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Is Keurig the future of single-serve coffee?

 Is Keurig the future of single-serve coffee?

Is Keurig the future of single-serve coffee?

There has been a coffee revolution quietly brewing in kitchens across the world. First we had slow filter-based percolator systems which were incredibly noisy and took ages to brew a serving of coffee after a meal.

Then we discovered faster coffee machines with no requirement for filters, which still brewed a nice jug of coffee to share with friends, but much faster and with less fuss. However, they still took a fair amount of time to complete the brewing process.

We then discovered the push-down cafetiere systems for a much quicker and convenient choice, although there was always the chance of leftover grounds escaping the metal filter and making their way into your cup with this option.

Single serve coffee machines

But our need for convenience still wasn’t met seemingly until the development of single serve coffee machines using sealed pods to make a single cup of coffee instantly. Keurig is perhaps the best known brand among the single serve market place.

Keurig Green Mountain, to give the company it’s full name, has taken the marketplace by storm, now offering more than 400 different choices of hot drinks which can be delivered at the touch of a button, on a cup by cup basis.

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Serving a variety of choices

It makes serving everyone at a dinner party a different type of coffee much quicker and much easier – just pop in the corresponding pod and press the button. Hey presto, you can give one person an espresso, another a latte and another an Americano, all using the same machine.

The other reason Keurig could be the future is their commitment to sustainability, both for the farmers who cultivate the coffee but also in developing recyclable pods for their coffee and making a commitment to clean water.

Single serve coffees are still the biggest growing section of the coffee market thanks to their convenience and also because of the consistent way every single pod used will create the same quality cup of coffee. There is no guesswork required.

Consistent approach to coffee-making

Every single pod will always produce the same cup of coffee so you will never be disappointed. While using coffee beans which you only brew when you need them, no doubt will provide a fresher cup of coffee, it is a complicated and time-consuming process.

When you have friends round who wants to spend time grinding coffee beans in the kitchen, then waiting for the coffee pot to take its sweet time to brew a whole pot, when you can just pop in a pod and get back to the conversation?

The future for coffee pots

It is highly likely that homes of the future won’t have a big coffee pot in the corner of the work top in the kitchen. Even though they are great for making a lot of coffee in one go, using a pod system to make several individual cups is pretty much just as convenient.

Just as the filter-based systems were replaced by the large coffee pots, these pots will be consigned to the archives and be replaced by single serve pod systems such as Keurig.

With pods now widely available to purchase in supermarkets and the machines that use them coming down in size and price, there is no reason for them not to start taking over and being seen in every kitchen.

What about the workplace?

We have all experienced the horror of instant “coffee” supplied from a workplace vending machine and with many workers now preferring to pick up a shop-bought coffee on their way into the office, or making their own drinks, perhaps the single serve coffee will also spark a revolution here.

Instead of keeping the “posh” coffee for visitors and guests I’m sure the day will come when workers start to bring in their own personal single-serve brewing systems into every office. Particularly as the systems for delivering single-serve coffees get smaller by the day.

With a personal pod-based coffee machine on every desk, workers wouldn’t even have to get up to make themselves a decent cup of coffee – although that’s not necessarily a good thing for their health.

However, it’s clear that single-serve coffee systems like Keurig have been gaining steady momentum around the world and are definitely here to stay. With no fuss or cleaning of filters required, no messy coffee grounds stuck at the bottom, and the ability to brew a consistently good cup of coffee at the touch of a button, what’s not to like?

With the pods now becoming recyclable and the focus on sustainability, it surely won’t be long before single serve coffees are brewed first thing in the morning, and then transported to work in a sustainable, reusable travel mug, rather than expensive coffees bought at cafes in throwaway cups.


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