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Migrant’s Guide Before Buying a House in the Philippines

Migrating to a new country can be a challenging experience, as you are not only leaving a place that you have called home for a long time but also have to adjust to living in an entirely different place. This is the experience that most migrants have when finding a Laguna house and lot, as they are looking to settle down in the country and find the best place to call home. Here is a migrant’s guide before buying a house in the Philippines.


Buying a house in the Philippines as a migrant might seem like a tricky process, however, with the right amount of help, along with some handy tips, you can make the process very convenient, ensuring you do not get lost in all of the paperwork and budgeting. With that in mind, here is a handy guide to help you buy a house in the Philippines. 

Check for available properties online

Before moving into a home in the Philippines, the first thing that you need to do is to take a look at available properties in the country. It is best to take a look at different property websites to find the widest variety of properties available. Make sure you take a look at different cities in the country, as each one can offer some high-quality properties that might be worth taking a look at. This process can take a while, but in the end, you would be able to list down all of the properties you can inquire and visit once you arrive in the country. 

Find the best areas to live for foreigners

Along with taking a look at the best properties online, it is also important to find the best areas to live for foreigners. It is best to find an area where many fellow foreigners are present, as they would be able to help you adjust to your new home and introduce you to what the Philippines has to offer. 

You can consult this through social media, online forums, or even friends you know who are already living in the country. There are many helpful posts about this online, which is why it is best to ask around before finding a place to finally settle down. There are many helpful posts about this online, which is why it is best to ask around before finding a place to finally settle down. 

Get a licensed real estate broker

Once you have taken a look at the properties and places in the country, it is now time to find the ideal home for you. One of the best ways that you can make this process more convenient and comfortable is by hiring a licensed real estate broker to help you get the job done easier. Real estate brokers would be able to assist you in searching for the best properties, while also making sure that the process of purchasing and getting all of the necessary paperwork for your home is done quickly. 

Make sure your real estate broker has all of the necessary licenses to make sure that you are purchasing property from a trusted professional, and prevent any problems when buying your home. 

Understand all laws and other legalities

Along with consulting with a trusted property professional, having an understanding of all of the property ownership laws in the Philippines is also important, as you would need to make sure you are following the correct legal procedures. Property ownership for foreigners varies differently depending on your status, which is why it is best to consult with property experts to ensure that you are able to get a house in the country. 

Along with understanding different property laws, keep in mind the rules and regulations posted by villages and condominiums once you have moved in. These rules are kept in place to ensure the safety and security of people, which is why it is best to know all of them and follow accordingly. 

Set up a budget and paperwork

Once you are now ready to make a purchase, make sure you have a proper budget set up to make sure that you have all of the necessary expenses covered. Purchasing property can be very costly, as you are not only paying for the home itself but also expenses like association fees, utilities and moving costs. Many first-time homebuyers have experienced the problem of not having the right budget, leading them to have early debts that can be hard to pay off in the long-term. By having a budget, you are sure you can make the most out of your home investment.

Along with having the right budget having the necessary paperwork to ensure you would be able to legally purchase your home without any trouble. Paperwork includes property contracts, legal identification, licenses, and much more. Always keep multiple copies of all your documents to make sure you have it ready in case they are requested. 

Key Takeaway

Buying a house as a foreigner in the Philippines can be a challenging process, as there are many factors to consider to make sure that you are able to make the purchase. By following this migrant’s guide before buying a house in the Philippines, you can make sure you get to purchase your ideal home in the country and have the best living experience.

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  • I’ve been anxious for a week now since I have to live in the Philippines for a job and maybe even stay there for good, this is such a good read, very informative and descriptive, thank you for sharing this

  • 1. Opt for a house where all the four corners are intact, i.e., without any corner being cut.
    2. Avoid south-west facing homes.
    3. The staircase should always be clockwise and should not be in the north-east direction.

  • Hi Praveen,

    Nice Article. I really enjoyed your article as it gives the reader an awesome overview of how migrants can easily shift and live in the Philippines.

    Thanks for this guide

  • Hey Praveen, I would like to tell people those who don’t know about this law that if you’re married to a Filipino citizen, you’ll buy property in your spouse’s name. While your name won’t get on the title, it is often included within the contract to buy for the property. If you’re legally separated, or your spouse passes away, the land can’t be transferred to you because you’re still prohibited from owning land, but you’ll have an inexpensive amount of your time to sell the property and collect the proceeds. Otherwise, the property will pass to your spouse’s heirs and/or relatives.

    • It is interesting to know that you cant get on title if you are not a citizen. If someone where to buy a property with their wife and were later to be separated as you suggested do you know if there is any requirement to split the equity in the home?

      You also noted that land could not be transferred to you but would you be able to buy a unit in a condo building or shares in an co-op building?

  • Hey Praveen,

    You have said 100 % correct that it will very challenging if your are migrating to another country because there you need to know everything to understand.

    Philippines is nice country in Asia, it is famous due to its demographic condition. You have explored nice facts with simplicity and it will really going to clear doubts basically.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  • Thanks Praveen

    It is a useful refresher article on what to look out for when buying properties abroad.

    In addition to seeking help from local professionals, the person intending to buy should spend quite some time in doing their due diligence prior to purchase to avoid any unwelcome situations.

    Speaking to a few brokers rather than just one can often help buyer to establish two sides of a coin. Some brokers can be quite saleasy and recommend properties which brings them a larger commission but not necessarily the best deal for the buyer.

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