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How to Keep Your Blog Passion

Blog Passion

Of the millions of blogs across the Internet, a very large percentage of them have been abandoned, and many of those were abandoned within just a few posts. A quick Google search for “I haven’t posted for  while” yields over 2,000,000 posts, and a large percentage of those people were excited bloggers that believed they were going to create a great, popular website.

So what happened? Why did so many of these people quit their blogs?

While there are probably external factors at play, the reality is that many people abandon their blogs because they had unrealistic expectations about how quickly their blog would be or could be popular. Many people started their blogs passionate about their ability to create a popular website, only to find that they quickly lose that passion. That’s why before you even start a blog, you need to make sure that you’re taking important steps towards maintaining your passion.

Tips to Keep Up Blog Interest

  • Don’t Install Analytics

Easily the most important thing to do is avoid installing any sort of analytics readers. There is simply no value for new bloggers. Many people develop a type of visitor anxiety, where they check their analytics several times a day to see if anyone new visited. While it’s sometimes nice to know when someone links to you, or when you experience a small increase in your daily visitors, the reality is that very few blogs need to know who’s visiting them and even fewer are going to be encouraged by the visitor numbers. Websites can take years to experience any meaningful gains. Checking and rechecking constantly can only be deflating.

  • Create Backup Posts

Once you start missing blog posts it can become a habit. That’s why it’s a good idea to leverage your current passion by writing up a bunch of evergreen content (content that has no shelf-life and isn’t based on current events or thoughts) while you have some free time. Then, whenever you are legitimately busy or you don’t have any ideas for a new post, try to get online and post some of your backup content. This will ensure there is never a break on your blog, which will keep you from getting into a bad habit of putting off your posts.

  • Write About Your Passions

It’s a common cliché in the field of blogging, but the truth is that writing about your passions is incredibly important. Ideally, you want to be working on a site where you’re writing for yourself, rather than for others, even if you write in a way that’s meant to be informative for others. That passion ensures that you’re always interested in writing more about the topic of interest, and keeps you coming up with new ideas over time.

  • Schedule Blogging Into Your Life

It’s also important that you don’t see blogging as something you’ll get to when you get to it. It needs to be something you schedule in a specific time frame – something that you stick to no matter what comes up in life. If you don’t, then you’ll often find yourself putting off blogging and writing new content whenever you experience anxiety or stress or have a busy schedule. It’s best to take it seriously or not do it at all, because only by giving yourself a time to regularly update can you ensure that you remain interested.

Creating a Blog that Matters

The truth about blogging, or creating any website, is that it needs to be something that you do regardless of readers or visitors. Without some type of passion, blogging turns into a chore, and once it’s a chore it will quickly be something that gets abandoned. If you really want to be a relevant blog amidst the billions of blogs that already exist, you need to make sure you use the above strategies to keep your passion high and your stress low.

About the Author: Ryan Rivera started his website because he genuinely had a problem with anxiety and wanted to share his interest with others. He writes about stress and anxiety at calmclinic dot com.

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