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Starbucks Reserve NYC – coffee roastery at its best

I was at the Starbucks Reserve NYC yesterday and the scale at which this place has been planned, just blew my mind!! It was quite the experience that I had hoped for and the Espresso Martini was just the way I had imagined it to be served – with the perfect Starbucks Reserve Espresso mixed with Single Malt Vodka and Dark Chocolate topped with Vanilla Bean Syrup.

Starbucks Reserve NYC

What To Eat at Starbucks Reserve NYC

It’s not only about coffee and alcohol here at the reserve. There is a full menu you can choose from including pizza, sandwiches & salads. I would highly recommend the Avocado Toast and it goes very well with the Cold Brew malt (close to the regular Frappuccino).

starbucks reserve nyc

If you are craving for dessert, don’t miss out the Tiramisu, it’s freshly made and I could see trays and trays of fresh tiramisu being brought to the counters (spent 15mins in line to get my order in).

With that, I even tried their Almond & Hazelnut croissant which had the rich hazelnut cream oozing out as you bite into the croissant. Just delicious!!

What To Drink at Starbucks Reserve NYC

I had made up my mind that I would definitely get the famous Starbucks Espresso Martini and it didn’t disappoint me for sure. As we all know, the right espresso makes all the difference and you cant go wrong at Starbucks Reserve NYC if you order for the martini. You have an option to try out the Espresso Martini Flight which is served with the same amount of alcohol, but in 3 small cute glasses with 3 different fruit flavors (orange cacao, mole spice & cherry limone) to go with it.

If you are craving for a non-alcoholic drink, but want to still get “high”, then my personal favorite is the Classic Affogato. It has the locally made Blue Marble ice cream scoop with two shots of the Starbucks Espresso poured over it. Definitely a must-have!!

Starbucks Reserve Roastery Ambience

Coming to the look-and-feel of the reserve, it’s mouth-gaping big and cleverly designed with lot of seating area along with 2 coffee bars and 1 alcohol bar area upstairs. All 3 bars serve everything on the menu, but for the espresso martini, you have to sit in the upstairs bar area.

The green-beans travel route is super fun for kids to watch as the coffee beans travel through transparent pipes all around the store and end up in the roaster for the perfect brew.

There is plenty of collectibles and mementos you can pick up all around the shop and some cool mugs and coffee makers are on display.

You can also get some cool caps and t-shirts to show off your love for the caffeine!!

The Tour

If you would like to check-out my walk-through tour of the starbucks reserve in new york city, do check-out my Instagram Live here – My Starbucks Reserve NYC Tour

If you haven’t already visited one of the Starbucks Reserves, and if you are a coffee lover, I highly recommend quick tour of this mind-blowing, artistic and aesthetic Starbucks reserve near you. There are many opened now in Seattle, Chicago and I believe there are 3 in NYC itself!! Find the one near you and go plunge yourself into the caffeine heaven!

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