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How Women Can Get Ahead In The Workplace

How Women Can Get Ahead In The Workplace

how women can get ahead in workplace

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It’s a sad reality that, even with all the advances women have made in the workplace over the past several decades, it’s still difficult to get noticed, to get equal pay, and to get ahead. In fact, as recently as 2011 there was a major class-action lawsuit against a huge retailer for gender bias when it came to pay and promotions, and since then, women all over the world have railed against the fact that the female workforce is still fighting for pay equal to that of males. It’s easy to wonder, then, why more supervisors aren’t sitting up and taking notice. One of the reasons may be the unfair assumption that a woman can’t or won’t put in more work or longer hours because they are dedicated to their families.

The reasons a woman in the workplace might be slighted are varied, but fortunately there are some things you can do to prevent or combat it in your own work environment. Here are a few of the best ways to do just that.

Own your work

If you’ve been putting in long hours and working hard on a particular project in the office, make sure your boss knows it. When he or she comments on it or praises you, own it by saying, “Thank you for noticing” in a strong voice. Empower yourself with the thought that you worked hard and are getting the recognition you deserve.

Speak up

Many women have trouble finding their voice in the workplace out of the fear that they’ll come across as hard to work with or overly ambitious (which is not a bad thing). Speak up during meetings and let your presence and ideas be known. Ask your boss for more hours or to work on a big project; the worst they can do is say no. Do you know of a way to get a project done cheaper or more quickly? Let your boss know. Even if they don’t agree with your idea, they’ll at least respect the fact that you’re taking these things into consideration.


Work got you stressed? Make time at home or during a workout to do some mindful thinking. Yoga, long walks, and running are great ways to do this. Set your stress aside and clear your mind; focus on your breathing and your immediate environment. This is a wonderful treatment if you feel you’re getting emotional at work over stressful issues, a surefire way to get yourself noticed in a negative way.

Learn how to communicate effectively

If you didn’t go to college or never took a communications class, it might be helpful to learn now. Making sure you know how to communicate effectively–and how to listen and take in criticism and feedback–can ensure your boss and coworkers see you as a respected member of the team who can get the job done.

It’s also helpful to practice what you might say during an important meeting, especially as it pertains to your ideas. Being overly wordy or struggling to come up with a good way to get your thoughts across can make you appear unprepared.

Author Bio : Gloria Martinez – Ms. Martinez believes that while women have made many advancements toward “shattering the glass ceiling,” there is still much to be done. It is her aim to help increase the number of women-led businesses by educating others about the topic.

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