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The Naked Truth About Bryce Christiansen

Are you stressed out trying to balance your life between work and family? Do you think you are not devoting enough time with your kids because you have a job to do and a blog to maintain? Is blogging that strenuous that it might become an impediment in your beloved life and may even destroy what is left of it? I think the right answers to all these questions can be found at which is an awesome site and a blog maintained by Bryce Christiansen. 

I have known Bryce from the time I started my blog back in May last year and have since been impressed by the diversity of articles he comes up with. Some of them are pure inspiration videos that he has borrowed from TED or someplace else and I have to say that those are really motivational and keeps me on my toes the entire day I read them. Most of his posts speak about how to avoid stress at work and keep a balanced life, sometimes he has some clever pictures that he posts which speaks for themselves. He has a way of picking his topics and makes them interesting and keeps the reader hooked onto it until the very end.

I also had this wonderful opportunity of writing a guest article for BalancedWorkLife which got pretty good feedback and you can read more about it here – Top LinkedIn Plugins. I want to wish Bryce All the Very Best in his future endeavors and hope he brings us all more and more of his inspirational articles in the years to come.

Bryce Christiansen
1.How long have you been blogging?18 Months
2.How many blogs do you own and contribute for?I don’t own any blogs currently, but I run Balanced WorkLife’s Blog.
3.What is the main purpose or objective of your blog?Helping the Best Get Better in Work, Home, and Life.
4.How many posts do you write on an average per week?2
5.How much time do you devote for your blog on a daily basis?1 hour daily maintenance, and about 8 hours on writing new content.
6.How much time do you spend on tracking RSS feeds?I spend a few hours each week reading up on the blogs our commenters write. I try to be as much a part of their sites, as they are a part of ours.
7.What is your favorite social bookmarking site and Why?I love StumbleUpon. After my post “45 Things The Birds Taught Me to Be Grateful For” had over a thousand visits in one day from that site alone, I was hooked.
8.What is your blog’s monthly revenue?Not the owner, so I don’t know if I can say 😉
9.How many page views does your blog generate daily?About 350
10.Name one blog(apart from yours!!) you read every day without fail.Oh geez, this is going to call me out, but I really like keeping up with Comic Alliance and Copyblogger.
11.What is your blog’s main revenue generator?Corporations that utilize our executive coaching services.
12.Do you believe in Alexa rankings for measuring traffic?I see the value in seeing how sites compare, but other than that, I don’t know how much more to take away from it.
13.Do you accept Guest Articles on your blog?Yes! We are looking to expand the number of articles we put out each week. We love the contributions we get from the community.
14.Do you believing in spending money on promoting your blog?Definitely! It’s a major part of marketing and research to understand what keywords resonate.
15.Do you answer to all the comments on your blog?For the most parts. Some weeks I absolutely have no time, but I try my best and probably have above a 90% response rate.
16.How did you market your blog during your initial days to get the readers that you have?Commenting on other blogs gave us our first spike. I’ve also written guest posts recently for sites like Huffington Post, Business Insider, and Dumb Little Man. Our site isn’t optimized for email lists right now, but I hope to get that fixed soon. Then expect to see me all over the web 😉
17.Any mistakes to learn from and avoid?Yeah, get your email list up ASAP, we have had so many excellent mentions but no way to capture any of the readers. I sometimes wish I was a programmer and web designer just so I could take these matters into my own hands at times.
18.What is your source of new post ideas?I stay up on all the articles, buzz, and trends in the business and career field. If something makes me say “Wow”. I will save it in my que of posts to write.
19.Is having a “niche” important to bloggers?Certainly, the blog world is getting easier and easier to get into so there is an overflow of content for everyone to consume. Having that niche that sets you apart from your peers can make a difference in how well you can attract readers who may already be following another similar blog.
20.Any advice to a start-up blogger?Just do it! Also, don’t focus on everything all at once. There is a lot to do in blogging, so pick up a piece at a time.
21.BioI have been involved in marketing since my college days where I was a rep for Dell, consulted for Microsoft, and promoted a cool smart pen by Livescribe. I’ve recently delved into the blogging world, through my recent job at Balanced WorkLife Company, where I head their Marketing.
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  • Thanks Praveen for the feature.  Those were very kind words you shared about my site and writing.

    Hope you have an excellent weekend.


  • Nice to see you here Bryce and glad you featured him as well Praveen!

    I have known Bryce and visited his blog often. He is a truly amazing person and I marvel as to how he managed to fight out life, having survived cancer twice!

     Yes indeed, he IS indeed a wonderful blogger and comes up with a vast range of topics. Some of his posts and pictures do amaze me as well 🙂 Nice to know more about you Bryce and wishing you all the very best in your future endeavors :)Love your series Praveen 🙂

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