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Perfect Way to Start the Day Top 7 Morning Habits


As the way you start your day determines the rest of the day, your task is to make sure that you have the best possible start of the day in order to help yourself. And that means getting up a little bit earlier and doing your morning routine. Each person has different morning habits that work for them, but they all have one thing in common: to wake you up and prepare you for the challenges of the day. Moreover, having and following through a morning routine makes you more energized and productive. Here are my Top 7 Morning Habits that will give you a perfect start for your day.

1.   Take a fresh shower

Taking a shower first thing in the morning is surely one if the morning habits that help you start your day off right. The best way to start your day is fresh, with all the worries and problems washed away. To help you wake up, you must mind the temperature of the shower. Don’t shower with water that’s too hot as it will make you feel tired and sleepy, but rather adjust the temperature of your shower to be as cool as you can handle. While you shower, you can use the time to review your plans and intentions for the day as well as to try to put yourself into the right mindset by practicing affirmations and thinking about potential accomplishments.

2.   Enjoy your first-morning coffee

Many people (including me!) can’t imagine their day without coffee, especially that sweet, first cup of coffee early in the morning. However, it’s not all about the caffeine. Sure – it keeps us awake, but there is also something in that coffee time itself. We usually don’t have many quiet and peaceful moments during the day, and the time when we drink our morning coffee gives us a chance to wake up gradually, enjoy the silence and peace as well to work out a plan or a to-do list for the day. The feeling is even better if you sip your coffee from your favorite cup!

3.   Put some makeup on

After the shower and the coffee, the next thing in our morning routine is choosing an appropriate outfit, with the right shoes and suitable accessories. This step is all about self-image, our representation and getting ready for work. During the process of getting ready we also consider our hairstyle and makeup. Even though it might sound silly and irrelevant, it’s actually of key importance. Recent studies have shown that women who use makeup to some extent and who take care of their appearance generally feel more self-confident. And when they feel more self-confident they are able to achieve more. However, we should be very careful when it comes to products we put directly on our skin – using untested and low-quality cosmetics can have a bad effect on our skin and consequently our appearance. Experts suggest using only quality and organic makeup for the best results.

4.   Have a nutritious breakfast

To start your day off well you should fuel your body up with a nutritious breakfast. This is usually the part many people skip, hoping that it’s not such a big deal. However, skipping your breakfast really is something you should avoid doing. A proper, healthy breakfast gives you energy and helps you power through the day.

5.   Stretch and do some exercises

One of the Top 7 morning habits is to stay fit and flexible. As we age, our body experiences some changes and it gets more stressed and tense. That’s why we often feel discomfort and pain. In order to avoid this from happening, you should start each day by doing some stretching exercises, even in bed. And when you do get out of the bed, you can do a few exercises to wake your body up. This is especially effective if you open the window and let some sunshine and fresh air in. It helps you loosen up and relieve the stress and tension both physically and mentally.

6.   Meditate

Meditating after getting up, even for several minutes every day, helps you ease into the day. It acts soothingly on your mind and it helps it wake up gradually. It helps you focus and concentrate on the day before you. Meditation techniques teach us how to control our breathing and mind, as all the negative feelings we experience stem from our mind. Meditation makes us stronger mentally as well as able to function even under stress and pressure and to control the effects of negative emotions.

7.   Make a plan for the day

The key to a productive day lies in good preparation. It is necessary for you to know what you need to do, when, how and in what order. That’s why you should write up a list of your plans for the day and check them as you do them. You can consider all the things while taking the shower and write them down while drinking your morning coffee.

As all the successful people have some kind of morning routine that works for them, you should also find one of your own to assure success in all aspects of your life. I hope you liked my Top 7 morning habits to start your day. Please leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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