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How To Get Traffic From Instagram For Your Blog

Many bloggers, including myself have been stressing on “Improving Traffic” to your blog by various social media websites we are all aware of already. Once we publish our post, we make it a point to share it on all major social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Google+ and maybe a few more if you are really into social marketing. Now how about Instagram? How To Get Traffic From Instagram For Your Blog when we know that IG doesnt allow links in the posts and stories?

Just today, I read an article on how to get traffic from Instagram for a blog and I was quite astonished at how effective it can be.

I have always know Instagram for sharing pictures and videos, and I do have a personal Instagram profile where I share my pics and family events. This acts as a good media for my friends and family back in India to know whats happening in my life here.

A Picture Says More Than a Paragraph

I have always been a visual person and I can comprehend a scenario more easily when represented by a picture than a lengthy paragraph.

I think this is also the reason why Infographics have increased so much among bloggers nowadays that everyone has one created for their products or services. I am yet to explore into that, so more later 🙂

How To Setup Instagram

So having been quite intrigued by how I can get the best out of another social media profile, I started out exploring. And found it quite easy and straightforward.

However, I did find one glitch if you use Instagram on Windows, and try to sign up for a new account, whatever username you provide, it gives an error and never creates it for you, so you are better off doing it from your smartphone.


Profile Pic: Make sure you use an eye-catching picture for your profile. Instagram is all about pictures and how you present yourself.

Username: Select a username that represents your blog or your service.

Website: Of course add your blog URL or your website URL

Bio: Do not add lengthy paragraph about yourself, leave it to your blog “About Me” section. Here, be straight forward and to the point. You want others to know what you are are really about in as little words as possible.

Make sure that you link your Instagram profile to your contacts on your phone. This will allow the app to suggest your existing contacts who are already on Instagram and who might be interested in reading what you may share.

The same applies to Facebook as well, make sure you link to your blog FB Profile so that you can easily follow other bloggers whom you already know on FB. This allows you to build your followers and thus give a better exposure to what you are about to share.

Note: I personally prefer NOT to make my blog Instagram profile as ‘Private Account’. By not marking it as private, I allow other users to follow me without me having to approve them. Of course you can always remove SPAM accounts later.

How To Share Your Blog Posts on Instagram

This was my first challenge, none of our “share services” like AddThis or ShareThis have Instagram option available on them.

So how am I supposed to share posts here?

Yes, it is a little bit of a manual effort, but I feel there is plenty to gain. So lets see what it takes.

Featured Image: First get the featured image for your blog post onto your smartphone camera library. You can do this by visiting your post and downloading it or you can place them on a cloud folder that you can access on your phone.

Make sure the image is of a good resolution since you are posting it onto Instagram where your pictures draw other users to see what you have to say.

Content: Instagram allows unlimited characters in your post, but try to keep it short, not the entire post, but I would suggest 50% of your post content. I just copy the content from my blog and paste it onto Instagram. A few edits might be required, but that doesn’t take much time.

Links: Instagram does not allow hyperlinks 🙁 I make it a point to add the URL to my post in the content. Interested users tend to copy and paste it in their browsers. To make this happen, you need to catch their attention with intelligent shares and pictures.

Hashtags: Use a lot of hashtags for you post. As a practice, I think it is better to add hashtags as a comment after sharing your content. This will allow your post to be clean and at the same time allow users to look you up using hashtags. These help in getting users who are searching for related content and your post will show up if you are used the right hashtag.

Follow and Share and Engage

It is important for you to follow other similar users as with any other social media profile. It allows them to follow you back and see what you have to share. If a user likes your post and follows you, make sure you follow back unless it is a SPAM account. You can easily tell the difference I am sure.

Instagram is all about follows and likes and comments. Make sure you use proper judgement to do all these and stay engaged in the community. Make sure you re-use your hashtags to build strong followers and user base.

