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How To Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

DailyMorningCoffee welcomes Ivan Dimitrijevic with his first Guest Article. 

How to keep your swimming pool clean and safe?

If you are a pool owner, you have to know that decision about the right pool cleaner set for your pool have to be based on the shape of your pool.

For a rounded swimming pool with no square corners for a cleaner to get stuck in, a random style suction cleaner will be an excellent solution.  If your pool has square shape and sharp corners then a random pool cleaner will likely get stuck. You can choose to go for a geared suction cleaner that will either constantly slowly turn or every few minutes reverse back a few steps before continuing.

Pool cleaners are the equivalent of “underwater robots” which seemingly move around on their own on the floor of a swimming pool. As they move around on the floor’s surface, a motor/hose combo will employ vacuum suction power that safely removes all the debris which may have collected since the last cleaning. While a pool cleaner does not provide a comprehensive cleaning that covers all every aspect of making a pool tidy, but it does a tremendous job of clearing settled debris out of the pool.

Next thing you have to keep in mind as a pool owner is that you need to find a pool cleaner which is capable of handling the type of debris which can find its way into your pool. Depending on your pool location, leaves, branches, sand, and, of course, dirt can cause some problems with your pool cleaning and safety. Different models of pool cleaners are specially designed for different impurities and debris. You need to match your cleaner with what you intend it to deal with.

Another piece of regular pool maintenance equipment is pool pumps.

Specially, one thing you have to keep in mind when we are talking about modern pool pumps and this is energy efficiency. The older models were mainly focused on high power consumption, but modern days pool pumps are friendly for your energy bill and the main focus is the speed at which water passes through the filtration system. Modern designers have come up with a wide range of either variable flow or variable speed pumps.

Variable speed pumps differ with single speed ones in that they use magnetic motors to keep varying the speeds on their own, according to the pools volume and size. They work at the least needed energy for every swimming pool task such as heating, circulation and cleaning. A single speed will in contrast use the same power for each task. Experiments have proved that power consumption can be reduced to an eighth by cutting pump water speed by a half.

Next thing you have to keep in mind are pool chemical sets. Pool chemical packages offer a cost effective alternative for pool owners to keep pool and spa water healthy.

Pool chemicals offer a cheap alternative for pool owners to keep pool and spa water healthy all year round. The main chemical for sanitizing and pool cleaning is chlorine. It is a cheap and effective disinfectant for water which will kill the algae and bacteria. The advantage of chlorine is its effectiveness at a very low price. With a dose of chlorine you are able to kill bacteria and algae in your swimming pool, as well as break down the level of natural oils and grease from our bodies in the water.
The chlorine in the water can have some well known negative implications, because chlorine will react with organic cells giving your pool a not so pleasant smell plus well known eyes stinging issue. What may be a less well known fact is that the chlorine will only be properly effective when the PH balance is correct.

For that reason, you have to consider chemicals to maintain the PH balance and so called clarifiers.

Pool balancers – PH balancing chemicals are typically just concentrated acid or alkali to put into the water in an effort to keep the ph7 neutral level. It is very important to use some kind of pool PH testing strip to see the actual PH level of the water before adding anything. Finally clarifiers are a useful pool chemical because they make the process of filtering and skimming the pool that much easier. The clarifier helps the individual particles that are dispersed in the water to clump together to make it easier to filter them out.

Author Bio:

Ivan D. is part time blogger and online enthusiast. He contributes to many blogs including Red Baron Pool Supplies, writing about inspirational pool design, pool equipment and maintenance, pool chemicals, salt chlorinators and pool pumps.


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  • On winter season, keep your pool warm by getting pool heaters. It’s not only for fun but it has also relaxing and healing benefits towards your body.

  • Enclose your pool with high fences, which can be locked. Do not leave the pool open and accessible since children can fall inside. Keep your pool safe, and keep your kids away from the poolside.

