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The Naked Truth About Harleena Singh

Just 34 posts old and she already has more than 500 followers on FaceBook, 1500 followers on Twitter and more than a 1000 people have her in their circles on Google+!!!!! For every post she writes, she gets loads and loads of comments from all awesome bloggers and writers, and she never fails to reply to each one of them and thank them in return for visiting her blog. Isn’t she awesome or what???Thatz Harleena Singh @ for you…

I do not recall where exactly I came across her and her beautiful family blog, but hey, if you are a blogger you will find her everywhere, leaving her precious comments on most of the well known blogs and sharing her thoughts on every post and article by others. She has been a regular reader of my Naked Truth Series and am glad she has taken interest in this and also willing to share her information to all of us so we can know her a little better than before.

Just today, she has published a post accepting the 7 links Challenge and I would say Carolyn@WonderOfTech did the right thing by nominating her to continue with this honor. Harleena is very deserving and did a wonderful job at listing out her posts as required by the challenge and am sure you will find all of them amazing and very interesting. Of course, I would like to thank her via this post for having passed on the torch to me along with 4 other Super Bloggers, I will surely try to keep up with the challenge and do my very best at writing that post shortly.

Harleena Singh
1.How long have you been blogging?I have been blogging since the past 2 years-officially if you may call it, on my own blogs. Otherwise I have been working as a freelance writer with client blogging projects for about 8 years.
2.How many blogs do you own and contribute for?I own 2 blogs. One related to the family, which is more of a personal blog - and the other dedicated to fellow freelance writers- , which is in its transition phase as yet, from blogger to WordPress. Other than that I am a staff writer for a Health & Wellness Magazine, besides working on other projects as a freelance writer and blogger.
3.What is the main purpose or objective of your blog?My freelance writing blog is mainly to help provide information to budding freelance writers, so that they may learn and grow. The family blog is more of a personal blog where I share things and experiences I undergo or have undergone in the family so that the posts may help others, and it’s more of an outlet for me. Both the blogs are a great way to connect with other bloggers from the blogosphere, and help them to the best of my abilities by sharing my experiences.
4.How many posts do you write on an average per week?I write one blog post per week for my family blog, while presently I am using the spare time to work on my freelance writing blog. Rest of the time is spent on client writing projects and magazine posts.
5.How much time do you devote for your blog on a daily basis?May be an hour or two on most days, mainly replying to comments. Another hour goes to sort out other problems on the blog and settling the writing blog and my professional website.
6.How much time do you spend on tracking RSS feeds?I check RSS feeds twice a day and that is when I also spend some time tracking or commenting on other blogs.
7.What is your favorite social bookmarking site and Why?It actually keeps changing! Earlier it was Facebook when I created my fan page, then I shifted to the new trendy Google+. Currently, it is Twitter because of the massive reach, great connections, quick interactions, and great learning experience from other blog posts.
8.What is your blog’s monthly revenue?Not much at all. Actually, I haven’t paid emphasis on the monetary aspect (which I’ll soon). Basically, blogging is just a hobby for me, while I mainly earn through my professional freelance writing job works.
9.How many page views does your blog generate daily?I honestly don’t really keep much of a track of it, but as you asked I did check it up and for, it is 1000 daily page views averagely. When my freelance writing blog was on full swing it got lots of page views, but for now it’s in hibernation and waiting to unfurl its wings!
10.Name one blog(apart from yours!!) you read every day without fail.There is no one blog in particular that I read daily. Anything interesting that catches my heart and mind or shows up on my RSS feed is taken up instantly to read.
11.What is your blog’s main revenue generator?Nothing as yet  I guess being a freelance writer my main source of income remains my writing and clientage work that I do. Otherwise, I’ve Google Adsense, and a few affiliates- though still need to work on them.
12.Do you believe in Alexa rankings for measuring traffic?It is a good guide to follow, though it’s not always 100% accurate and keeps fluctuating a great deal. I try to not let it really affect me!
13.Do you accept Guest Articles on your blog?Not as yet, though I do intend to start accepting, as well as writing guest posts. Both my blogs would be open for guest blogging pretty soon, so remain geared up everyone!
14.Do you believing in spending money on promoting your blog?I do understand that such things are important, but I haven’t really spent money on promoting my blogs as yet. The only investment was shifting to WordPress, which I know for sure was needed. As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t thought commercially about my blogs as yet.
15.Do you answer to all the comments on your blog?Yes, I always answer all the comments on my blogs. I feel it’s not correct to not reply and interact with those genuine people who stop-by your blog to comment.
16.How did you market your blog during your initial days to get the readers that you have?Mainly it was through the social networks and bookmarking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Stumbleupon. I did SEO my posts to garner organic traffic, and of course, blog commenting was another major way to spread the word about my blog to others.
17.Any mistakes to learn from and avoid?Blogspot is fine only for beginners, but if you want to earn money through your blog and want it to rank well on the search engines instead- pay for a self-hosted blog like WordPress. Ensure you choose a domain name with keywords related to your niche from the very beginning. Also, remember that successful blogging is all about giving and sharing, so learn this art right from the start. I wish I had discovered the wonderful blogging community much earlier, who are ever ready to help, reach out, and connect!
18.What is your source of new post ideas?As a freelance writer I come across various clients who want posts written on different niches, thus my research work takes me through many blog posts and articles. This provides me source of new post ideas. Besides this, it is always my heart that I follow, and anything that clicks to me turns out to be a new post idea. And of course, my daily morning walk is a great means of inspiration to generate new post ideas.
19.Is having a “niche” important to bloggers?Write about what you love, what is your passion first- then think about niches. Niches are mainly important for bloggers who are trying to earn money from their blogs, or wanting to carve out their names as an authority on a particular subject. Being a freelance writer, I also created my blog based on my niche - freelance writing. But as I also wanted an outlet to share about my personal experiences, thus I created a family blog where I cover various topics for everyone.
20.Any advice to a start-up blogger?Be consistent with what you start, think ahead and plan, and remember things take time. Build your portfolio and write for free when you start off. Also, write every day – even if it’s a few words so that you remain in touch. Enjoy your work 🙂
21.BioHarleena Singh is a professional freelance writer and blogger, with ten years of expertise in writing, education and management fields. She has a vast experience in creating quality content for blogs, websites, as well as for publishing house magazines. Check out her FreeLance Website and go through her detailed profile, to know more About her.
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  • Hi Praveen,