Live on Instagram

I am sure many of you are heavily using YouTube for your videos and sharing them on your blogs. Facebook Live is also making a mark among the video-bloggers by allowing them to publish instant live videos.


Instagram has a similar feature  called ‘Instagram Live‘ and am sure a lot of you bloggers would want to explore this feature. I am not much into video-blogging and I will leave it at this. Would however love to hear from you if you already use the Live option.

What Hashtags to use

If you are not sure of what hashtags will allow your post the maximum exposure, I have compiled a list of the most popular ones ever used today. This should give you a pretty good picture as to which ones are relevant to your post and which ones you would want to use. Click Here to see the Top 100 hashtags with the most posts assigned to them.

  1. #love(1,009,664,234)

  2. #instagood(539,850,697)

  3. #photooftheday(386,634,160)

  4. #beautiful(360,870,951)

  5. #tbt(356,225,648)

  6. #happy(347,621,257)

  7. #cute(347,146,176)

  8. #fashion(341,725,119)

  9. #followme(321,021,465)

  10. #follow(307,385,308)

  11. #like4like(297,965,974)

  12. #picoftheday(290,863,396)

  13. #selfie(289,259,784)

  14. #summer(260,229,546)

  15. #friends(255,213,929)

  16. #instadaily(253,720,002)

  17. #girl(240,892,902)

  18. #fun(235,488,155)

  19. #repost(226,145,496)

  20. #art(225,998,236)

When I searched for “Blogger” keyword I got this result, so you may want to tag your posts with a few of these hashtags if you want to get noticed out there.


The below graph clearly shows how bloggers have started using Instagram posts with the hashtag #blogger. There is a constant upward trend in the number of posts from Jun of 2016 to Feb 2017.


Over To You

I know many of you are already using Instagram to promote your posts and market your services. I would like to hear from you what if anything differently that you are following as a good practice. Do you see a sudden change in your blog audience when you share your posts on Instagram? I would like to hear from you since even I am new to this social media. I created my profile today and shared a few of my posts. As you can see below I got quite a good number of follows and likes on the very first day. You can find me by the user name – @dailymcoffee and follow me. I hope you liked this article on How To Get Traffic From Instagram For Your Blog and you can get some visitors back to your website from IG.


About the author

Praveen Rajarao

Praveen Rajarao is an Entrepreneur and in his spare time blogs on his website – and His topics range from blogging to technology to affiliate programs and making money online and how-to guides. Daily Morning Coffee is also accepting Guest Posts from Professional Bloggers at this time, take a look at “Write For DMC” page for more details on the same.


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  • Thanks for sharing these strategies with us and breaking it down the way you did. These strategies definitely to drive traffic to our blog and I use them myself.

  • I also think that after facebook, Instagram is the best and most trending social media network to get traffic..

    I also like these tips to promote our blog on Instagram. I think this will help all the bloggers to get instant traffic.


    • Hello Kajal,

      I am glad you liked this article and hope it helps you in promoting your blog posts on Instagram. Yes, it is picking up quite fast and only next to Facebook. It has surpassed Twitter in the user-base.

      So I think it is good for us to explore the tool and see how we can make use of its features.
      Praveen Rajarao recently posted…Top 10 Best Internet Marketing Gurus in 2017My Profile

  • Hi Praveen, I haven’t really tried to generate traffic to my blog from it. I love taking nature photos and use it that way. I’d love to try more though and wondered about the business accounts vs. personal ones on Instagram. Thanks for sharing your tips with us!

    • Hello Lisa,
      Welcome back to DMC!!
      Yes we have all used Instagram to share our pics with friends & families. But I think there is a good potential there to build our blogging communities as well. It does not allow you to post links and it is really difficult to get people easily onto your blog. But if your post is strong and you have the right hashtags and your summary is catchy, then I am sure the readers will end up on your article in one way or the other.
      From the time I wrote this article, my follower base has increased to more than 200 now. Some of them are interested in what I share, and there is a way in Google Analytics that we can see how many have actually come from Instagram.
      Hoping for the best.
      Praveen Rajarao recently posted…NEW & COMPREHENSIVE iPHONE DATA RECOVERY TOOLMy Profile

  • Hi Praveen,

    Great Blog!! Needed this write-up, I have been using facebook, twitter for marketing of my business but wanted to explore more areas so that I can get more traffic and traction from users. I will definitely apply these tips for increasing blog traffic through Instagram.

