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Reasons for the Growing Dependence of Homeowners On Home Security Systems

DailyMorningCoffee is glad to have Kristina Louis with yet another wonderful article about Home Security Systems. 

During times of economic hardship, opportunistic crime has a tendency to rise. Individuals who would never normally fall foul of the law might find themselves unable to resist opportunities, such as an open window or an unlocked garage, when they feel there is little chance of being caught.

From game consoles and smart phones to high-end laptops and tablet computers, our homes are increasingly being filled with expensive, highly portable goods that could easily be stolen by a thief in a matter of minutes. Contents-insurance policies often place limitations of the total cost of a claim. This can easily be exceeded by the loss of several key pieces of home-entertainment equipment.

With insurance costs rising, fitting a high-quality security system is one way to reduce premiums while also providing a degree of peace of mind. Installing a new alarm system at the time your contents insurance is due for renewal can effectively reduce the price of both, allowing one cost to partially offset the other.

Nuisance Alarms
Standard alarm systems are often less than satisfactory and have become more strongly associated with causing a nuisance in the neighbourhood than they have with actually protecting property. False alarms are now so common that in many parts of the country police will not attend unless they receive additional evidence that a crime is actually taking place.

This kind of old-fashioned alarm technology is now being replaced by state-of-the-art wireless systems that are both more effective and more reliable. The best of these are monitored by staff at service centres who operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Hard-wired systems require changes to the infrastructure of homes in order to install the physical wires that connect the individual modules – a process that may take several days to complete effectively. Wireless systems, on the other hand, can be fitted in a matter of hours. Another advantage they have is that battery back-ups ensure that they remain effective even in the event of a power cut.

Wireless Security
The most sophisticated wireless security equipment includes web cams, allowing both monitoring staff and property owners to view the scene remotely and immediately determine the actual case of an alarm. In addition to providing another layer of security, such systems can also give valuable evidence to police in the event of a burglary by capturing images of the perpetrators.

Another option is to have two-way voice communication with the monitoring centre, which switches on automatically in the event of an alarm being tripped. The use of a pre-agreed password enables staff at the centre to determine if anyone present in the house has the authority to be there. This kind of system can also be invaluable for elderly people living alone who, in the event of difficulties, need only activate a personal panic button to summon assistance rather than having to make their way to the telephone.

The effectiveness of such systems in both deterring crime and in assisting in the recovery of property from homes has been proved many times. Now, as the cost of such technology continues to fall, these systems are being installed in more and more properties. The more widespread such systems become, the greater the disadvantage of those who do not have them. For this reason, levels of dependence on home-security systems are likely to continue to grow.


About Author:  Kristina Louis is a freelance content writer by profession.She writes article on behalf of home security systems.Gadgets and Internet technology are her topic of interest and she find immense pleasure in writing article on Internet technology.

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  • Nice post 
    Kristina and one that I’m sure a lot don’t really pay that much attention to.  I’m one of them

    I also live in a gated community so I feel pretty secure here although I will say that there have been a few homes that have been broken into here.  We think though that they had inside information and I’ve been in the same location for 22 years and never been a target so I just continue to feel very blessed.

    Now my Mom has a good security system and I also know it’s chased a few people off.  She’s been in her home over 45 years too so in an open neighborhood like that, I feel it’s just a necessity.

    Appreciate this information and hope you and Praveen have a wonderful day!

    • Adrienne – Thanks for sharing your personal experience and thoughts on this wonderful subject that Kristina chose to write about. 

      I am pretty much certain that these security systems are a must even if you are in a gated community, better to be safe and take precautions than repenting later. Whatever said and done, family comes first and protecting my family against any intruders will be my primary objective. 

  • Thanks for sharing this informative post. Well I do agree with your point of view and I will just add up here that security is the most important now a days. One can find many methods in order to make their house and offices secure. The advancement in new technology has made life easy and secure. The installation of new gadgets are helping a lot. This post will let people to know the importance of security.

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