning certain topics such as targeted display, AdWords and content marketing in depth.

  • Develop a perfect WordPress website

Web design is one of the most important skills these days and designing a website using WordPress is considered a valuable talent. By learning website designing course, you will know to develop an SEO optimized website from the start and also re-design and repeat the process in a quick time. Additionally, learning step by step instructions regarding domain registration, the back end process, site hosting and much more is an added advantage.

  • On-page and Off-page master course/complete SEO course

It is not an easy task to optimize a website or blog. SEO has become a common buzz word among business owners and employers. By learning the course, you can explore keywords, perform on-page optimization, conduct extensive backlinking and also know how to utilize quality links which will boost the search ranking of your website.

  • SEO Affiliate Domination

Due to advanced internet technology, there are numerous ways to earn money using low cost or free marketing strategies. The course is mainly delivered to showcase how to become a successful professional using video marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing and e-commerce. As you learn the course, you will understand how to develop brand authority.

  • Fast track formula- Affiliate marketing course

One of the main reasons for the popularity of affiliate marketing is it is one of the profitable and productive business models. By learning the affiliate marketing course, you will discover five methods for making commissions fast. Moreover, you will also learn how to get a domain, establish a website from scratch, utilize social media to improve your traffic, exposure and also sales.

  • Join a social networking group

There are several networking groups that discuss and share knowledge about digital marketing on Social media platforms. You need to look for local groups so that you can attend the events they organize. The best part of taking part in a group is you can learn a lot of promotional activities from the experts or guest speakers. If you are lucky, you can even get a placement in their company.

  • Develop your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is an excellent social media platform where you can learn from and connect with experts. Moreover, you can also remain updated about the latest trends and happenings in the digital marketing stream. By having an updated profile, you can display your profile to employers from various regions. They will also know your stuff and potentials well through your profile.

  • Start a blog

One of the best ways to showcase your knowledge and expertise is by starting a blog. It also helps you to learn a lot of things by doing. It showcases the skills and commitments to potential companies too. If you have attended job interview, it is common to come across this question- how many website visitors or followers you have for your blog? It means blogging is an excellent way to attract perfect attention and build a large audience.

  • Learn to code

Learn the basics of WordPress and HTML which will help you to remain unique from other digital marketing professionals. It does not mean that you have to become an expert in web development but you should know how to manage the admin panel of website or blog and make minor updates. With the help of this skill, you can easily save sufficient time and also impress your employers.

  • Decide whether to work for a particular industry or agency

There are two career paths in the digital marketing stream. You can choose either to work as inhouse digital marketer for a particular company or work for a company that handles and serves different clients. It is completely your desire. You can also switch later as you gain experience. But decide well, which path to focus as a starter.


To conclude, digital marketing is a challenging, fast-paced and exciting industry where you can work and showcase all your talents. It is the stream that you will never get bored. If you are new to digital marketing stream, I hope you would have found all these tips on how to start your digital marketing career and advice useful for starting your career as a marketer.

Author Bio:

Sam Makwana – VP of Marketing at Traffic Radius

I am a passionate digital marketer with a creative and analytical mindset. My skill lies in adopting a holistic approach and designing solutions based on the latest marketing trends and web paradigms. With my knowledge and understanding of the various elements of SEO, I believe in adopting an integrated approach for devising effective strategies.

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  • i am new in digital marketing this article really helpful for me. i learned lot of information about digital marketing from this post. article is nicely explained and easy to understand. thanks for sharing this valuable information with us. keep your good work.

  • this is the information exactly what i am looking on internet today. i learned lot of information about digital marketing from this post. article is nicely explained and easy to understand. thanks for sharing this valuable information with us. keep your good work.

  • Interesting tips, Praveen! Over the years, the digital marketing industry has continued to thrive and the number of competitors is constantly increasing as well. With this, it would be of great help if we can develop an edge from the competitors through detailed market research. Once the research has been completed, the incorporation of SEO, content promotion, effective web design and social media marketing can indeed lead businesses to victory. Kudos!

  • Now knowing that digital marketing is emerging as a reliable front in its respective field, I’m actually looking for things that will educate me with the basics and as a starter in this area I learned a lot about how I can be more efficient and how I can reach out to others and build my connections and such, thank you for sharing your knowledge on this.

  • i am a seo analyst this article really very helpful for me. i learned lot of useful information about digital marketing career from this post. article is nicely explained and easy to understand. thanks for sharing this valuable information with us. keep your good work.

  • I have practically experienced what relevancy can do to your digital marketing campaign! Thankfully most of my digital marketing campaigns are most relevant barring my initial year in digital marketing as a beginner.

    Thank you, Ann! for writing such a well-written post on the importance of relevancy in digital marketing.

  • Digital marketing is evolving and I found that as I started my career that having a general idea about how different platforms work together to amplify results is critical but also specializing in one or two areas where you get really good at getting results for people propelled my agency.

    Great beginner overview post.


  • Hey,
    Yes, I agree with you. Digital Marketing is booming as a major industry in India. Each and every business today needs digital marketing to achieve success in digital space. Due to huge competition, the demand for digital marketing has increased so much. Therefore it has become one of the best industry to start your career with.
    These tips are very much helpful for new marketers who wants to start there career in this field.
    This was definitely a good read.
    Thanks & Keep sharing.
    Best Wishes to you!

  • I have almost skilled what relevancy can do for your digital advertising and marketing campaign! Thankfully most of my digital marketing campaigns are maximum applicable barring my initial yr in digital marketing as a beginner.

    Thank you, Ann! For writing this type of well-written publish on the importance of relevancy in digital advertising.

  • Digital Marketing is perhaps the best career option nowadays, but I have heard that people are nowadays searching for experts in specific fields such as SEO Experts and SMM experts, but you have very rightfully reflected the importance of coding also, its really important, to make it big in this field, nice article.

  • I have almost skilled what relevancy can do to your digital advertising campaign! Thankfully most of my digital advertising campaigns are maximum relevant barring my initial 12 months in digital advertising and marketing as a beginner.

  • I really want to start work regarding digital marketing. I told my parent that i will pick digital marketing as my career because i am very interested in digital marketing. I also want to observe gbwhatsapp ios 2020 carefully so that i can know more about it.

  • I am always a learner of digital marketing techniques, SEO, and social media marketing especially and I found these written content enjoyable and informative. Keep Writing More

  • Amazing article, and well-explained, especially because it facilitates to develop useful skills during this time of quarantine.
    Very informative., I bookmarked your site

  • This is an eye-opening post for me. Thanks for letting me know through this that I had not known for so many days. It is the best post for the newbies of digital marketing.

  • Totally agree with you, digitall industries is booming and this is the best time to start digital ventures got some amazing and important pointers from your blogs gonna research on that and use it in my digital projects thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge, have a great day

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    Thank this Article that really helps me to build a career in digital markering and now I have started the agency.

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