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How to Find the Prices on Anything

With millions upon millions of items out there, it can often be hard to tell if you’re getting a good deal on something.  Since one of the worst feelings is getting ripped off after you purchase something, I wanted to show you how you can get the pricing on just about anything.  By following these strategies, there’s no reason you should get ripped off again!



Any of your products that have a set price such as video games, toasters, chairs and more can often be compared through various search engines such as Google Shopping ( and  These websites will take hundreds of merchants and show you the prices from each one.  This is by far to find the best deal on the web.  Remember, with these items; be sure to check for a coupon code before buying because many of them are floating around.


One of the hardest things to find prices for is services.  Let’s say that you want a new roof or new tile in the bathroom.  You can’t just simply head to the Internet and find the exact price.  While you can get the pricing, it can be done in a few different ways.  For starters, searching on the web can be one way.  For instance, if you needed a new roof, you could search for something such as, “How much does a new roof cost?”  You could also use websites that focus solely on service related prices such as  It’s always best to get at least three to five websites to get a fairly good idea on what they are going to charge.  Remember, your geographical area and other factors can greatly influence the price.

Valuable Items

Let’s say that you went to a garage sale and found a vase from the 1900s.  While you may think it’s worth money, it could be worth pennies.  To find out if something is worth any money, there are a few things that you can do.  For starters, if it’s a popular item, consider checking out websites such as eBay and Craigslist.  These are both fantastic places to see what other people are charging.  Remember, don’t just focus on the starting price, you will want to look for auctions with bids.  If there are no bids, the price could be fairly high.

Rare Items

There may come a time that you come across some rare items that just don’t exist on the web.  This is where it can be tricky.  When looking for rare items, you can either check out specialized auctions such as or if you really want to get a quote, consider talking with a few dealers online.  You would be surprised at how many dealers are more than happy to let you know what you have on your hands.  While some may charge you for a estimate, some may happily point you in the right direction.


While you can find the price of just about any car online, there are people that truly know how to save.  As you probably know by now, you can haggle on any car purchase out there, but did you know that there is a website out there that is dedicated to showing you what other people paid? is a fantastic site that shows you what other people have been paying.  This can give you a fairly good idea what other people are paying around the globe to save you a few bucks on your next large car purchase.

Generally, by following these tips, what you’re going to find is that you can basically find the prices on anything.  As long as you research ahead of time using these tips, there’s no reason to pay a bad price ever again.

This post was written by Hannah Munson.  She runs the website called,  This website helps consumers find pricing on just about anything in life!

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  • You could also use sites that concentrate completely on assistance relevant costs such as It’s always best to get at least three to five sites to get a quite wise decision on what they are going to cost. Keep in mind, your regional place and other aspects can significantly impact the cost.

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