  • Instagram is one of the best social media app. Nowadays everyone using social media for their business to get traffic and this post will help them to get traffic in instagram. Thanks for sharing this post.

  • Such a nice article to get us know how we can generate more traffic from the Instagram. Instagram now becoming the most usable social media after Facebook and Twitter.

    Great Post

  • Hi Praveen,
    Thanks for sharing a detailed post on Generating traffic from instagram, I was completely unaware of it ,I have been using instagram for so long but your suggestion would help me get some benefit out of it.I have been reading your blog posts and found out them to be informative ,Great Work !

  • Amazing article, thank you for sharing your great article. Best Tips For Anyone Who Wants to use instagram for their blog traffic. Keep it up…!!!!

  • NO doubt Instagram giving more leads these days But unfortunately I’m paying to profiles with a big number of followers. Now I will focus on my own business profile Thank your for the great Share 🙂

  • Instagram is the one of the popular social media platform in which promoting our business products and services. It will help to get engagement more on our targeted audiences.

    Thanks for sharing the information about instagram. Nice post!

  • Thanks for the pointers!
    Had a hard time also in the beginning to grow my IG account, thus marketing my business. But since I put the time and effort into planning my whole feed with app Plann, I’ve noticed that my following grows much quicker!

  • Thanks Praveen for the advice. Social Media has definitely become a huge platform for influencers and a major share of that goes to Instagram. And as you pointed out there are many ways you can use that platform to improve your own site. Thanks again man.

  • Hey Praveen,
    Your post really helped me as I was skeptical about whether I should use Instagram for promoting a brand. You have pointed out the benefits of Instagram really well and how to use it efficiently. Like Instagram, there are also some other new technologies that help us a lot like lead generation software- Aeroleads, Zoominfo, etc that provide us verified list of emails so that we can reach clients to increase our sales and marketing.

  • Good post and very good tips for The Ultimate how to recycle the equipment’s on instagram and specially wood and wooden furniture items . Your have cleared all related queries. Thanks to write such A lot of help generation of the new World. I am sure these tips will help them. You are eligible to comment on our blog page.

  • Nice article, thanks. One should always blog about useful content which might be useful for your readers and this will gradually increase your authority in the niche or topic and increase traffic to your blog.

  • Very good and thorough information, truly appreciate it. It’s not so easy to get traffic from Instagram, but I think using your tips will really help me and many others as well 🙂

  • Howdy! This is my first visit to your blog!
    I think Instagram is such a huge platform to advertise and promote your business. I use Instagram and Youtube to promote videos of cocktail making. I also want to tell you that your blog provided valuable information to work with.
    Thank you for sharing !

  • Hashtags are important on Instagram, and many captions consist of hashtags only. Use the keywords of your blog post as hashtags so that as many Instagram users as possible can find your post. You can add up to 30 hashtags.

    Instagram doesn’t display clickable links, but you can add a URL in your caption or point users to the URL in your profile to drive followers to your blog.

  • I really enjoyed your article.

    Commenting and interaction is something that I am pushing for in my blog, not only to help interact with my readers, but to help gain additional readers as well.

    I’ve dabbled in commenting on other blogs in my niche, but after reading your article I think I’ll take it a little more seriously now.

    Can you be more specific on not using a keyword as a name? Am I missing the boat using Real Money Robert as my name when I comment?

    Thanks again!

  • Honeslty I didn’t know that we could use Instagram to drive traffic to our blog. Instagram is a good source of getting healthy traffic for a blog. I will try to apply some of your tips in my instagram account. 🙂

  • Useful insights, Praveen!