  • One of the best ways to keep your pool clean is to use it every day. This helps keep the pool active and doesn’t allow mildew to start forming on the pool walls. Also, make sure you wash off before getting in the pool. This will eliminate extra sand and dirt from entering the pool.

  • Algae is another popular scapegoat when it comes to swimming pool cleaning. It is often blamed for making pool water dirty. While algae certainly will turn pool water cloudy and eventually make it go green if it isn’t dealt with, it isn’t actually making your pool water dirty. Algae is a microscopic plant and perfectly natural. Still, a pool full of algae isn’t going to contribute towards a healthy swimming pool either!

  • Good point about getting the right pool vacuum for the shape of your pool, I’ve seen them get stuck in a corner a few times.

  • For one to find quality service, it is useful to work with reliable professionals. You will need referrals of prospective contractors from dependable sources. Talk to friends, family and colleagues to see if they may know anyone you could contact for the same. It is always a great idea to get several names of contractors whom you can compare their terms.
    Pool remodeling NJ recently posted…2017 Pool Season ContractMy Profile

  • Hi, Ivan! This is a nice article. We keep our pool clean by making sure that every swimmer takes a shower first before jumping in the water. I also tell kids, not to pee/ poo in the water. Hahahaha. This simple routine might sound cliche to others but it is crucial in maintaining the pool’s cleanliness. Cheers!

  • This is some really good information about keeping a pool clean. My parents are thinking about getting a pool. So, it is good to know that it would be smart to get the pool maintained. It might be smart to get their heater cleaned as well.

  • This is some really good information about keeping a pool clean. It is good to know that it would be smart to keep a good supply of pool chemicals on had. My parents are going to be getting a pool soon so I should make sure that they know what to do when it comes to heating your pool.

  • My parents what to get a swimming pool this year. I liked that you pointed out that they could get underwater robots to clean the pool for them. It also seems like they should be trying got to maintain the pool as well.

  • As swimming is important for us so it is also very important to check the water PH. It is very important to use some kind of pool PH testing strip to see the actual PH level of the water before adding anything. Because it is safe for the health otherwise you will un-secure in the water during the swimming. Your post is very beautiful and informative for us.

  • Awesome post on how to keep one’s pool clean. I’ve been looking for an efficient pool cleaner, and now I know the criteria to use for selection.

  • This is some really good information about pool cleaning. My parents want to get a pool this fall. So, It is good to know that they need to consider what type of chemicals they should use. It might be smart to get a professional to help out with.

  • Praveen, thanks for sharing this great article about how to keep your swimming pool clean. My wife and I are thinking about buying a home that has a pool. If we do buy the home, we’ll want to hire a professional who can come out and do it.

  • Great information you shared on this blog. Swimming cleaning is important. You shared the tutorial about swimming pool cleaning is very well understanding. Surely I will use these tips to clean my swimming pool. Thanks for such post and please keep it up.

  • My cousin is thinking about getting a swimming pool so that they can relax from the sun and his kids can have cool pool parties with their friends. He would love to get it cleaned every week by a professional because he is afraid of messing it up. I liked what you said about how he should make sure that his pool pump is really energy-efficient and won’t impact his energy bill too much.

  • Hello Praveen. That is a very helpful article. Can you please tell me if the robots can clean the debris in between rocks? And if the robots can be controlled with remote or smartphone?

  • Thanks for pointing out that we have to keep in mind the pool pumps and the energy efficiency that it provides. I guess we need to contact pool contractors to inspect the pool in the house we recently built. I noticed the spike in our electricity bills ever since we started using the pool, so I hope we can get that fixed or replaced.

  • Thanks for pointing out that, depending on where we live, we can get a lot of leaves and dirt that can be a danger to the pool. Personally, we have lots of trees in this new house that we bought that is why I can just imagine that we might have a lot of leaves falling off during the autumn season. I guess it would be best to have professionals give us advice on how to keep the pool safe and also have them check it from time to time.

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