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List of Most Expensive Coffee in the World

List of Most Expensive Coffee in the World

Don’t you love to sip a cup of coffee in a fresh morning?

Well, it is one such magical drink which can rejuvenate anyone at any moment. With a wide array of cultivars and a variety of preparation methods, there are more than hundred types of coffee in the world. It is not always about either Espresso or Cappuccino!

As there’s such a wide number of coffees available in the market, it is quite genuine to see a price difference often. Surprising but true, some of them can really be very expensive. The price-tags can be as high a $500/pound!!

So, which are the most extortionate coffees out there? Let us list out some of the most expensive coffee in the world!!!

Let’s have a look!

Mi Esperanza Coffee:

Most Expensive Coffee in the World

Isn’t Honduras a popular choice as a coffee growing country? Well, Mi Ezperanza coffee is one of its finest produces. It has a uniquely mesmerizing aroma which can take just take you to another world.

In a recent auction, the price of this splendid coffee went up to $ 35 per pound. People are just loving it unconditionally for the fascinating flavors of nuts, fruits and spices which are included in it.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee:

This coffee is made from the amazing coffee beans which grow almost 5,000 feet above the sea level. The taste of this coffee is one of its kind. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is very popular in Japan. Japanese are extremely fond of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Its price varies from $45-$50/pound.

Why is it so popular in Japan?

Probably, it is because of the very mild flavor that it has. This is just perfect for people who just can’t stand the usual strong taste of coffee.

Saint Helena Coffee:

Remember the great Napoleon Bonaparte? Well, he was an ultimate fan of this coffee. He used to cultivate it on the island of St Helena. This is how it got its name!

Wondering where is Saint Helena?

It is quite a remote island which is surrounded by Atlantic ocean from all sides. It is located approximately 1,200 miles from the west coast of Africa.

As it has to get transported from so far, the price of this coffee is quite high. With premium quality and pleasant caramel flavors as well as hints of citrus, Saint Helena is an absolutely fabulous version of coffee! The price of this coffee can go as high as $ 79/pound.

Molokai Coffee:

Molokai coffee comes straight from Hawaii with a price-tag of $51/pound. This coffee is usually produced by Coffees of Hawaii in the Maui County. This stupendous coffee is a perfect combination of extraordinary coffee making skills and wonderful coffee-growing conditions.

You can buy a packet of this coffee by spending $ 51/pound!

Kopi Luwak:

With the help of Asian palm civets, Kopi Luwak is produced in Indonesia. These animals are allowed to eat the coffee cherries. They ferment them during digestion and accumulate the end products in their feces.

Check out my previous article on Kopi Luwak!!!

The seeds are then collected from there and further processed. It might sound ridiculous to you but it is the reason behind such a unique taste of this coffee. The enzymes that they secrete during digestion play the significant role! You’ve to spend $ 160 on purchasing one pound of Kopi Luwak.

Hacienda La Esmeralda Coffee:

This coffee is having a really hefty price-tag. It can be up to $ 350/pound. When it comes to growing this coffee, it needs a commendable extent of expertise and experience. While being grown in the best coffee-growing lands of Panama, Hacienda La Ezmeralda coffee is enticing a lot of admirers with each passing day. If you’ve not drunk a cup of this coffee yet, make a move soon!

Black Ivory Coffee:

The Black Ivory Coffee company of Thailand grows this coffee. It is basically prepared from Arabica beans. The formulation of this coffee is quite similar to that of Kopi Luwak. Here, the animal which plays the role is an elephant. They consume the Arabica seeds and digest them.

While doing so, the stomach acids of elephants break down the protein present in the seeds. It gives an extraordinary flavor to the drink. This coffee is quite expensive with a price of up to $500/pound.

The main reason behind such a high rate is nothing but the fact that it is possible to collect only a very small amount of broken seeds at any time from the elephant’s faeces. If you want to go for just one cup of Ivory Black coffee, you’ve to spend $50!

So, these are the most expensive coffee in the world around you. I must say that although the prices seem to be quite out of the budget to you, they are worth tasting! If you are a real coffee-lover, don’t wait anymore. Go for them and I am sure you will certainly end up thanking me!

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