iPhone 8 Plus vs LG G6: Which Phone Has the Best Camera for Travelling?

iPhone 8 Plus vs LG G6The smartphone camera has come a long way in its evolution over the years. It has now become common practice for people to simply use a smartphone for their camera instead of a separate one especially while traveling. Such an emphasis on the smartphone camera has spurred manufacturers to become more innovative. This post looks at the iPhone 8 Plus and LG G6 camera and determines which one is best for capturing memories of your trip.

Why Choose a Smartphone Camera for Travel?

While smartphone cameras have improved considerably over the years, they certainly aren’t the same as a separate camera. They are limited in the sense that they don’t have a lot of zoom to them or a bunch of different modes to choose from like a normal camera does.

They are easier to transport though. Traveling with a separate camera is riskier because it’s easier to steal compared to the camera in a smartphone. In addition, a smartphone camera requires very little in the way of extra equipment for travel. One micro-SD card and an adapter or two is the extent of what you’ll need. This includes those for the lens or an additional light. Compact stands are also easy to stick in a bag if necessary. These things take up more room and are heavier when using a regular camera.

Hardware Differences

Until this latest iteration of the iPhone, not a lot has changed with its camera. But this version has some changes in it. The iPhone 8 Plus camera has deeper dual pixels in its sensors with new color filters in the lenses. It also has a new proprietary image sensor in it.

The rest of the specs are similar. It has a dual lens system with one normal and one telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom. It has a lower apparatus and no image stabilization.

The LG G6, by contrast, handles the dual lens camera system much better. It has a 13 MP image sensor. In both lenses and instead of a telephoto lens, LG opted to pair a wide angle lens alongside the phone’s normal one. F /1.8 and f/2.4 aperture are used with the normal and wide angle lenses respectively.

LG also has a decent app to use with the camera that includes an easy-to-use manual mode.

Real-World Comparisons

lg g6 galaxy s8 

The iPhone 8 Plus comes out on top in a color test. It gets points for better color accuracy and a warmer tone. LG’s is cooler and the colors are darker at a glance. The camera’s lens color filters, sensor, and new ISP contribute to the result.

This is seen over and over again with various pictures. Even in harsher lighting conditions, the iPhone doesn’t sacrifice color for balance lending a more realistic feel to all of the photos. The LG G6 also turns in a decent performance. But it’s noticeably lacking in these areas with a head to head test.

In a travel setting, this means that photos of the sites and traveling companions will come out better color-wise in the iPhone 8 Plus.

In terms of clarity, both phones do a good job of retaining the subtle details in a photo. The G6 excels at distance and macro applications while the iPhone 8 Plus pulls ahead in daily usage ability.

Both devices fail in low light settings. The iPhone pulls out more detail in this setting but neither picture is that great. That said, each of them has nice autofocus in these situations. But iPhone is much quicker to do so than LG. This is important to note especially if you want to take a quick photo with the camera.

LG wins the exposure category though. While some photos might appear to be washed out, this camera is more accurate. iPhone concentrates on the photo’s pop more. In other words, LG’s G6 leaves more room to edit photos whereas iPhone goes for the showiness.

In terms of camera apps, LG has RAW photo support and the app launches with a double tap of the volume button. Plus it has a manual mode and other modes to utilize the dual-lens system. IPhone’s app is more user-friendly and snappier to use.

But LG’s wide-lens second lens pulls ahead of Apple’s zoom lens and portrait mode. In a travel setting, this would be utilized more as pictures of different sites are taken compared to that of people.

Choosing which smartphone camera is better for travel comes down to what you need out of a camera. Those who are into photography and want to edit photos will prefer LG G6 to the iPhone 8 Plus. It’s flexible and offers different features that are adjustable to your preferences. The iPhone 8 Plus is perfect for capturing good-looking travel memories without making it complicated for someone who isn’t necessarily tech savvy.


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Noelle Neff is a professional photographer covering niche markets. She graduated from the University of Miami and is based in the same city. Noelle Neff is also a renowned blogger on topics such as photography and travel. You can also find some of her shots at various online stock photo sites.

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  1. Hi,
    I think professional photographers always have a separate camera oh super quality and high resolution. Every of the matter for them and they cannot take a chance in any ways.

  2. iPhone is the biggest brand of smartphone series and camera quality is fully HD. And it is so useful for photography. And LG has an also a good camera. But iPhone is best for the camera.

  3. Great Comparison!
    How do you guys think it stacks up against Samsung Galaxy’s S8 in terms of Picture quality? My girl Friend has the S8 and it’s picture quality looks pretty stunning to me!

  4. Hey, Noelle,
    Excellent stuff!
    Great comparison and lots of information given. I love LG G6 for its camera quality and fast loading every feature.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this information and have a great day.

  5. I think iPhone 8 plus has the best camera for travelling. I always prefer to use it while travelling from one specific place to another. In my opinion it’s the best phone for capturing photos and images.

  6. iPhone is the biggest brand of smartphone series and camera quality is fully HD. And it is so useful for photography. And LG has an also a good camera. But iPhone is best for the camera.

  7. Hello,
    I like this optical zoom lens using with my iPhone it has a 8x lens magnification and 18mm objective lens bring a good clear picture even a far away distance, and this lens has universal and adjustable holder, the lens with a super wide angle, large luminous flux and higher visual acuteness, which is good for color reduction to making high quality photography. Thanks
    Jerome N. Howard

  8. I love the iPhone 8 Plus because it takes professional-looking photos even if the person taking them is an amateur. You know the feeling you have when your little child takes a professional photo of you with your wife. However, the price is always a factor and some people find it cheaper buying a separate camera than going for the iPhone 8 Plus.

  9. Both the LG and the iPhone 8 Plus offer great cameras. Since they are inside of smartphones, picking the best camera also includes an operating system in the decision-making process. But the good news is that the iPhone 8 Plus and the LG G6 both give iOS and Android users plenty to play with in terms of the camera.

  10. All the iphone models have stunning camera. It is good to take photography
    The only draw back for iphone is price.The android mobile is more cheaper than iphone.
    but it is worth for money.


  11. Now days, phones comes with more than one cam , the lastest Samsung S20 and have at least one 12MP camera in their four-lens , those days are gone when we used to have a phone with 1 MP camera:)

  12. Well, I think iPhone 8 would be better than LG G6 because it has many features that LG G6 does not. in fact, both are good devices to take memory while traveling but, iPhone 8 has a little weak on its charge which nowadays with a good quality power bank you can solve. recommend you iPhone products.

  13. Thank you very much on my behalf I learned a lot from this site, I love your posts. Do you share any iPhone repair related post, such as unlock iphone without passcode?

  14. for me the iphone 8 plus would be by far the best phone as i have tested the speed and performance it’s breathtaking and is above awesome, however, if you budget is limited you can go for lg g6.

  15. from my side iphone is the best brand and camera is so much awesome. i always go for an apple iphone. i have iphone 6 and quality of picture is just so realistic

  16. I think the iPhone 8 Plus is the best for travel, the camera on the RAE phone is better and the pictures are very nice, the video on this phone is clearer than the videos on other phones, so the iPhone 8 Plus is the best. This post is very good. Thanks for sharing this post.

  17. If I talked about myself iPhone result is best as compared to LG G6. I’m saying this because I’m an Apple user. I didn’t use the android phone so much. Those users who used LG G6 will vote for LG G6. But when we compared the result of both phone’s cameras you will see the difference. The picture took from iPhone have more clarity as compared to others.

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