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Job Seekers – Tips to Overcome Long-term Unemployment

For the time being, the number of joblessness in America remarkably increases. In the end of 2011, the number of unemployed people reaches 13.2 million and around 5.6 millions of them or 40% were long-term unemployed. For that means is there are many people who became jobless for more than six months. Thus, those people require tips to overcome long-term unemployment so they will be hired as soon as possible. The urgency is getting higher as the economic downfall has not shown the significant improvement and consequently, more and more people will be without jobs in the future.

These numbers are not guarantee for bright near future at all. However, instead of being hopeless, you have to breakthrough so you can get job in advance. Erin Peterson, a global leader in outsourcing solutions and capital consulting, asserted that there are several things you have to do.

Confront Prejudice and Take Retraining into Consideration

Prejudice always exists against the long-term unemployed. Instead of being introverted, you have to head-on. Peterson even said that you need to discuss what you have done to enhance your current skills and you have to be flexible. Then, you need to take into account retraining. Perhaps, getting trained or taking classes in the area you are completely new is good so you will have more skills and confident; the two keys of being marketable. Furthermore, you can make target to get retaining efforts. You may visit or job boards and look for job trends.

On the other hand, apparently there are more hidden jobs market, rather than advertized ones. Therefore, you need to find them by keeping connected to personal and professional networks so hidden job market can be revealed. Otherwise, you can contact several companies in where you have good skills, instead of the human resource department.

Consider Volunteering and Be Creative

Volunteering can be good for your while you are seeking for a job. May never know what you will get from this activity. For instance, you are dog lovers. When you are unemployed, you can join at the local dog shelter voluntarily. During the volunteering, you will see the other volunteers and one or some of them may recommend you to work at the companies suiting to your skills. This referral bonus enables you to get job so you will no longer unemployed.

In addition, you need to market self just like companies promotes their products but make sure you make it fit to your personality. For instance, you can send the hiring manager flowers with the attachments of portfolio CD. Don’t forget to include your contact. While you are unemployed, you will have unlimited chance to reach all the areas in this life and connect with former friends, friends of friends and colleagues in a social media. Find your friends of senior high schools or colleges and connect with them. You may never think what you can find.

Stay Positive

Even though you have been long-term unemployed, you should not be defensive. Stay away from phrases like “no one wanted me” or “nobody is hiring”. Stay focus on positive attributes you currently own. Joining in a group will also be good for you instead of isolating or staying at home.

Now, it is the time for you to start. Don’t be discouraged with your condition. Stick on these tips to overcome long-term unemployment and you will get your wanted job soon.

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