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How to Capture Great Moments on a Cruise With an Ordinary Camera

Taking a cruise is exciting and adventurous, so it’s filled with moments you want to capture. The problem is that even the most luxurious cruise ships constantly move and your camera isn’t going to get its sea legs. The good news is that there are several essential tips that make it easy to take beautiful, professional-looking photos even when the water gets rough.

Battling the Motion in the Ocean

Image via Flickr by Hummy

The ocean moves constantly and it won’t stop just because you’re trying to capture a special moment. However, using stealth and smart choices, you can still exert some control over Mother Nature. If you have a camera that allows you to adjust the shutter, simply increase it. This keeps images from blurring or going badly out of focus due to movement. If your camera doesn’t allow any adjustment, try using a tripod instead. Even the simplest, most traditional cameras fit onto a tripod. The steadiness of the camera balances out the movement of the ship.

Playing with Light and Shadows

Image via Flickr by afagen

On celebrity cruises ships, the interiors are beautifully appointed and the weather outside is typically gorgeous. All the same, sometimes you’ll need to create your own lights—or your own shadows. In darker areas, such as within your cabin, the shops, or the shows, make sure you use your flash! You might even want to bring an extra light source, although only when you’re taking private pictures. Out on the deck, the flash isn’t as necessary. Disabling it ensures that your subjects will have a natural glow, not a washed-out appearance from too much bright light.

Choosing Your Photo Ops Carefully


Image via Flickr by Ricymar Fine Art Photography

It’s tempting to take photos of every imaginable moment, but resist that temptation. A cruise is a memorable vacation that deserves memorable photographs. Rather than opting for unsteady, out-of-focus pictures of a distant island or a passing dolphin, focus on the ship itself.

If you spot a painting or a feature that strikes your fancy, pose your friends or family members around or near it. That offers perspective and makes sure that you won’t later wonder about the context of the photo. Remember to use the amazing scenery as a backdrop but try not to make it the main subject.

Going the Artistic Route

Image via Flickr by Joe Andy Mendoza

Occasionally, try going with the flow and not avoiding the natural motions of the ship. Play around with perspective by taking photos at interesting angles or using artistic techniques. If you’re on an upper deck, snap some shots of the lower decks. Take a closeup of a statue or capture the way the sunset paints the water. Sometimes blurring or unsteadiness add extra dimension to a photograph, so don’t feel like you always have to fight it.

Even if you don’t have a fancy digital or professional-grade camera, you can still take amazing pictures. With a few simple tools and techniques, you’ll have every important memory captured in vibrant color.


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