The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth About Olawale Daniel

1. How long have you been blogging? Five years! I’ve started blogging since the past five years ago. That was when I created my first blog on make money online tips (MMO),; I can’t say anything about the site anymore for now.
I later dropped the site when I got confused and didn’t know where to turn to. I have to give myself a moral boost and started another two blogs which are hosted on blogger CMS all until 2008 when I stopped blogging for something else.
But, back then in January 2011, with the inspiration and help from my country’s blogger friend, Onibalusi Bamidele of – I got started back again by creating my new start-up,, a technology blog that focuses on latest happenings around the world of technology. And since then, I’ve been steadfast in blogging every day.
2. How many blogs do you own and contribute for? Presently, I owned four blogs in which two are co-authored by me and someone else. And I contributed to each of the blogs on daily basis.
3. What is the main purpose or objective of your blog?To teach and share basic tips and guides that could be of great help to other people’s lives and be helpful in allowing them to live a better and interesting life on earth. I believe that we can’t get more from life if we don’t share what we have, and that’s why I make sure that my blog shares the best that could be of good use to other people’ lives.
4. How many posts do you write on an average per week?Let’s just say I published about 15 posts weekly because I can’t say exactly the total posts per week because I write when I have the lift to do so. If the inspiration comes, I can write as much as I can so far I see potential in the article being read by many people out there.
5. How much time do you devote for your blog on a daily basis?My blog is me; I spend most of the day on my blog. I’ve tried to spend less time on it daily, but there’s no good reason doing so since I love what I’m doing. I will advise any other bloggers as well to spend more time in making sure that his/her blog is running well. But that should be about the development of the blog and not to disrupt the site.
6. How much time do you spend on tracking RSS feeds?Not much time because I don’t believe most in it. What I focused more on is getting result and helping others. I’d rather spend five hours on writing new and interesting posts on my blog or guest posts for other sites than tracking RSS feed because it won’t bring me any good benefits on the long run.
7. What is your favorite social bookmarking site and Why?Facebook and Google+ off course. I don’t use Twitter much more like Facebook and Google+ and since G+ can also affect my site positions on Google, I’d rather focus on it than spending most of my time on other platforms that wouldn’t yield more benefit for me.
8. What is your blog’s monthly revenue?My blog is for helping people and it wasn’t launched for making money reasons. And telling you that I’m making some amount of money from it doesn’t have to be the topics of the day, rather, let’s focus on what the site can offer people. Money isn’t the drivers or propeller of any of my websites except the new start-up, which is a niche blog for all job surfers online. I started all of my websites to be able to share information with people.
9. How many page views does your blog generate daily?I couldn’t say much on this for now, but, all I could say for now is, around 1K-2K. There are times when I’ve got 9K page views per day. But there are times when I lost my blog due to hosting errors, since then, I was just trying to bring it back. So, that is why I couldn’t be able to give you exact page views per day. And the funny thing is, those things aren’t my motivations, if you send me a message today that you are able to get good result from what I teach; that is one motivation for me of course.
10.Name one blog (apart from yours!!) you read every day without fail. of course.
11. What is your blog’s main revenue generator?I think I’ve said that earlier before that my blog doesn’t focus on any money generating method. I only use Google AdSense but I wasn’t moved at the result at all.
12. Do you believe in Alexa rankings for measuring traffic?No! You’d have to show me how Alexa rank is going to affect my blog’s traffic. Alexa is just a tool for measuring the amount of people who comes to your blog through the Alexa rank toolbar, so, any other visitors without the toolbar won’t be counted. I discredit that believe.
13. Do you accept Guest Articles on your blog?Yeah, surely if you have something interesting and helpful to share with my blog’s readers, you are welcome. You can access such benefit from
14. Do you believing in spending money on promoting your blog?I can spend money on promoting my blog so far I am going to get better result which is to have more people getting to know the blog and become a regular benefactor from what I’m sharing.
15. Do you answer to all the comments on your blog?Not really! If your comment is okay for me to answer, I will, but comments like: “thanks for this and you’re good” and something similar is what I disregarded from replying to and in most case, those comments went into spam folder directly. Tell me that the post helps you and share your advice or confront me to let us have conversation on the subject matter. That’s just the way I believe in comments on my blog.
16. How did you market your blog during your initial days to get the readers that you have?Normally, I posted new posts and make sure that guest posting is part of what I’m doing on regular basis in order to increase my traffic. So, there’s no trick or tweaks anywhere.
17. Any mistakes to learn from and avoid?The only thing I can say concerning mistakes and errors is that, I’ve experienced this awhile from some of my friends. They are asking me for websites where they can guest post and get up to 1000 daily traffic from one single guest post. It doesn’t work that way! I kept on telling most of them that there’s no way that could happen unless they are ready to keep failing. Guest posting is all about building backlinks and not for getting huge daily visitors all the time. But if you get them, that is your luck, keep on doing it.
18. What is your source of new post ideas?When my head is cool, new idea comes…I don’t think there’s any other thing that helps me in getting new post ideas.
19. Is having a “niche” important to bloggers? Yeah, but at times no!
20.Any advice to a start-up blogger? Keep writing and don’t start blogging for the sake of making money from it the very first time you’re getting started. Blogging supposed to serve as a means of helping other people to become a person in life and after helping others, money will surely come.
21. Bio I am Olawale Daniel from Technology Blog, techatlast, where I writes more on tech tips and tricks SEO, Blogging Tips and share guides and tips to help others in their daily endeavors. You can hook me up on Facebook and Google+ via @coolcash4live >

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