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The Best Cabinets for Your Living Room

Most homes could benefit from more storage space. While you can put utilitarian cabinets in the garage and basic shelves in a home office, you want something more attractive for the living room. With the right storage options, you can open up storage space in this room and make it more visually appealing. Consider a few of these cabinet choices for your living room.


Mix it up with Glass and Wood
One of the best choices for living room cabinets is a combination of wood and glass. The wood frames on display cabinets blend beautifully with traditional furnishings, and the glass insets in the doors allow you to show off all your favorite collections. Items are protected from dust, and everything is also a little safer from active children. The shelves are a good size, so they can be used for anything from your music collection to electronics for your wall-mounted television and the beautiful collections you brought back from vacation. Prices range from $600 up to several thousand depending on the wood species, size and style you purchase. One option that’s particularly versatile and will work with almost any décor is the Sundried Pine Display Cabinet which retails for $1299.

Custom Built-Ins
You will pay a pretty penny for a custom built-in cabinet, but it will add an incredible amount of grace and drama to the home. A simple fireplace can be transformed into a stunning centerpiece with flanking cabinets, open shelves and a massive area above for your favorite artwork. The beauty of custom cabinets is that you can dictate the size, color, wood species and function of the piece. Whether you want one to dress up a fireplace or are interested in a long bank of cabinets for storing games and school supplies, local artisans can provide you with the right cabinets. If you choose to go with custom options, plan on spending a few thousand dollars on the project. However, the permanent structure will add value to your home and help you fetch a high selling price when the time comes.

Double-Duty Storage
If your home is really short on space, then look for cabinets that can serve multiple purposes. A low cabinet with space for storing blankets or hats and gloves inside can also provide you with additional seating. One option to consider is the Entryway Seat from Pier 1 Imports. Featuring baskets for gloves, a shelf for extra hats and an open area for sitting, it’s the perfect addition to any home where the foyer and living room are combined in one area. It’s also easy on your budget with a price point of only $299.95.

Hidden Storage
Sometimes you want to show off your collections, and other times you just want to hide them away. Tall, thin cabinets with louvered doors are a fantastic choice when you have items that need to be in the living room but don’t need to be displayed. Also available form Pier 1 Imports, the Plantation Storage Cabinet is perfect for your media collection, extra remotes, board games and more. The attractive louvered doors make it feel open and airy while keeping the contents neatly hidden away. The most attractive feature may be the low price of only $349.99.

From glass-filled cabinets to display your favorite collections to furniture that can do double duty and neat little storage cabinets, there are countless options available for adding storage space and style to the home. Cabinets from name-brand stores are usually very affordable and can go with you when you move. However, you will get the most impact and drama by choosing fine custom built-ins that will stay with the home and actually increase the selling price.


This piece was composed by Thomas Craig, a freelancer who focuses on interior decoration, design, renovation and remodeling, and other related topics. If you’re considering new cabinets to spice up your home, you may also want to consider Venetian Blinds to complement them.

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  • Recently, my husband has been obsesses with power tools and has been doing a lot of projects he says is for home improvement. Although I appreciate his efforts, our garage and the inside of our home looks a lot like a disorganized workshop. After reading your article, I finally decided to buy some storage cabinets for my husband. It will surely help him organize the stuff that he has. Thank you.

  • I’m thinking of redecorating and I must agree with you I do need cabinets in my living room area. People don’t usually think they’re necessary but any form of storage is necessary no matter what other’s say. This is quite an informative post, thanks for the share.

  • I am an artist and I have a very cluttered studio. After reading your article, I’ve decided to buy for myself a few storage cabinets to organize my stuff. I was pretty lazy before but now, I really do need it.

  • I’ve never thought of putting cabinets in my living room. But it sure does add storage space. Interesting, I should think of adding a new piece. Thanks for this share.

  • Thank you very much for sharing this post. I am actually thinking of redecorating my living room. I totally agree with you, I really do need cabinets in my living room area. Some people think they are not necessary; but thanks for your very informative post.

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