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The Real Benefits of Office Carpet Cleaning

The people who work for you spend a massive amount of their waking time in your office. On average people work a 40 hour week, so once you factor in arrival and leaving time, it’s reasonable to suppose that they’re spending at least half their waking weekly hours in your building. And this is the real reason why office carpet cleaning London is so important to your business.

Yes, carpet cleaning helps reduce dust in the air (which gets into the photocopier and the hard drives of your office PCs). And yes, cleaning the carpets means keeping those carpets for longer, so you get more money out of your overall furnishing expenditure. But the most important effect of all is that your employees stay healthier, work better and are generally happier.

A happy employee is a productive employee. None of us are able to remain happy for long in an untidy or unpleasant space, despite what our teenage children may think. And if we’re constantly getting ill or feeling run down because we are inhaling all sorts of bacteria from the floor, then our overall outlook isn’t going to remain very chipper.

By engaging a professional office carpet cleaning London firm on a regular basis, you keep bacteria and dirt to a minimum – plus you ensure your office smells and looks great at all times of year.

Smell is one of the most pervasive of senses – and when we sense something smells wrong, we’re not happy until it’s put right. Easy if the offending article is a bin, less so if it is the carpet. Having your carpets regularly cleaned means all the little food particles that get stuck in the fibres over the course of a normal day are steamed out and sucked up – so no more invisible rotting bits of sandwich to give the office an unfortunate atmosphere.

Office carpet cleaning London removes dirt, bacteria and stains. Bacteria, along with dirt and dust, rise from the floor when the office heats up (the action of the hot air drags them out of the nap unless they are heavily ingrained. They circulate during the day, breathed in by unsuspecting workers, before settling back down when the heating goes off at night.

Additionally, the average carpet is home to an alarming number of mites and other microscopic organisms. Having it cleaned keeps eggs and active animals at bay, ensuring the carpet is free from little munchers working their way through the underlay or the carpet fibres.

It might surprise some that the cleanliness of their carpet is directly related to the happiness and productivity of their workers. Often that’s just because you get used to a carpet as it is, so the dirt isn’t noticed until it has gone. Get it cleaned and enjoy a newer, more fresh and productive world.

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  • Deals in commercial carpet cleaning services that provides with flexible appointment schedules and taking care in retaing the value of your property.

  • This method is most effective in winter seasons. The plus point of this method is that it is quite effective in restoring the original look, shine and elegance to the carpet.

  • When you think about there are so many people walking on an office carpet that unless it is cleaned regularly it is going to get ruined. Totally agree with Rashmi, a clean office does make employees more effective. It’s a good psychological effect.

  • Cleaning your carpets is an essential part of maintaining your office free from any dirt, dust and disease causing germs. Also, you will eliminate the emergence of allergens which can affect one of your office workers and may result in adverse effects on your business.

  • I feel like general facilities management sometimes gets overlooked, whether that’s professional carpet cleaning, or a thorough dusting of computers, keyboards, desks, etc. After even a few months, the workplace can become a pretty gross place. Bringing in the professionals is sometimes the only way to get a clean work environment.

  • Glad to learn these benefits of office carpet cleaning!! Thing is I needed to share this post with my office friends, they’re always bit busy to mass up with the carpet. I think to make office environment reviving and working productive by staying healthy, keeping carpet and also office atmosphere clean is the key. Thanks.

  • That’s a good point that carpet cleaning can remove bacteria from your workplace. Illness has a devastating effect on productivity. Anything you can do to prevent that is good.

  • A carpet, at home or office, serves beyond an aesthetic experience. Spending hours with spaces armed with dirty carpets are not only but are also awful to look but are also unhygienic. Clean carpets have excellent psychological effects on employees, and this will help them function efficiently.
    Charles Brown recently posted…Same Day ProsMy Profile

  • You make a great point about how a weird smell will make us feel uncomfortable until it’s corrected. I would imagine that either your office or home carpet would need to be professionally cleaned regularly to avoid any strange smells that could occur if left alone. My parents are coming to stay with me next month. After reading this, I’m hoping to find a professional to come out and clean my carpets.

  • Thanks, Praveen Rajarao for sharing this. When there are so many people walking on the same office carpet regularly then definitely it will be Dirty that unless it is cleaned regularly it is going to get ruined. A healthy, clean, and natural environment makes employees great to work with.

  • Office carpet cleaning London has really helped in cleaning the workplace properly. Previously the workplace would be full of dust. The monitors, CPUs, fans, printers, photocopy machines, etc. made the workplace look very dirty, suffocating, and unhygienic. But since we started getting cleaned by office carpet cleaning London, the employees seem less suffocating and are getting more productive day by day. Office carpet cleaning London has brought many positive changes in the workplace causing improvement in the work and I have got many positive feedbacks from the employees as well so I would like to suggest to get their workplace cleaned.

  • One day I noticed that my office carpet had not been cleaned for a long time so a bad smell coming from my carpet. After reading your article I started cleaning my carpet at regular basis. From this article I have learnt that regular cleaning carpet increased productivity of my workers. Thanks for sharing this practical thoughts

  • I’m glad that you talked about how no one could be happy if they find themselves confined in an untidy and unpleasant space. I could only imagine how some employees might feel distracted if the workplace is not organized. In my opinion, companies should make it a habit to hire commercial janitorial services for their offices.

  • I am truly impressed with your thoughts. Your way of thinking is really impressive and unique. I will definitely be trying these ideas to decorate my home. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. I hope you will share many more great ideas like this in the future.

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