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Switching to iPhone X? Here is what you need to know

Switching To iPhone X? Here Is What You Need To Know

Apple just unveiled the iPhone X, and everyone is fascinated with the new features included as well as its pricing, which is arguably off the roof. But what does that mean to the user who is planning on moving from a previous version of the gadget or another model to the iPhone X? It could mean many things, and before one goes into looking at the things that define the new iPhone X, it is necessary to first get a glimpse into the additions that have been embedded into the new phone to afford it the starting price tag of $1,000.

There have been many reviews about the phone since it was unveiled and there is a unanimous voice across most of these reviews that seems to place it on a higher pedestal than many other phones. If you are looking to jump from another phone to the iPhone X, there are few things you need to know about that decision. Alissa Davis, a freelance writer who is interested in tech and gadgets has also penned opinions about the new iPhone X, and she has given information to those who are about to switch. Here are some facts you need to know.

All-glass design

One of the things that stand out about the iPhone X is the all-glass design that has been incorporated to feature on the front and back of the phone. But this is not your ordinary glass because many people are worried it might be too weak to guarantee durability. Apple cites that the glass used on the iPhone X is the strongest to ever be used on a phone, so matters of the phone not matching up to the task when it comes to the question of durability are nothing to worry about. It is a durable yet high quality and glossy product that speaks premium quality from one end to the other.

With the all-glass design, the phone offers you reliable water and dust resistance, which means it is going to ever remain clean and glossy, which is also a factor that might count when you want to argue about durability. Perhaps the high quality material used this time could be the reason Apple had to offer the gadget at a price tag considered the highest in the iPhone series. You enjoy value for the money you pay for.

Surgical-grade stainless steel

To wrap around the edges of the iPhone X, Apple chose to use a stainless steel alloy that they designed specifically for this phone. It is the smoothest feel you will get yet it does not easily get scratches as one might worry about. Basically, what Apple is selling you is something you will enjoy using in every aspect. The phone combines beauty with strength to offer you a premium feel. Once you upgrade from another model, you can immediately feel the difference as every component that makes up the iPhone X is a better version of itself.

Side button

Before you decide to Switch to iPhone X, you might remember that other versions of the iPhone came with a side button referred to as a lock button. However, when it comes to the iPhone X, the button has been elongated and renamed to a Side Button, and it comes with several other functions that you will enjoy using. Those who like accessing Siri will use this button, and holding on to it will immediately invoke Siri. That’s not all as when you double click the Side button you are able to open Apple Pay, so the functions added have even made everything easier.

5.8-inch Super Retina HD display

Photo Credit: Portal GDA on Flickr

The display size of the iPhone X is the largest ever in the iPhone series. Nonetheless, its all-screen design places it between the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 in weight and size, so it comes as the best choice for one-handed usability as well as a maximum display size. In addition to this, the iPhone X comes with an OLED display, and this is the first iPhone to feature such a system. Some of the benefits of having the OLED display include high contrast ratio, color accuracy, and true blacks.

True Tone

While using the phone in different environments where lighting varies, it is able to automatically adapt the intensity and color of the display to match the color temperature present in the surroundings. For example, when seated in a dimly lit room that has incandescent light bulbs, your phone’s display changes to a warmer and yellower tone. On a cloudy day outside, it would change the display to appear bluer and cooler. This feature is meant to ensure your eyes never have to strain while using the gadget and it allows you to easily access features the same way regardless of the lighting conditions prevalent in a setting.

Face ID security

You might want to know how the new Face ID security mechanism works to secure the iPhone X. According to Apple, they no longer will be offering the finger print scanning technology for unlocking your phone as this was replaced with the Face ID, which is basically a technology that scans your face to help identify you before unlocking the phone. The company argues that the feature is secure so much so that it would take a one in a million chance for someone to dupe it. To unlock your phone you will be require to swipe up the being it before your face.

