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How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online?

How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online?

If you are still unsure what a blog is all about and how people make money by blogging, you are at the right place as in this blog post; I am going to explain the basics of blogging; how to start a blog, and how to make money from it.

Without any further ado, let’s start!

What is a Blog?

Blog is a kind of website which is being updated regularly in chronological order. A blog can be maintained by an individual or a group of people or a company.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money ONline

The person who owns a blog, writes blog posts for it, and does activities to promote it to get traffic, is called Blogger. And, the whole process of managing a blog is known as Blogging.

Why do people blog?

There can be different replies from different people. I started blogging just because I loved sharing knowledge online when I joined a forum (That forum was taken down later though) by a friend of mine. I liked the idea, and later I came to know about blogging as well, and that I loved too as we can write detailed articles on specific topics on the blog.

I started blogging because of the love of sharing, but later my passion became my profession as well. So, I blog because I love blogging and it helps me live my life the way I want. No 9-5 job! I am earning a living online working using my laptop and an Internet connection.

Different people may have different reasons for blogging.

This blog post is focused more on blogging for money as our title says “How to start a blog and Make Money?”

How to Start a Blog?

To be honest, starting a blog is a quite easy task but many of us are not the techies and know nothing about these technical stuff. There we need some help from the web or some experts.

With this blog post, I am trying to help everyone to start their blog on their own so that they don’t need to spend huge bucks.

Let’s talk how to start a blog now.


When you plan to start a blog, you need to do pre-planning as what are your goals, what are your interests, how much time you will be able to devote to your blog, what monetization techniques you will be using, etc.

There are a lot of things you need to think and plan. Once planned, move to the next step.

Niche Selection

Once you have a clear plan as what you have to do with your blog, the next thing is Niche Selection. It is very important to choose a niche for your blog. If you are a hobby blogger, you don’t need such selection because you can write whatever you want but if you are thinking for professional blogging to make money online, you must have to do research and select a niche that is profitable, and at the same time, you are interested in that.

For selecting the blog’s niche, you have to do a lot of keyword research. You have to know the search volume of niche keywords and their competition. If you find some keywords with high search volumes and low or medium competition, you can go for that. Even, if searches are a bit low, but competition is too low, then you can also go for that.  High search volume ensures that people are interested in that particular topic, and do search for it every day. And, low competition assures you that you can rank well on Google if you try the best SEO. Once you rank well for a high search keyword, you get tons of traffic every day to your blog. The better your traffic will be the better your earnings will be.

So, niche selection is very important if you are going to blog on one niche. Moreover, some people just blog on multiple topics on their blog which is also good. For example, I blog at where I write about technology, WordPress, SEO, gadgets, Business, Apps, etc. So, if you are one of those people who want to do blogging on the multi-niche blog, then keyword research is not much needed to select the blog’s niche, but you may have to research keywords later when you start writing content for it.

Getting Domain and Hosting

Once you have selected the niche, you can go ahead with the domain registration. If you are going for a regular blog, you should go for a brandable name, and on the other hand if you are thinking about niche blogging, you should get the keyword based domain.

Whatever you plan, you should go ahead, and book your domain with any domain registrar such as Godaddy, NameCheap, Bigrock, etc.

Once the domain is registered, it’s time to choose the web hosting where you can host your domain.

If you want to choose WordPress CMS, you should choose Linux Web Hosting which you can get from some good hosting company such as Bluehost, Hostgator, Digital Ocean, etc.

Setting up WordPress on Your Hosting Server

Now, since you have your domain and web hosting with you, you can go ahead and setup your blog using WordPress. The process of installing WP on the hosting isn’t a tough job. Check a blog post on that explains about installing WordPress on your Hosting server using cPanel. Follow the steps to install WordPress and set up your blog, and in less than 5 minutes, your blog will be ready to use.

Installing Plugins and Theme

After successfully installing the WordPress, it is time to beautify your blog which can be done by choosing a super clean WordPress theme. You can go check out themes at MyThemeShop, Tesla Themes, Theme Junkie, Studiopress, etc. and select one for your blog.

To change the theme in WordPress, go to Appearance => Themes

And upload the theme you have on your computer. If you want to install a theme from WordPress repository (Free one), you can just click on Add New Theme and search.

Once you make a selection, you can click on “Install”.

Once installed, you will be asked to activate. Just activate it. That’s it; the new theme is installed.

Next thing is installing necessary plugins which you can do easily in the Dashboard.  Go to, Plugins => Add New

You can search for a plugin, and click the Install Now button to install that, and then you will see Activate button. Just click that, and the plugin will be activated.

Alternatively, you can upload a plugin file as well if you have it on your computer. To do this, you just click on Upload Plugin and then locate the plugin file.

Note: Most of the plugins need to be configured well to make most out of them. However, there are some plugins that don’t need any set ups. Just install & activate. So you can accordingly look into their settings after activating.

Few very important plugins to install:

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Jetpack
  3. Shareaholic or any sharing button plugin
  4. Akismet
  5. Bulletproof Security
  6. CommentLuv
  7. Table of Content Plus
  8. Backwpup
  9. Broken Link Checker
  10. Regenerate Thumbnails

You can install more plugins as you require them for carrying out different jobs.

Permalink Setting

Permalink is an important setting which you should do before posting. When you visit Settings => Permalinks, you will see many options there.

You can select the one of your choices. The way you want your posts’ links to show, you can choose. My suggestion is to select the Post name as it helps you keep the links shorter. If you choose the one with dates, your posts’ links will be longer ones.

