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Listen To My HeartBeat @ 148 bpm

When my wife was pregnant with Neha back in 2007, I had written an article on blog-spot which you can read here – HeartBeats. Then she was 12 weeks into her pregnancy and we had enjoyed the moment and I was feeling sad that I had not recorded the wonderful sound to play again later. 

10 Years since, we were back at the ObGyn today morning to listen to yet another little heart pumping at 148 bpm, and I did not miss the chance to record it this time!!!! You can listen to the heartbeat below. 

Listen To My Heart-Beat

Yes, you guessed it right, my wife is pregnant and is in her 14th week of pregnancy, we have been given a due date of September 20th. We are all super excited about this and this time we have Neha around us to keep us on our toes and get ready for the big day!!!

Neha is now 9 years and she has always wanted a baby brother or sister, we felt the same and thought it would be good for her to have a sibling whom she can share her life going forward. Since the day we broke the news to her, she has been a wonderful helper around the house, does all her homework without us having to remind her everytime she comes back to home from school. She has grown up so much in such a short time and am looking forward to seeing her in the “big sister” role. I am sure she will be the best sister one could have and will have endless love to this baby for ever.

It has been a rough road for my wife, sush these past few weeks. Her first trimester was tough and now we are hoping everything falls in place and we will be able to enjoy this pregnancy and welcome the new arrival to make our family “complete”.

I am sure there will be a lot of changes in our lives, everything will start revolving around baby toys, baby stuff, baby clothes, baby-this-and-that, but I think we are ready for that and rather look forward to this pleasant change from our routine lives.

I do remember with Neha how it was when she came into our lives, there is so much joy and happiness a baby can bring, but at the same time, we were new to the experience and many things came as a surprise to us. Now, I think we are better prepared and know what to expect, though it has been a few years now.

In April, we will be able to know the sex of the baby, I think this time we will actually get to know whether it is a boy or a girl. We were adamant in our first that we wanted it to be a surprise and was blessed with Neha (both of us wanted a girl). Now, I strongly feel it is another girl, while the Chinese Calendar says it is a boy!!! Neha was not satisfied with this and we again did the “spoon and fork” test yesterday. Sush sat on the spoon again indicating it would be a girl!! I would be OK with either now, although a girl baby will make myself a “minority” at home with 3 girls ruling!!!

I love the ticker I put at the top of the page, I have one running for Neha still on the blog-spot, and I wanted one for our new baby as well. I will keep this running and it brings back good memories to cherish after a few years. 

The whole giving-birth process has never stopped amazing me, and now again, I go read stuff on the internet, and was surprised that the baby is the size of a lemon now in the 13th week. Last week during the scan we could make out the hands and legs already distinctly visible. It is a remarkable process and there is so much to learn and know about this. It is nothing less than a “miracle” and only He could have been the architect of this phenomenon.

You get to believe in God and his mysterious ways when you get deep into such thoughts and I just hope and pray to God everyday that we have a healthy baby and it goes easy for my wife as well. All I can do is stand by her and give her the moral support, but it is her who has to go through this entire 9 months to bring a new life into this world. (Well, it is 179 days to go!!!)

Neha has been very supportive to her mom and has started singing to the baby. We told her that the baby can hear mom’s heart beats and also outside sounds and would love to listen to music. Neha was super excited about it and has never stopped thinking about all the fun she will have with her sibling. 

I will sign off now and will have more updates in the days to come. It is nice to finally write about my family after a very long time. My parents and in-laws will be visiting us during and after the delivery and our home will be filled with people and friends visiting, laughter all around, happiness in the air and lot of “crying, feeding, cleaning, and night-outs” !!! 




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