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Importance of a Proper Diet for Senior Citizens

A diet which has all the essential nutrients present in appropriate amounts is known as a balanced diet. A balanced diet is essential for people of any age, be it an old person or a child. For elderly people, it is essential to have a proper diet in order to ensure that they stay emotionally balanced, mentally agile and energetic, along with a good immune system. Plus, it will also help them to have a positive approach towards life.

Importance of a Healthy Diet for Old People

A healthy diet for an old person can do the following things:-

  • Increase the power of resisting diseases and illnesses
  • Make the immune system more robust
  • Increase the mental agility
  • Keep the energy levels high
  • Increase the time of recuperation
  • Manage the severe health problems in a better and more effective way

Reasons behind Improper Diet in Old Age

The following are the reasons why people of old age cannot eat properly:-

  • Slow Rate of Metabolism– When an individual reaches the wrong side of 40, the rate of metabolism starts slowing down. Therefore, there exists no such possibility that he or she will be having his food in the same quantity and frequency as the person used to have in the younger age. Even if that individual does so, he or she will certainly be gaining a lot of extra weight.
  • Loss of Appetite and Taste– A person’s appetite and taste diminishes along with the increase in age. The slowing of metabolism is responsible for these.
  • Absence of Proper Digestion– With increase in age, a lot of transformations occur inside the digestive system. As a consequence, lesser amount of digestive acids and saliva is produced by the person. Therefore, certain minerals and vitamins become difficult to be digested. Therefore, the person faces severe problems in digestion.
  • Issues related to Health:  At times, certain illnesses and medicines are the reasons behind the loss of appetite. An individual should consult an experienced physician in order to get rid of such problems.
  • Low Level of Activity:  As the age increases, the level of activity decreases. And, because of this lack of movement and exercise, the person seldom feels hungry.
  • Emotional Issues:  Depression and loneliness are other common problems which affects an old person’s diet adversely. It is seen in many cases that a senior person is not willing to eat because there are no people to eat with him or her. The same problems can lead to over eating as well.

The senior citizens surely need to get rid of all the above mentioned problems in order to make the old age a healthy and enjoyable one. A senior person can successfully get out of these kinds of problems if the person is properly helped by the other members of the family and also by taking suggestions from experienced physicians.

Types of Foods Required in a healthy Diet for Seniors

  • Food with low sodium content in order to prevent high blood pressure and retention of water.
  • Food with low fat in order to avoid excess cholesterol.
  • Important minerals and vitamins should definitely be present.
  • A lot of water should be consumed.
  • Consumption of dry food and sugar should be minimized.


Author’s Bio: Shelby Jackson a well known author has been writing articles on geriatric care. For more information visit the website

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  • Absolutely!

    I think just as you mentioned, even we need to take care of our diet right from the time we begin realizing it’s health effects. Elders need less of food as compared because their digestion process isn’t as effective as ours…I guess it goes with their aging process where everything is on a decline.

    Speaking of myself, I see my parents and in-laws and I’m glad they keep a strict watch on their diet and prefer eating balanced and nutritious food.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…How to Find Happiness in a MarriageMy Profile

  • Sigh – all this is true but anyone will probably tell you how difficult it is to persuade old people to eat properly. My solution (of sorts), at least with my Mum is to buy her Vitamin D3 capsules and a good probiotic in capsule form. Actually her food isn’t too bad but these days there isn’t the nutrients in food that there once was, especially trace minerals, so supplementation is a necessity, even if it isn’t the ideal scenario.

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  • Avoid falling. Falls are the main cause of serious injuries, fractures and death among seniors. Walking for thirty minutes, three times weekly aids your balance while maintaining your physical and mental fitness. To reduce the chances of fractures, increase your bone density by combining weight training, calcium and vitamin D.

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