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How to Fuel Your Coffee Addiction Like a Pro

How to Fuel Your Coffee Addiction Like a Pro

You’ve mastered the Starbucks-ordering lingo and know how to use a French press, but if Yergacheffe sounds like German, you may have a ways to go.

How to Fuel Your Coffee Addiction Like a Pro

Here’s how to fuel your coffee addiction like a professional:

1.      Find a source for fresh-roasted coffee beans

This is the easiest and most important thing you can do to up your coffee game. If you must buy your coffee beans from the grocery store, make sure there’s a roast date on the bag. Some brands list a “fresh by” or “consume by” date on the bag, but this isn’t the same thing. In fact, some “fresh by” dates can be up to a year after those beans were roasted. That’s not exactly fresh, is it?

When you’re looking at roast dates, the sooner the better. If it was roasted that day or the previous day, it’s about as fresh as can be. A good rule of thumb is to avoid buying coffee that was roasted more than a month before you buy. It’s not because two-month old coffee is stale, but it’s because the bag is probably going to sit on your shelf for a while after you bring it home. Even the most addicted among us won’t consume an entire bag in one day!

The best sources are local roasters or online coffee companies that roast to order. It doesn’t necessarily matter where that coffee was roasted because you know you’re getting it fresh.

And you’ll get bonus points if your coffee source specializes in single-origin specialty coffees. This means that they’ve been tasted and received a score of 85 or higher.

2.      Buy whole bean and grind it at home

We’ve already established that fresh is best when it comes to coffee, so it’s time to invest in a good coffee grinder. You don’t have to drop a lot of cash to get one either. The most important thing is that you’re grinding it at home. When you grind fresh, whole coffee beans, it releases oils from the beans themselves and these oils can quickly turn. It’s best if you grind and brew on the same day, but you can grind a day in advance and keep the coffee in an air-tight container.

3.      Find your favorite roast

Steps 3 and 4 from this list are somewhat interchangeable depending on your preferences. If you love light roasts and won’t drink anything else, you’ll want to start here. If you’re up for experimenting with different roasts, you can start with step 4.

4.      Experiment with various regions

Once you’ve found your coffee source, browse through their offering to find a coffee that seems to fit your tastes. Most good coffee suppliers will provide tasting notes to give you a feel for the coffee’s flavor profile. Choose at least 3 types of coffee to taste at home. If you’re a true coffee addict, none will go to waste and you’re more likely to find a great fit.

5.      Enjoy your morning cup

When you’ve found the perfect cup of coffee, stick with it for a while. You’ll know you’re there when you actually look forward to waking up, just so you can have a sip of the good stuff.

To experience more of the subtle flavors your coffee has to offer, use a French press or a pour over system. Automatic-drip coffee machines are okay too if that’s you’re only option.

Christina Dillon is a proud coffee addict and founder of Vice Bean Coffee. When she’s not sipping on the best single origin coffees, you may find her on Twitter or Instagram.

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  • Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning makes me energetic always. Coffee has a lot of benefits like:
    1- It reduces the pain
    2- Increase your fiber intake
    3- Protection against cirrhosis of the liver
    4- Lowered risk of type 2 diabetes
    5- Protection against Parkinson’s.

    Anyhow, thank you for sharing a great and informative post about coffee with us.

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