All set! The blog is ready.

XML Sitemap

Now, you should create XML sitemap that you will find in Yoast SEO plugin’s settings. This is important because search engine crawlers find it easy to crawl your site if they find the sitemap. You should also submit your site to Google Search Console, and add the sitemap there.

Now you can go ahead, delete the default sample post, sample page, sample comment from your blog’s dashboard, and start posting the content.

The section how to setup a WordPress blog is completed; now, let’s talk about how to make money from it.

When we talk about money making, let me make it very clear that you cannot make money from the day one. You have to build your blog well by posting valuable and resourceful contents, building backlinks, social promotion, etc.

Once your blog starts getting a good amount of traffic from all channels such as Organic, Social, Referrals, etc., then you can think of monetizing your blog to make money from it.

What are the ways to monetize a blog to make money?

There are many ways to monetize your blog to make money online, but before thinking of monetization, you must need to build a good amount of consistent traffic to your blog.

  1. Adsense

When we talk about blog monetization, Adsense comes first in the list. Even when I realized a blog could make money, I heard about it only. Later I uncovered other monetization ways.

Adsense is basically a PPC ad program which allows you to display ads on your site, and you get paid for the clicks that your site generates for those ads. It also pays on CPM basis. It is the most used ad programs among bloggers.

If your site is getting a good amount of daily traffic, you can easily make money. To make most out of Adsense, you should try getting traffic from USA, UK, and other countries which CPC (cost per click) is good. Yes, it also depends on the country you get clicks from.

To get Adsense on your site, you need to have a proper site with enough original content along with important pages such as About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, etc. If you have these all, you can apply for Adsense at Once approved, you can show ads and start making money.

There are other ad programs like Adsense as well: Chitika,, Infolinks, etc. But, Adsense is the best. When you are not able to get Adsense on your blog or your account is banned, you can use these alternatives.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is also very popular among bloggers. In this, you promote a product from a merchant using the affiliate links (product links with unique affiliate id), and when it gets sold, you get a commission. Different merchants have different commission structure. For example, if you go for Web Hosting, you get high commissions but if you try for Amazon/Flipkart products you get a small commission.

You can promote the products on your blog that are somehow related to your niche. If you have a tech and gadget blog, you can use Amazon affiliate.

Again, the sales depend on the traffic you get. If you are able to rank your posts in which you promote products, you can get more traffic and sales.

Some Popular Affiliate Marketplaces to use:

  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • ClickBank
  • ShareAsale
  • Commission Junction (CJ)
  1. Sponsored Review

Sponsored Review is a great monetization technique if you have a blog with good metrics like High DA, PA, Good Alexa rank, etc. In most cases, you get advertisers through your contact form if you have a high traffic blog. You can talk to them and discuss pricing. Moreover, you can also reach out to potential advertisers, and there are many sponsored review marketplaces as well which if you join, you get offers from different advertisers. For example

Pro Tip => Be selective to offer dofollow links in Sponsored reviews. Use random anchors and not rich ones to stay safe from Google penalties. Moreover, try offering nofollow links.

  1. Banner Ads

You can also sell banner ads on your blogs in which you have to add a banner on your blog at the decided position such as sidebar or header. And, the banner will be clickable which will send users to the client’s website. You can charge your client on a monthly basis or yearly as per the discussion with him. You can make a good amount of money out of this. However, again, you will get banner advertisements if your site has a good amount of traffic.

These are few main monetization techniques for blogs. Moreover, there are many others such as selling services via your blog, selling e-books, etc. You can use the monetization technique that suits your blog the best.

Final Words

You have read everything as how you can create a blog and earn money. Don’t take things lightly as you read because reading and thinking are very easy but carrying out the things mentioned in this post need a lot of hard work, patience, and consistency.

Creating a blog is a one-time task but to make money you need to work hard on it. The key to getting success is to get a huge amount of traffic to your blog regularly. And, for this, you have to employ the best SEO techniques, social marketing, and content marketing.

If you still have any question regarding blog creation and making money, do ask in the comments.

About the author

Atish Ranjan

This Blog post is authored by Atish Ranjan who blogs at since 2010. He loves to spare time from his busy schedule to help the needy ones.


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    There is no rocket science in starting a blog. Just need to have a goal and dedication to achieve the goal.

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  • Excellent step by step instruction here Atish. Big fan of doing things right when I start blogs for a professional purpose. Only after starting a few blogs like a dingbat many years ago LOL. I now start with the intent to have fun, to help folks and to monetize steadily. I definitely start monetizing from day 1 but do so patiently, adding streams 2-3 months at a time, usually. This is a fairly detailed how to make money blogging tutorial. I really appreciate your perspective to it. Steven Jude recently posted… Thanks for sharing this detailed guide. It can be really useful for all the beginners. I think it is really important to find a theme or something that you are really interested and passionate about and write about it. Thank you for sharing your article about HOW TO START A BLOG AND MAKE MONEY ONLINE?
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    First, here’s a reality check: Not everybody will like you or your blog. Some will genuinely find something in your writing style, your branding, or your opinions that they truly dislike. Also, every content needs to be on time for effective results. One of the biggest difficult that I have personally faced is lag sometimes due to shitty net. It’s always preferred to have a better one, even though I am planning to update it as well 🙂 If anyone of you is living in USA, can recommend me a few too.


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  • Starting a blog to make money could be really helpful, though it takes a lot of efforts time and commitment to achieve that. Many do find it difficult to monetize their blogs in most cases.

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