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Secure Your Privacy Settings with Facebook

To stay on the safe side, use “Facebook privacy settings.” Understand its unique privacy features and rely on them with your eyes closed and turn yourself into a “facebook power user.”

Facebook friends list

What is the concept behind and why we need it? The prime concept behind this so-called “friend list” is very simple. See for yourself as how it helps us:

Manage your friend’s list

Facebook friend list can be managed easily. It’s the easiest way to classify your friends into different “affiliate groups.” Just have a look at how this Facebook friends list can help you ensure your privacy:

1. You can use this friend list while adding one friend to multi lists. There is no restriction of adding friends to just one category

2. You can use friends list as “tags” – Just like you use elsewhere on the web

3. Luckily, Facebook friends list has its own unique “privacy policies,” which ensures your profile privacy

4. You can create limitless combinations for your own convenience, especially if you are not happy with the “friends,” “family” or “Professional” categories, which are the most common viable categories.

Amazingly, you don’t have to click on some “save changes” option after you are done with changes in your profile. It seems as if Facebook is a true user-friendly site that facilitates you in different aspects.

You hate searches – Hide yourself

Humans are quite different from each other. One may like something, but the other may not. There are a lot of people on Facebook who don’t like to be searched out. Even, it is possible that you may not like to show your presence on the site due to certain security reasons. In this scenario, you need to hide your profile from searches. Follow these steps to make sure it happens as you like:

First of all, you need to go to the “search privacy setting” page of your profile and then select the option “edit setting.” You need to enter your password and once it’s done, follow the next step, “Facebook search result.” Here, you can check the “only friends” option and once it’s done, then you are safe from any unwanted searches. See how easily you can protect your privacy by following this unique privacy setting tip!

Friendship is your personal matter

You don’t need someone’s permission to make or to delete friends. Similarly, it might be possible that you don’t want to show your close affiliations to someone else due to some personal reasons. The choice is completely yours whether you want to show or hide your friendship on your Facebook profile.

How to do it?

It’s nice and easy. Just go to your profile page and click on the pencil icon, at the right side of the “friend box.” Now, if you want to hide your friends, then uncheck the option. This way, your friendship with your “close friend” will be hidden from any possible searches. This is a must as you will find out how to hide your friends from others’ cunning eyes.

Your albums need protection

You don’t want to publicize your private and sentimental photo albums. These are not just images, but the glowing memories of the past, which you have spent with your friends and family. The worth of these photo albums cannot be measured by someone else. It might be possible that someone who is viewing your photos may use them wrongly. You should use the Facebook privacy setting to keep them safe and secure.

It might be possible that someone use your images or tag them in a wrong way and once it’s done, there is no way to go back. So, have a complete control and save your photos from illegal and inappropriate usage. A black sheep can be in your own social network. He or she can be around you, who just want to humiliate you in public, right here on the Facebook. So, you should save your dignity and self-esteem by using futuristic and most secured “publisher privacy settings” of the Facebook.

Are you sick of wall posts?

The libertarians at Facebook are taking everything for granted. We often face a lot of troubles through the abuse of “freedom of expression.” A lot of people make silly comments on different posts, while they ignore after effects of such heinous wall posts. We never know how a post can ruin someone’s career or make a deep drift between two lovers.

Don’t be scared, as you know how embarrassing or harmful a wall post can be. If you don’t want to be insulted or humiliated, then go through your profile page and edit your privacy settings now. Select the “option” button and select the most appropriate option to keep yourself away from any troubles. Keep it once it’s done, and then your friends will be unable to communicate with you publicly on your wall. Isn’t it worth-reading?

This Guest Article is written by Kevin Moor who writes for, a site featuring interesting and informative reviews on data recovery.

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