Better image signal processor

The image signal processor used on the iPhone X is able to detect elements in the surrounding like motion, people, and lighting conditions so as to optimize your photos before taking them. This functionality is supported by an advanced pixel processing capability and faster autofocus, which translates to getting better HDR photos. It allows you to do professional-grade kind of photos, which is a cut above the rest when you compare it with what you get when you choose other models.

New Apple-designed video encoder

If you are that person who stores loads of files in your phone, you might want to try the new video encoder. The encoder works in a real-time fashion with the help of HEVC compression to offer you reduced file sizes. Additionally, when you use the camera for recording videos, you have a 4K option that comes at 60 FPS that marries with a 1080p slo-mo video recording that kicks at 240 FPS. The video stabilization technology is also improved and made to allow you to create high quality yet compressed video files.

Portrait lighting

The iPhone X uses a complex algorithm that works with the portrait lighting feature to offer you different lighting effects. The algorithm basically calculates the way your facial features are able to react to light, and using the data obtained it comes up with lighting effects that you can apply on your photos. Such effects include Stage Light, Natural Light, Stage Light Mono, and Contour Light. Most importantly, the phone comes with a calibration that facilitates a smooth experience when you are enjoying augmented reality, basically making it the best choice for someone who enjoys artificial intelligence especially for playing games.

Charging system revamped

It’s time to celebrate good riddance to the cable charging system as Apple offers you a wireless charging system to feature a Qi coil. That means you are able to use any wireless charging pad and your phone is safe. You could use one provided by Apple or buy a third party mat, and you are assured no damage will be caused to your phone as everything is securely fitted and protected by great hardware integrations. I personally feel this is the most prominent factor for anyone to Switch to iPhoneX!!

Apart from utilizing the wireless charging mechanism, the iPhone X also allows fast charging, and this implies the device can charge up to about 50 percent within just 30 minutes. Another fact you will love about the power system of the iPhone X is that once fully charged, the battery can do additional 2 hours when put to use. Therefore, those who like to spend a lot of time uninterrupted using the phone will find a reason to marvel at the new technology used to design the power system of the iPhone X.


One of the highlights that have helped to give the iPhone X a higher performance than the rest is the A11 Bionic chip included in the design of the phone. This offers performance that is 25 percent faster, and with its additional four high-efficiency cores that deliver 70 percent faster processing, the overall effect is that the phone is able to handle multi-tasking and heavy tasks without any struggles. This is in addition to a M11 motion coprocessor that ensures your videos run smoothly, especially while streaming from online platforms.

The neural engine of the iPhone X supports the recognition of people, objects, and places. It is able to process machine learning tasks at rates as high as 600 billion operations per second. This is the driving technology behind the Face ID and Animoji features. The GPU of the iPhone X is also faster and more responsive, so while using any of the features mentioned you are assured of a seamless execution experience as the processing capacity is so wide only few task might afford to even consume 1 percent of its strength.

NFC with reader mode

When you jump to the wireless technology of the iPhone X, the Core NFC, a new iOS 11 framework, allows apps to detect Near Field Communication. Its field can sweep across a larger area and is stronger when you compare it with the previous versions of the iPhone.

Bluetooth 5.0

Also welcome a new sharing experience with the Bluetooth 5.0 addition to the iPhone X. What is unique about this feature is that it can cover four times the range, do twice the speed, and manage eight times the broadcast messages that the Bluetooth 4.2 could manage. It is not only fast, but also allows you to share more across different devices.

Larger aperture

On camera features, the iPhone X offers a larger aperture effective for the telephoto lens. The f/2.4 aperture affects the depth and exposure of field and by comparison, the iPhone 7 features a f/2.8 aperture. The portrait mode as been improved as well as better low-light zoom that helps you while doing photos.

Simpler status bar

The status bar of the iPhone X is revised to offer a simplified setup. The clock is positioned to the left while cellular bars, battery life indicator, and Wi-Fi strength are positioned to the right of the status bar. This makes access to vital information easy and merges well with the all-screen design to improve the aesthetics of the phone. The phone comes in two variants, a 64 GB version and the 256 GB version.

This post was written by Alissa Davis. Follow her at Allisa B. Davis where she writes articles on technology.


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