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Kopi Luwak (You may stop drinking coffee after reading this)

Do you know which is the Most Expensive Coffee in the whole world? If you are thinking in the lines of a Jamaican or a Hawaiian brand, you are way off…it is the Indonesian coffee called Kopi Luwak.

Kopi in Indonesian means “coffee” and “Luwak” is a weasel-like creature that eats raw coffee beans. Now you must be wondering why the brand name…

Kopi LuwakThe animal eats and digests the outer layer of the bean, but is unable to churn the inner hard bean and excretes it out. The local people collect these “poop” and turn them into the most expensive coffee for the entire world!!!

Apparently, the entire digestive mechanism of the Luwak removes the bitterness in the bean and adds a “unique” flavor to it.

This particular coffee can cost up to $50 a cup or $600 a pound if you can bear to even drink a sip of this after knowing from where it has made its way to your coffee table.

The reason the coffee is considered the finest in the world is that the Luwak eats only the absolute ripest of beans. So essentially, you’re getting a cup of handpicked, hand-shelled beans. Except instead of hands, it’s a…you know what!!

“The coffee beans(or the remnants) are roasted at hundreds of degrees then nearly boiled. There would be absolutely no smell, taste, texture, or remnants of any kind of excreta” – claims the manufacturer.

Now this gives a new meaning to my domain name – Daily Morning Coffee????

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    • agree with you, sushma. not because, i’m Indonesian, but hey, a “real” coffee lover will know that luwak coffee tastes best. i just wonder whether the writer of this post ever sip a luwak coffee.

  • I am not the coffee buff. But the title of ‘most expensive coffee’ raised my curiosity to give it a try when i had been offered the same with great indonesian hospitality by one local friend , when i was in jakarta a month back ….till in enthusiasm , he explained the ‘way’ this coffee gets processed. Believe me, i dont know what all i had been thinking and concentrating upon before each gulp of that ‘expensive coffee’! 

  • Unfortunately, this lucrative commodity has spawned cruelty against the poor chivets – they are being trapped, kept in small cages and forced to consume and excrete the beans and most horribly, the moms are being separated them from their babies. Think before you drink, I’d say.
    Ismail N recently posted…Coffee And HealthMy Profile

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