    Thanks so much for having me over on your blog and writing such wonderful words about me. I am indeed humbled and privileged to be placed in your series along with so many other wonderful bloggers.

    I guess such series do give us an opportunity to get to know each other and more about the way things work for each other.

    Thanks once again and have a wonderful weekend 🙂

      • Harleena – I am glad to feature you and your wonderful blog on my site. Thanks for sharing all the information and also for the nomination. I am sure I will come up with my post for the 7 challenges shortly. 

  • This is such a great read, Harleen! Loved it. And enjoyed reading your views, thoughts and tips. Hugs to you! Praveen, thanks for this wonderful “Naked truth” series – it is always great to read about bloggers we admire. You also ask some terrific questions!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words Vidya!

      And yes, Praveen sure puts up some thought provoking questions that did make me think back in time and gather up information, which helped me as well. These series sure are a wonderful way to get to know more about each other.Thanks so much for stopping-by 🙂

  • Praveen, Thank you for featuring Harleena! She is not only a lovely friend but a talented writer as well. How wonderful to have two of my favorite bloggers together here!

    Anyone who hasn’t yet checked out Harleena’s blog yet is in for a treat as they discover a true gem!

  • I am just stalking Harleen around! Thanks for featuring her Praveen! I was introduced to her blog recently and I comment bombed it because I am so in love with her style of writing and her personal touch to each story. She is wonderful! It was lovely knowing about you Harleen! And you are from India… yayyy! 🙂

  • So glad to see Harleena here, Praveen. I’ve started interacting with her only recently but find that she’s one of the most thoughtful and genuine bloggers I’ve interacted with. 
    Great interview, Harleena. Thanks, Praveen! 

    • Thanks so much for your kind and warm words Corinne! 

      It has indeed been wonderful to know you as well, and learn a great deal from wonderful fellow bloggers like yourself.Praveen has indeed been kind to feature all of us here 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your kind and warm words Corinne! 

      It has indeed been wonderful to know you as well, and learn a great deal from wonderful fellow bloggers like yourself.Praveen has indeed been kind to feature all of us here 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your kind and warm words Corinne! 

      It has indeed been wonderful to know you as well, and learn a great deal from wonderful fellow bloggers like yourself.Praveen has indeed been kind to feature all of us here 🙂

  • Hi Praveen, I have just recently connected with Ms. Harleena Singh. What an outstanding woman! I truly enjoyed this naked truth about Harleena and hope to stay connected with her this year!

    I love these naked truths that you’re sharing on some of my fave bloggers!! Keep up with the awesome work, Praveen! 🙂

    Your friend in Colorado, 
    Cat Alexandra

    • Thanks so much for you kind and warm words Cat! It is indeed wonderful of you to have stopped-by and leave a comment here, as well as connect with Praveen. He is indeed a wonderful person and blogger.

      Hoping to remain connected all through the year 🙂

    • Cat – Thanks for the wonderful words about Harleena and am sure she deserves them and everyone here knows how awesome a blogger she is. I am sure you will enjoy knowing her more through the years to come. 

      Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment.

  • Oh I LOVE Harleena and I love what she shares on her family blog.  She really can get you to thinking that’s for sure.

    Love what you’ve shared here with us Harleena and I learned a few more things about you today.  I love that when that happens too.  

    Appreciate you featuring Harleena here in this series Praveen.  Sorry I’m late in responding to your post.  You know I’ll always make it around eventually.

    Best to you both!


    • Adrienne – I am glad you did make it around here, which i was pretty sure you would. I really appreciate it. 

      Glad you liked this feature about Harleena and thanks for all the support. Have a great day ahead.

    • Thanks so much for your warm and kind words Adrienne!

      You will be surprised how much I have learnt fro you, and how much you mean to me! Directly or indirectly you have touched many lives- including mine, and I remain ever so grateful for that 🙂
      I guess we all need to thank Praveen for putting up these naked Truth Series, as they do connect us with one another in a much better way. It helps us know each other a little better than before :)Thanks so much Praveen 🙂

      • Harleena – I agree with you on what you said about Adrienne, she has been a role model to most of us bloggers. 

        Thanks once again for all the kind words and I really appreciate it. 

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