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How to make your office the next best place for your employees

How to make your office the next best place for your employees!

On an average, a normal person spends around seven to eight hours in a day in the office, around five days a week! This is hell lot of a time, if we consider it collectively for the entire life. Each of the workplaces we have been to, hold a special place in our hearts for various reasons. There are memories that have been created at these premises which cannot be replaced in any way. Every new place you join, you make meet different kind of people, with different personalities and some of them become friends for lives! Not only this, it is your office that gives a routine to your life, otherwise you yourself remember the mess you were in college!

How to make your office the next best place for your employees

But, office premises have not been like this always. Before this fun loving, quirky, easy to collaborate and employee satisfaction atmosphere was the era of uptight, nerdy cubicles where people used to be confined to their desks and computers, and never had the kind of fun and amenities which we get to enjoy these days! A lot has changed over a short period of time and thanks to this, the term ‘workplace’ is no longer the shortest horror story ever written! Be it the big IT companies which rule our lives like Google, Facebook, or the smallest of startups in our silicon valley, all of them choose to have a more employee friendly environment in their office premises for better performance.

You see, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ is absolutely true for businesses as well! If your workers are not happy with you or the facilities you are providing them with, there are high chances that they may not work with the best of their abilities! Yes it took the corporate sector sometime to understand this, but when they did, they have created some of the best dream jobs and best workplaces!

Let us see How to make your office the next best place for your employees by giving some perks:

Flexibility in time and attire-

Long gone are the days when the motto ‘early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’ was the only way to live our lives. Generation like ours are the night owls but are perfect gentlemen during the day who are fantastic at any task put in front of them. With the change in lifestyle, the office culture time system must also become a bit tolerant towards it. Flexible timings are a gift for all those who are not putting up close to the office place. As the owner, you can put a time bracket in function, allowing people to reach the office within that specified time. When office timings are flexible, those who are not morning people can also reach office on time and still have a good night’s sleep.

Along with time, there should be flexibility in the clothes to wear in the office. Unlike before where formal shirts and crisp pants or well tailored suits were the only kind of clothes that one would wear in office, nowadays, organizations are giving the liberty of wearing casual clothing in office as well. It seems to be a better idea as, if your work profile allows you to do so, then being comfortable in casual clothes and then working is a lot better option than the previous one! After all, these efforts are being put in for employee comfort so it must extend to clothing as well!

Coffee and food be sorted-

There is a huge population of the species who are not only ardent coffee lovers but coffee works like the wake up call for their brains to start functioning! These people will not be able to work without a cup of their favorite coffee. All office premises must have coffee vending machines so that their employees never feel sleepy or demotivated! Not only this, along with coffee, having machines for other drinks must also be there so that the beverage and coffee department is sorted. You can take the help of services like Exact Vending Services to get this installations done. Along with this, being an owner, you must make provisions for healthy and variety of meals in the office so that people do not have to work empty stomach or hog unhealthy junk! Your employees must remain healthy so that you get the best results from them! There must be a dedicated cafeteria in the premises, and if possible, you may have a few food chain stores as well!

 Recreational area-

It is practically impossible for anyone to remain glued to the computer screen for 8 hours a day and not think of taking a break. Having a recreational area in the office where people can go and play, relax, and spend some quality time with their colleagues doing things they love. There are a lot of options available for this set up, for example, you can create a gaming zone with games like pool, table tennis, X boxes, Foosball and what not! You may just leave one room vacant for those who love to work with music playing around them! Not only this, you can set up a gym in the office so that the employees can also work on their fitness while they are in the office building. Recreational areas are important as they let the employee have a break so that he or she can come back with better energy and work again! Not to mention, the kind of team work ethics these games induce in employees is an additional advantage. Some benevolent bosses also allow their employees to take a power nap in the office by providing a space for beds in the building!

Transport facility-

This one is also extremely important, especially if the office campus is situated in an area which is not very accessible. When such is the case that you have to manage your commute till the office on your own and all you are dependent on are Ola or Uber, there are high chances that the day begins and ends both at a sour note. To save your workers form that hassle, you must arrange for transport facility for the employees who opt for it. Not only this, this is essential for the safety of your employees, particularly when you have people going back home late at night. ‘Safety first’ must always be the motto!

Healthy, approachable environment-

No business will ever flourish if there is no transparency in communication between the employees and the management or between two workers itself. It is the prime duty of an proprietor to propagate and maintain a healthy environment in the office so that there are no occurrences of ‘office politics’ instances which can be harmful to someone. It is crucial to have an environment in which it must be easy for a junior employee to go and talk to the senior and tell him or her openly about any issues or any ideas for an existing project. Once this transparency comes, positivity will begin spreading in the office, making it a livelier place to work in.


No, we are not talking about the games in your office! Well, you cannot always talk about office, isn’t it! But office parties are a great fun, no doubt! If there are new people in the team, these parties can become the ice breaker and let everyone gel up with each other. Corporate office parties are crazy and filled with fun and why won’t they! Hard work must be paid back well. Not just hosting parties, you may also organize trips for your employees and let them take a much needed break from their hectic schedule. Trips are the times when one gets to see many different traits of his colleague and get to know them better. When fun gets involved with work, it becomes better!



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