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How to Ensure Your SEO Content is as Good as it Needs to Be

The importance of high quality content has never been greater when it comes to SEO.  Google’s Panda algorithm is their vehicle for ensuring that websites with the best content enjoy the highest rankings in their results. Of course, Google are consistently updating and tweaking their algorithm to ensure better, more relevant search results. From this, we can safely assume that the importance of quality content is only going to get bigger in the coming weeks, months, and years.


What does quality content look like, and how can you ensure your site is filled with it?

Quality Content Examples

Unique Content

If you are selling a particular product or service, it can be tempting to copy verbatim the content that is featured on the site of a successful competitor. However, what is attractive about finding 20 websites that all look the same?

Writing unique content is not difficult; it is more that people do not want to take the time to do it. Why wouldn’t you want to put your own slant on your content anyway, so that your brand shines through in everything you say?

Natural Optimization

Some might argue there is no such thing as natural keyword optimization. If you are in that category, then take this as meaning you should not over optimize. If you are writing quality content around a particular subject, keywords will naturally flow into the text anyway.

People are still hostages to keyword density when they do not need to be.

Variety and Diversity of Content

You do not want to be slowing your site down to a crawl, excuse the pun, but video and other media embedded into your content is a great way to show Google you have a rich variety of content and diverse information sources featured on your website.

As long as you have not littered your content with media that will slow everything down and make your site seem a mess, it can help to boost your content rankings.

How Your Site Benefits

If you follow the three guidelines above, your site will quickly start to build up a reputation as a valuable resource; a place where trustworthy information can be found by people around the world.

You will benefit from your content being as good as it can possibly be numerous ways.

Reader Engagement

While you might look to see how many visitors your website gets, Google are much more interested in how long people stay on your site. Quality content that entertains, engages, and encourages people to seek out other content on your site, will work wonders for your SEO results.

Link Juice

If you have an excellent piece of content on your website, people will link to it, whether that is through a link on their own website or by sharing what you have done on a social media platform. Great content means higher quality backlinks, which over time means a much better SEO performance.

Only Accept the Best

Nothing other than the best content should be considered as good enough for your site. Challenge yourself, or anyone who writes for your site, to aim for the very highest standard of content creation at all times, and you will soon find yourself enjoying all of the benefits we have detailed.

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