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The Intention Hype: Making it, Doing It

The Intention Hype: Making it, Doing It

The phone call was not out of the ordinary but it was irregular. The timing was offbeat and I was taken a bit aback. With just a few days to the holidays, getting a request to work with students every day of the Christmas holidays was just not expected but that was the request and I had to honor it.


As a small businessman we can do two things in the world of business, we can intend to get money or we can build a business that brings us client that pay us over and over again. One is a nice fluff of hot air and the other is the result of intentional work, consistent work and hard dedicated work. The Christmas holidays sometimes is not a work time but when we are working with college readiness crowds, we don’t have a lot of time to dance around each and every holiday. We pick the number of hours we work, we choose the niche so we have to service them. Since they pay great, we do the work and get that season over.

But let’s back up a bit, what would cause a parent to deny his child Christmas, New Year’s Eve Party, New Years Family gathering and all the like for an intensive academic program? How often do we see parents being this desperate? What is the greatest motivator for such a parent?  – The answer is simple. They are in trouble. The child grades are in danger and they have goals. Its called the PAIN of Failure.

When we think of the bunch of strange teaching we have today, never before in the history of earth we have so much conflict. WE have people preaching  “ The Power of Intention” “ Having the Will Power” “Willing it until it happens” “ Fake it until you make it” and then some with the age old method and slangs, “Work Hard, Every day, Set goals and Reap Rewards.”

So I fall into the last group because none of the other groups seems to work. I have tried a bunch and I can solemnly declare, “Money is Payment for WORK not Intentions.” and “Will Power without Hard Work is a Nightmare.”

Back to the Christmas Story

They are many who want to benefit from setting their own schedules, doing the 4-Hour Workweek and even the Success Principles but they have no sense of system. The surefire way to succeed in any of these teaching is to have a system.

My system is remote; I advertise or get referral and the phone ring. It rings every day, thanks to Joe Polish who was clear on Automate in his Stick Strategy Course. I left the system to work and the phone ring. This is after the client has been screen. They screen themselves so I only get in contact with real people; not those with good intentions, not those who dream of a land far-far away and not those who will to get all As without work.

So let’s turn the magnifying glass on the business you have.

  • Is your business benefitting from a great desire and intentions to be the best in your field?
  • Do you have hungry clients that call you desperately to get solutions for their problems?
  • Are they willing to pay your rates without questions even when I up the price for Christmas Inconvenience?
  • Are you wishing that this year to find the SUCCESS PRINCIPLES with Intention, Will Power or Presence?
  • What would some dedicated hard work and automatic system do for your business if you are looking to go to the “Next Level” (so clichés)

You are there to Serve

Unlike other Christmas holidays where I could have easily assigned someone to take over the tutoring of students, I had to face the furnace myself. I simply had to be there to meet the parent and give the daily 1-hr sessions. It was a piece of cake to knock out but the sheer desire and passion of the parent force me to pen this blog post. It’s a New Year- Happy 2013 and to those who are struggling with business, practices, work, career or life, what can you do today to make a difference?

I am not a big fan of HOPE theory – I have never seen hope buy anything. It’s not tangible, so I don’t like fluff and you will not see it at the bank but I know hope can propel and give birth to lots of dreams because it is a desire. For hope to work, we need to get out of the dream land, move past the vision and roll up your sleeves and get dirty. This works every time in every industry, niche or business. WE can create a better year for ourselves this year if we work on making the year a strong year of Doing It, Making It and Forget about Intentions.

If your goal is to lose 10 lbs of extra weight, go to work at exercising, dieting, and lifestyle choices. Get a trainer or join a gym and attend regularly.

If your goal is to build a small business, go to work on finding the right products, right systems, right media and getting the clients and servicing them.

If you wanted to write a new book, course or program, take out the writing pad; Frame the chapters, themes and message and work on adding the other pieces to make the project great.

Bottom LineYou Got to DO SOMETHING!

Help is also Available but – It’s a lot of doing. We can get help, seek support, partners and investors but all start to get in motion when we start Making It, Doing it and finally you will truly See it!


Author Bio: Nigel Williamson is a youth development specialist, author, success coach, and education expert. Known as “The Bounce Back King,” he’s the author to Life’s Ultimate Ticket, Secrets to Study at US colleges and Universities, and the creator of the Scholarship Secrets Toolkit, an student scholarship guide program for International Students wishing to study in the US.  For more information, or to contact Nigel, please visit or to take part in his Student Success Blog, visit

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  • Doing things on your own, by your own can be a major duty for one who’s is not very determined and i think you need to bear this with some help. Family should be your support pillar.

  • There is no other way to achieve success, besides doing all of our jobs properly without delay it at all. I have yet to be successful, but I believe that I am on the way to it.
    erwin recently posted…Personal FitnessMy Profile

  • Interesting share Praveen . The phrase You Got to DO SOMETHING is impelling . If we set realistic goals and work towards them without losing focus even the toughest of them can be achieved . Liked your share.

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