    As a technical writer, I used to post my blogs on different platforms and also on Linkedin. I never tried Instagram to promote my blogs. We all know that Instagram is trending and the best social media platform to get traffic.

    Your explanation and insta strategy are really going to help me to promote my blogs and reach my target audience. Thanks for such an informative blog!! Cheers!

  • I have look for support online that will help me take advantage of the voluminous traffic on Instagram
    But never found anyone as clear and explanatory as this. You really took your time to do great work here. Thanks, Let me go back to work and implement right away

  • hello great to learn about instagram for using it to drive traffic to my blog. Greats words from you worth of knowledge i get it from this post.This make a huge diffrence in my understand on this topic that i cannot use instagram for blogging in any sense.


    just for spreading a word if anyone want to learn how create a page on facebook look on this article
    it is very well written link is shared below
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  • I didn’t know that we could use Instagram to drive traffic to our blog. Instagram is a very good source of getting healthy traffic for a blog. I will be working on this.
    Loved the way you wrote!
    Thanks for sharing

  • I have look for support online that will help me take advantage of the voluminous traffic on Instagram
    But never found anyone as clear and explanatory as this. You really took your time to do great work here. Thanks, Let me go back to work and implement right away

  • Hello Praveen,
    Thanks for sharing this great informative article, you say right about Instagram “Instagram is all about follows and likes and comments. Make sure you use proper judgment to do all these and stay engaged in the community. Make sure you re-use your hashtags to build strong followers and user base.” These lines are greatly written by you, very good writing skills.
    Keep sharing this type of blog post!

  • Hello Praveen,
    Thanks for sharing this great informative article, you say right about Instagram “Instagram is all about follows and likes and comments. Make sure you use proper judgment to do all these and stay engaged in the community. Make sure you re-use your hash tags to build strong followers and user base.” These lines are greatly written by you, very good writing skills.
    Keep sharing this type of blog post

  • As usual excellent blog post, Praveen!
    I hope one day, Instagram allows active links in post descriptions and stories. After all, not all can gain more than 10k followers to enable that feature for their profile.

  • As normal magnificent blog entry, Praveen!

    I trust one day, Instagram permits dynamic connections in post depictions and stories. All things considered, not all can acquire than 10k adherents to empower that element for their profile.

  • Wow! This is the most informative post that I have read till now. I got to learn a lot about Instagram as well as how to increase the traffic for the blog from the Instagram. I totally agree with you when you said a picture says more than a paragraph. A detailed picture can describe everything that you want to say to the audience. A picture can amaze you, wow you and make you wanna know more about it.Talking about other tricks you have said, I found it very instructional and easy to understand and I will surely imply them on my Instagram. I think that the hashtags that you have mentioned will help a lot. Overall your post is very encouraging and inspirational and all your tips are good to go with. Thank you for sharing this informational post.

  • Hey Praveen! Your article is just awesome! as you said Instagram doesn’t allow hyperlinks on their network has others. but I will try to make my audience visit the blog by using great sharable content. hope these tips work for me & really thanks for writing down this article. have a nice day 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing this amazing article. I have started a blog recently on motivational quotes and I think after reading your article, I must target Instagram to get traffic to my blog. Thanks a lot for educating people.

  • Wow! this is often the foremost informative post that I actually have browse until currently. I need to learn plenty concerning Instagram yet as a way to increase the traffic for the diary from the Instagram. I altogether accept as true with you once you aforementioned an image says quite a paragraph.

  • Hello Praveen,

    Very effective post for a new digital marketer because, the number of users using Instagram, so it will be necessary to know about Instagram. It is one of the best platforms in social media to drive more traffic to you through your blogs.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • A really great post for the building of a community. As blogging is becoming on of the most important aspect for online marketing and also boosting the sales of your business and generating leads as well. Blogging is an art to leverage the content and the users and build a long time relationship as well.

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