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Rejuvenation through Yoga

Yoga is creating a balance between the mental, physical and spiritual senses in the body. It is reaching the stage of tranquillity and supreme bliss with the help of asanas and meditation. It is a combination of physical energies with the astral energies. It includes pranayam, asanas, kriyas, chanting of mantras and meditation. Pranayam is a set of breathing exercises which help in detoxifying the body and eliminate carbon dioxide by filling the lungs with oxygen to the deepest level. Asanas are various poses in yoga which bring balance, stability and flexibility in the body.

There are many types of benefits associated with yoga. It affects our body and brain in the most positive manner and helps us cope with extreme stress and unhappiness in our lives. Once we start practicing yoga, it becomes an addiction because of its therapeutic properties. We start feeling content, happy, stimulated and energized by performing yoga. It also slows down the ageing process and brings endurance, radiance and vitality.


Physical health benefits:

  • Cardiovascular health: Yoga helps in improving the cardiac muscle functions. It helps in keeping a stable pulse rate and decreases the blood pressure. The heart gains strength and endurance which provides the body with a better blood circulation.
  • Lung functions: Yoga helps in curing breathing difficulties and respiratory malfunctioning. Pranayam is very useful in curing asthma, this is scientifically proven. Doctors prescribe yoga along with drugs to the patients. It cures problems like shortness of breath or irregular breathing.
  • Bowel functions: Yoga helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system and a good gastro-intestinal health. It regulates the bowel movements and relieves symptoms of constipation and bloating.
  • Joint pains: Yoga helps in bringing flexibility and resistance in the body. It eliminates the symptoms of joint and muscular pains by bringing motion in them through asanas. It helps in relieving symptoms of arthritis and helps in stretching of the whole body.
  • Pain killer: Yoga regulates the functioning of our brain in such a manner that it releases natural pain killers in the body. The practice of breathing also helps in reducing the pain by becoming calm.

Mental health benefits:

  • Inner peace: Yoga helps in bringing a feeling of content and satisfaction within oneself. It helps in detaching oneself from the worldly issues and learning to find peace within.
  • Awareness of self: Yoga helps in bringing awareness of self at the mental and health levels. It helps one to know about the own identity after unleashing the layers of worldly duties.
  • Mental workout: Yoga helps in improving the brain functioning through breathing exercises. Breathing from one nostril, keeping the other closed helps in stimulating the brain of the opposite side of the nostril through which one breathes. Brain gets active and stimulated through these practices.
  • Relieves depression: Yoga helps in eliminating the depression syndromes and prevents the fluctuation of mood. It brings energy and vitality in the brain and body which elevates the mood.
  • Knowledge and pride: Yoga helps in gaining knowledge of self, others and the world. People who do regular yoga can better perform in their office and work. This helps them in gaining recognition and pride.

Beauty benefits:

Yoga helps in the weight management process. It increases the metabolic rate of the body and therefore, burns more fat. The oxidation process speeds up leading to fat burning. Yoga also helps in maintaining a better endocrine system thus balancing the work of hormones. This helps in controlling the problem of thyroid which is responsible in many weight issues.

Yoga has a major role in preventing ageing and creating a healthy and a radiant skin. Due to good circulation of blood in the body, the cells start becoming healthy. Yogic asanas help in growing beautiful and healthy hair and nails. The body becomes more healthy leading to flexibility in the skin.


There are six types of breathing exercises included in Pranayam:

1.   Kapalbhati Pranayam

Inhale by nostrils till the full lung capacity and exhale with full pressure. Repeat this fifteen times.

2.   Bhastrika Pranayam

Breathe in the air through the nose, and then breathe out quickly by the nose. Repeat it for five minutes and eventually speed up the process.

3.   Anulom Vilom Pranayam

Start with closing your eyes, put the right thumb on the right nostril and close it. Inhale from the left nostril, open the right nostril and exhale keeping left one closed. Now close the left nostril with the middle and ring finger. Inhale through the right nostril, open the left one and exhale keeping right closed. Alternate the nostrils and repeat it for fifteen minutes.

4.   Bhramari Pranayam

Close the eyes, Place both the thumbs in the ears and the fingers on the face keeping index finger on the eyebrows. Breathe through the nostrils. Use the little fingers to close the nostrils partially. Breathe out with a humming sound. Repeat thrice.

5.   Udgeeth Pranayam

Breathe in the air through the nostrils, Exhale the breath while chanting ‘Ooom’. Repeat thrice.

6.   Bahya Pranayam

Breathe in the air through the nostrils, Exhale with pressure and tuck in the stomach muscles while joining the chin with the chest. Lift up the chin and exhale slowly. Repeat three to five times.

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  • Hi Praveen,

    First off I have to say that I love the new picture.  I need a new one really bad.

    Okay, I admit not being into exercise myself.  It’s not that I’m lazy because I do walk everyday which I know is good for you but I just do not enjoy exercise.  I’ve looked into yoga before and although I know it’s good for you, that’s about as far as I’ve gotten.  
    But thanks for this informative post.  I really learned a lot more about it and I know a few faithful people who love their yoga.  So I know it must be really good.  Okay, maybe some day….


    • Thanks Adrienne. 

      I am sure you will get hooked onto one of these “fitness” programs soon, they are gaining in momentum these days among women and come summer, everyone is busy trying to keep fit and look good. 

      Have a great day!!!

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