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How to Enjoy Coffee the Healthy Way

How to Enjoy Coffee the Healthy Way

Most people reach for a cup of coffee at some point throughout their day. Most people are also trying to make small choices to become healthier. If you fall into these categories, we’d love to share with you some easy ways to take your morning cup of joe or your afternoon cappuccino and make it a little bit healthier for you. So here is how to enjoy coffee the healthy way.


Too easily we may be ready to dump all sorts of things into our coffee to make the flavor a bit sweeter. That’s okay, but too often we don’t even know the real details of what we are adding.

When you stop into a coffee shop on your way to work and get a vanilla latte to give you some energy throughout the day, that drink is packed with sugar, chemicals and calories. Knowing what goes into your drink and how to substitute certain things will easily help you become a more healthy person without having to just drink a boring cup of black coffee. Here are the top 5 ways to help you enjoy your coffee in a healthier way!

1.Pairing Your Coffee

When you’re drinking your preferred drink, you might have paired it with a muffin, scone or breakfast sandwich. While all of those items are delicious, they’re likely not the best for us to have. Did you know what you pair with your coffee can actually make the experience healthier? The last thing you want to do is drink your coffee on an empty stomach. That can actually upset your digestive track and change how you feel for the rest of your day.

The best thing you can pair with your coffee is a food that is considered a healthy fat. Healthy fats include things like Avocados, cheese, dark chocolate, oily fish and nuts. Doing this will help slow the caffeine down in your system, keeping your blood sugar in check and allowing you to feel energized throughout the day instead of just a spike in the morning.


If you prefer your coffee sweet, instead of reaching for 4 pumps of caramel or vanilla flavoring, consider using something else. Those syrups are loaded with tons of unnecessary sugar. Many coffee shops provide things like stevia, raw sugar, cinnamon, cocoa powder or a vanilla extract. Chances are you have most of these at home as well, give it a try!

3.Healthy Creamer

We all know that half and half can be essential to our cup of joe but is packed with calories. There are plenty of healthier versions of coffee creamers at your grocery store that won’t take away the creaminess half and half provides and will give you plenty of flavor while saving you from the scale. There are also vegan creamers out there that are better for the environment and are even healthier than other substitutes that have delicious flavors like caramel, vanilla or hazelnut you can find from a coffee shop online.

4. Experimentation

The best way to improve your health over a cup of coffee actually involves experimenting. Believe it or not, unless you find what makes your taste buds tingle you are not going to really be able to change your habits.

Giving yourself the chance to try new ways to spice up your coffee means you have more options to choose from. Don’t just decide the healthy option is to drink it plain, because too easily you’ll give up on that and go back to your old, unhealthy ways.

Experimentation really gives you the opportunity to find what fits your needs and your diet overall. Once you find a few perfect mixes you can switch between them so you don’t grow bored. Boredom is your enemy because you’ll find yourself easily drinking those over sweetened cappuccinos.

5. No Coffee In The Afternoon

This can seem counterintuitive to everything you’ve been taught about coffee, but if you’re drinking it for the taste and not the energy buzz then this is a great option for you. Not everything about making coffee healthy has to do with what you put in it. It’s also important to watch when you drink it and how much of it you drink.

The reason coffee should stick to being a morning drink is because it is meant to help keep you awake. If you drink it too late in the day it can mess with your sleep cycle and keep you from getting your proper sleep.

Poor sleep can affect your health overall and mess with your health because sleep is one of the most important parts of staying healthy. You need that recommended eight hours, and coffee can get in the way of that.

6. Trying Different Types

Honestly, certain brands or types of coffee are far less healthy than others. The cheaper brands that come pre-mixed are not always the best for your health. A lot of coffee beans are packed with all sorts of synthetic flavors. And though they sound good they aren’t really great for your health overall.

What type of coffee and what brand really do make a difference, so be sure to research the type of coffee you drink regularly and find something that fits both your taste buds and your diet. You can also shop for coffee online.

Coffee can be a wonderful addition to your day, just be sure to be mindful of all the ways you can drink it without hurting your health. I hope you enjoyed reading about how to enjoy coffee the healthy way. If you have any tips, do leave a comment below.

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  • Oh I love coffee and these tips are really useful. I loved the first tips most. I want to drink it on empty stomach but pairing it with healthy food is the fabulous idea! Thanks man! Thanks a ton.

  • wow . nice information about coffee. i really enjoyed and all these tips are helpful to take a coffee and what kind of coffee. good sharing.

  • Coffee helps you too loose fat besides refreshing your mood. Nice tips Praveen! Coffee before workouts helps to maintain the energy level. For me, Coffee always reduces office stress. Cheers! Thanks for sharing this blog.

  • Its Really Amazing Content for Enjoy Coffee The Healthy Way. Thanks for submit this Reliable Content for Enjoy Coffee The Healthy Way.
    Best of luck.

  • Yes, I always prepare my own coffee. I love mochas especially with unsweetened cocoa powder, not only it is delicious it is added with health benefits as well. Glad I stumble upon on your brilliant content Praveen. Looking forward to another great health tips.

  • I love coffee! These tips are very helpful. Sometimes I feel like I’m drinking too much coffee. That tip where you said don’t drink coffee in the morning feels right. It makes it hard to sleep at times. Love your content!

  • Thanks for the healthy information! I drink my coffee for the taste and I enjoy it. However, I have discovered it through experience; taking coffee in the afternoon is not a good idea. Coffee in the afternoon will keep your eyes open through the night!

    I have also found out that it is good to avoid taking coffee daily. I believe it leads to build up of maybe caffeine in the blood and overtime causes this hollow, haggard feeling. That’s all my personal experience with coffee. But, I still love my cup of coffee!

  • really a nice information given by you. this article really useful for coffee lovers. article is nicely explained and easy to understand. thanks for sharing this valuable information with us. keep your good work.

  • Hey Praveen,

    People likes to start their day with hot coffee. It tastes amazing, and it can give you that much needed boost of energy.

    We can do a lot of experiment to make a cup of coffee, like we can add almond milk instead of cow milk.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing tips with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

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